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5 Sked Social features that make managing multiple Instagram accounts easy

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Some folks think agencies are crazy for managing multiple Instagram accounts. With so many images, strategies, captions, hashtags and timezones to manage, it can feel near impossible to keep everything under control. And without a reliable scheduling tool, stress levels are at

Some folks think agencies are crazy for managing multiple Instagram accounts. With so many images, strategies, captions, hashtags and timezones to manage, it can feel near impossible to keep everything under control. And without a reliable scheduling tool, stress levels are at an all time high.

Sked (formerly Schedugram) ensures that your experience with Instagram management is as simple as possible. That’s why it has included specific features tailored to agencies managing multiple Instagram accounts.

As an agency, it’s most likely that you have a procedure you run through when taking on new social media clients. It’s also common practice to have a clear process in place when continuing with current Instagram clients. With so much involved, these processes are filled with many time-consuming steps for content creation, management and posting.

But what if you could optimise your time and provide your client with a clear, hassle-free process?

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Managing Multiple Instagram Accounts

If you’re managing multiple Instagram accounts, no doubt these are across different industries, have differing deadlines, range in aesthetics, and tones of voice. Long gone are the days of paper-stack mountains to keep on track with each account’s differences. Now it’s easier than ever to manage multiple Instagram accounts straight from your computer or phone.

If you’re not using a scheduler, managing multiple Instagram accounts as an agency can be near impossible. There’s the back and forth phone calls, late night Skype meetings and last minute post publishing. What a nightmare! Sked makes it easy to manage multiple Instagram accounts, while allowing you to focus on creating quality content.

In fact, there are five features designed to make managing multiple Instagram accounts easier than ever. Check out just how simple managing multiple Instagram accounts can be with Sked’s Instagram scheduling tool.

1. Bulk Uploader – Get your photos up in 1 click

Instead of double-handling content plans, emailing your client regularly and wasting time with single uploads, Sked’s Bulk Uploader makes scheduling posts a breeze.

Upload multiple photos for each different client with our handy bulk uploader. For example, if you’ve created a month’s worth of content for a client and it’s ready to go, simply upload all of the images in one quick and easy select and upload function.

multiple Instagram Accounts

multiple Instagram Accounts

As a bonus, in the bulk uploader you can also edit your posts, tag accounts, products and locations as well as adding in your captions, hashtags and select your date and time to post.

This allows agencies to quickly, and easily organise posts for a range of clients. By using the bulk uploader to batch content, you’ll be surprised by how much hassle this will really save. If you can eliminate steps in your process to streamline and manage your time more efficiently, we think that’s a pretty big win.

2. Hashtag Manager – Making you #StressFree

As an Instagram account manager, you know the importance of hashtags. And by strategising your client’s hashtags and separating them into lists to compliment each post, you are able to reach a wider targeted audience. But who has the time to manually think up and strategise these hashtags for each and every published piece of Instagram content? No one, that’s who!

With Sked’s Hashtag Manager, simply save hashtag lists for each of your clients and select the appropriate list from the options tab.

multiple Instagram Accounts

Not only will this allow you to add entire lists of hashtags to posts with a single click of a button (once the hashtags have been uploaded), but you will also be able to track, fine tune and review lists depending on their performance. For example, the ‘Readcity’ hashtag list may perform exceptionally well, while ‘Readcity 2’ may lead to less engagement or reach of posts. You are able to go back through your lists and edit them as necessary until you hit that sweet spot.

It’s a good idea to split your hashtag lists into types. For example, you may have a list for community-focussed posts, another for informational posts, and a third for inspirational content, depending on your client’s individual posting strategy.

3. Calendar – Drag and Drop posts to plan your Instagram Feed

When you’re in charge of creating compelling content for clients, it can be pretty overwhelming. Then, no doubt you’re a little sweaty if you’re also the person responsible for making sure the posts are published at the ideal time, on the appropriate day and for the right account. This can particularly take its toll on certain holidays, relevant events and promotion times for businesses. And if you’re managing more than one account, you’ll want to make sure each Instagram account is offering fresh content for specific, important dates.

Post To The Correct Account With Ease

With so many accounts on your hands, you’re no doubt aware of how easy it can be to post to the wrong account when doing this manually. If you’ve ever fallen victim to a pesky push notification sending a post to an incorrect Instagram account, you’ll know this pain all too well!

Luckily, Sked offers a color-coded calendar view, so you can triple check your content is scheduled for the right account, on the right day and at the right time.

As well as this, you’ll never accidentally post to the wrong account, have to drop everything to make a post or alter times to fit your schedule. Sked’s auto-post feature means you can simply schedule and forget. Pretty convenient, right?

View Content In Daily, Weekly or Monthly Layouts

Do you like the idea of seeing each of your client’s upcoming content in one neat calendar layout? With Sked’s calendar feature, you are able to do exactly that.

multiple Instagram Accounts

Each account is assigned a particular colour for easy viewing. You can either choose to view all accounts together, some accounts together or each account on it’s own.

multiple Instagram Accounts

multiple Instagram Accounts

Simply click an account from the top bar on your calendar screen to display the upcoming content. Agencies particularly love this feature. You can quickly see what’s coming up for a client. If the correct amount of days per week have been scheduled for and that the correct times have been selected.

Managing Multiple Instagram Accounts For The Same Brand

If your agency is managing multiple accounts for the same brand, Sked’s calendar feature will ensure that content doesn’t clash over the different platforms. This can be particularly important if the different accounts share similar followings. This ensures that unique value is added to their audiences across different accounts.

Simply select all of the accounts for these brands, and drag and drop posts to adjust their schedules all within the calendar feature.

The calendar view also allows you to look over content that has already been published by Sked. So if some content can be rehashed to suit a different account, this is easier than ever to do!

4. Manage Users – Communicate with Ease

Communication is key in any agency. So having the ability to invite your client or work colleagues into the Sked platform as a user is an absolute lifesaver.

Clients are able to review images, captions, scheduled posting days and times in real time using the Collaboration feature. Let’s say your client has a couple of adjustments they would like made. They can leave comments on the actual post before it is published for your review. Instead of flicking between emails and content plans, manage the whole lot with Sked’s handy multi-user platform.

Similarly, if you are pushed for time and need another member of your team to schedule content, this can be done through their own account. No more sharing passwords with colleagues, Sked makes it cinch to manage the platform within your team. Not only will this save your agency time by outsourcing tasks within the team, but it will also allow a range of users to complete their required tasks all in the one place.

5. Analytics – Download and Share Regular Reports

When you’re managing multiple Instagram accounts, it can become extremely time-consuming to manually collect data from each account. Weekly logins, data input and monitoring stats with people power is a thing of the past. Sked’s newly launched analytics feature makes sharing weekly or monthly reports with your client easy. Our thorough analytics feature allows you to track metrics automatically and provide these statistics to your client at any time you choose.

Below we cover the main analytics you are able to track for your client, straight from Sked.

Increase in Follower Count

Your client will be interested to know if the content you are creating is resonating with their ideal audience. A good indicator for growth in interest about their account is their follower account. While this is not the be all and end all for Instagram success—growth in Instagram following can be tracked and compared to previous months. And as an agency, you know how important this is for your clients to see.

Tracking the increase in the account’s followers will become particularly important if they’ve had a change in Instagram account managers, big changes in the types of content that is being produced or any new changes within the business. Changes could be anything from new products or services, the engagement of social media influencers or a recent giveaway, for example.

As you can see below, the increase in this account’s followers was quite extreme. This may skew the appearance of data in the future. You can however simply choose the dates you would like to display in your report to ensure an accurate representation is communicated to the client.

multiple Instagram Accounts

Average Number Of Likes

Using your analytics to learn more about your client’s content strategy is paramount. With Sked’s average number of likes monitoring, you can easily present your client’s best performing post types.

Use the ‘day’ view to achieve the graph below. It will allow you and your client to review which posts were the best performing. This includes likes and others which may not have performed as well. This will affect future content strategies and ways of connecting with your client’s audience best.

multiple Instagram Accounts

multiple Instagram Accounts

With Sked’s likes tracker, you can view the account’s results in daily, weekly or monthly views. Perhaps you’ve recently run a weekly challenge for the account’s audience. Track if this has had a positive or negative effect on overall post likes by using the weekly view.

multiple Instagram Accounts

multiple Instagram Accounts

And if you’d like to review changes that have occurred over months, select the monthly view and compare the performance of previous months. This is a great way to compare your efforts with your client’s (before bringing your agency on board) and will offer an easy to understand graph for them to review.

multiple Instagram Accounts

multiple Instagram Accounts

Average Number of Comments

Similarly, Sked’s analytics feature allows you to track how many comments each post has received. If engagement-focused posts are as part of your client’s Instagram strategy, it will be beneficial to know the styles of questions people are more likely to respond to, which posts result in more conversation and if some posts could be improved with their tactic.

Again this can be viewed across daily, weekly or monthly time periods.

multiple Instagram Accounts

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Engagement Rate

An Instagram engagement rate can be calculated by adding the comments and likes for an account together then dividing the amount by the total number of followers and multiplying by 100. For example, for the month of August, the account featured in our graphics received 696 comments, 3467 likes and has a follower count of 6121. The engagement rate would be calculated with the following formula.

Comments + Likes = X, X/Follower Account = Y, Y x 100 = Engagement Rate

696 + 3467 = 4163, 4163/6121 = .68, .68 x 100 = 68%

An average engagement rate for Instagram is around the 3% mark. For this particular example, the account had hosted a giveaway during this time which dramatically increased their engagement. This would be extremely important for the client to know about. You can easily display the rate using the Sked analytics tool.

multiple Instagram Accounts

Over To You

Managing multiple Instagram accounts is hard. Sked aims to make it easy. Use Sked’s tailored tools for agencies to optimise your time—delivering your client consistently great results bursting with high-quality content.

If you’re looking to carve out hours in your social media workflow, sign up for Sked’s 7-day trial. Our all-in-one Instagram scheduler allows you to automatically post images, carousels, Stories, videos and more. Tag locations, users and products and manage all your hashtags in one place to save 5+ hours every week.

Thanks to Danielle Read from Readcity Writing for this post.

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