Social Media News: AR Filters Available to All, New Facebook Ad Layouts and Group Shifts

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Have you ever wondered how celebrities like Kylie Jenner create their own Instagram Story filters? Well, it's through a platform called Spark AR and this week Facebook gave everyone access to it.

Have you ever wondered how celebrities like Kylie Jenner create their own Instagram Story filters? Well, it’s through a platform called Spark AR and this week Facebook gave everyone access to it.

With AR (augmented reality) filters, users can customise filters any way they like. This week we also saw Facebook change their group settings and test new ad layouts. On top of this, we brought you an article walking you through exactly how to best use Instagram for your agency and your clients. Here’s the latest in social media news:

You Can Now Create Your Own Instagram Stories Filters

This week The Verge shared that Spark AR is now available to everyone. This platform, which was previously reserved for approved creators, (think Ariana Grande) is now available to everyone. AR filters are pretty exciting and 100% customisable.

Source via Spark AR App

As part of the introduction of DIY AR filters, Instagram is experimenting with a new ‘Browse Effects’ option. This means users can use other people’s created AR filters too.

To create your own face filter, there are a few steps to take:

  • Download the Spark AR App to your phone
  • Download Spark AR to your Computer
  • Create a Face Tracker
  • Create Face Mesh
  • Add Materials
  • Apply Textures
  • Share to Mobile Device
Source via Spark AR App
Source via Spark AR App

We recommend using the tutorial on the Spark AR website to learn how to complete each of the above steps for your AR filters. While the process may seem a little daunting to the average person if you have a designer on your team familiar with image editing and manipulating programs, setting up this platform should be quite simple!

Spark AR is a hugely useful tool which will allow you to design filters to complement your client’s brands, events, promotions and more. Think about ways you can use AR filters to ramp up excitement for things like launches and collaborations. Try it out for yourself today!

Facebook Announces its Safe Communities Initiative

This week Facebook announced that they’ll be changing group types from ‘Public,’ ‘Private’ and ‘Secret’ to simply ‘Public’ and Private.’ This is all part of its Safe Communities Initiative.

But that’s not the only change to Facebook groups this week. In a Facebook Newsroom article, it was explained that new tools for Facebook group admins will be making an addition too.

Admins know their communities best, and we want to empower them to run meaningful groups. That’s why we built Group Quality, which gives admins an overview of content Facebook has removed and flagged to them for most Community Standards violations. We also added a section about false news found in the group. These tools give admins more clarity about how and when we enforce our policies in their groups and gives them greater visibility into what is happening in their communities. 

Tom Alison, VP of Engineering at Facebook

For social media managers who also manage groups, this comes as a big help. Not only will the extra information mean you won’t need to delete the content yourself (rather have it done for you), but it will also indicate extra elements to feature in your group rules.

Facebook is Designing New Ads for Film Industries

Are your clients in the film industry? If so, you’ll want to listen up! While Facebook’s ads have, in the past allowed marketers to promote movies ahead of time, these new ads will allow more interaction between the promoter and the customer.

In a report by TechCrunch this week, the two ads will cover as follows:

  1. Users will now be able to click if they’re interested in a film
  2. The day before the opening weekend, those interested will receive a reminder, link to showtimes and ticket purchase options

In the later stages of movie promotion, TechCrunch also reported that when the movie is in theatres, ads will have a ‘Get Showtimes’ button.

For agencies working with film brands, now is the time to start mapping out top, middle and bottom funnel video campaigns based on these new ad advancements.

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What’s New at Sked Social

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In this piece, we step you through exactly how to set out your social media strategies, grow your audience sustainably, plan out your grid, make use of Instagram features, advertise and more.

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