How to Convince Your Manager to Switch Social Media Management Tools

July 4, 2024
Jen McKinnon

Imagine this: You're managing numerous social media accounts, and every day feels like a battle against inefficient tools. Posts are published late, analytics are a mess, and you're spending more time troubleshooting than creating engaging content. Sound familiar? If you’re nodding your head, it might be time for a change.

Switching to a new social media management tool—like Sked Social!—could be the solution you need. But how do you convince your manager to make the switch? Below is our fast-tracked 90-second guide but if you’re in need of something more in-depth, read on.

1. Understand the pain points

Identify the issues with your current provider

Before you can convince your manager, it’s crucial to identify and understand the pain points associated with your current social media management tool.

To make it super easy for you, we’ve put together a table of common issues (accompanied with Sked solutions!):

Current Issue


Sked Solution

Not reliable   Reliable performance
System crashes or slowdowns during peak usage times.   Sked is optimized for peak usage, ensuring consistent, reliable performance without crashes or slowdowns.


Restricted post types



Advanced auto-posting

Manual scheduling and posting content types that aren’t supported for auto-posting wastes valuable time that could be spent on strategy, content creation and engagement.   Sked offers auto-posting tech that other tools don’t—like Instagram Stories with link stickers and Instagram and TikTok custom covers.


Limited collaboration tools



Sked champions collaboration

The platform is too expensive to buy multiple seats and/or the collaboration tools are clunky and unintuitive.   Not only does Sked include robust collaboration tools, working together seamlessly is made affordable by providing unlimited seats on every plan at no extra cost.


Feedback loops & approval bottlenecks



Seamless, customisable approvals flow

Gathering and incorporating feedback from multiple stakeholders can be time-consuming and challenging, especially if the feedback is contradictory or requires significant revisions to the content. A lack of streamlined approval workflows also can cause delays.   Sked’s streamlined, customizable approval workflows allow for efficient feedback incorporation from multiple stakeholders, minimizing delays and ensuring content quality and consistency.


Limited user roles



Unlimited users with controlled permissions

Inflexible user permissions and roles, leading to security risks or inefficiencies.   Sked’s controlled, flexible user permissions ensure security and efficiency, allowing each team member the exact access they need. Plus, unlimited users keep costs in check.


Lack of task management 



Assign tasks to team members 

No integrated task management to assign and track responsibilities.   Sked’s integrated task management allows you to assign and track responsibilities, ensuring clear accountability and an efficient workflow among team members.


Inflexible content calendar 



Drag-and-drop, visual calendar 

An inflexible content calendar makes it difficult to adjust and reorganize your schedule, leading to inefficiencies and missed deadlines.   Easily manage your schedule with a flexible, drag-and-drop visual content calendar. Get an accurate indication of what your posts will look like in the feed and in the grid.


Poor user interface 



User-friendly design 

A confusing and cumbersome interface slows navigation, resulting in a frustrating user experience and decreased productivity.   Sked boasts an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, making it accessible for users of all experience levels.


Inadequate analytics 



Advanced analytics 

A lack of detailed insights and reliable reporting, with no ability to customize reports or perform competitive analysis or industry benchmarking.   Sked provides in-depth analytics and reporting tools, enabling better performance tracking and data-driven decision making.


Limited engagement tools 



Engage with followers effectively 

Inadequate features for engaging with followers (e.g., direct messaging, comments).   Advanced engagement tools, including direct messaging and comment management, help you connect with your audience effortlessly. 


No content suggestions 



Stay ahead with content suggestions 

Lack of AI-driven content suggestions or trending topics.   AI-driven content suggestions and trending topics ensure your content is always relevant and engaging. 


Integration problems 



Seamless integration 

Difficulty integrating with other tools and platforms can create a fragmented workflow.   Sked integrates smoothly with various platforms and tools—like Canva, Google Drive, Dropbox and even Frontify— ensuring a cohesive workflow and better data management.


Lack of innovation 



Continuous innovation 

No new features or updates to keep up with industry trends.   Sked’s regular feature updates and enhancements keep the platform ahead of industry trends.


No user feedback loop



Active user feedback loop

No user feedback loop
Ignoring user feedback for improvements.
  Sked’s continuous improvements are driven by user insights to enhance the experience and meet customer needs.


Slow support



Responsive support & resources

Slow or unhelpful customer support. Insufficient tutorials, guides, or onboarding assistance. Absence of a user community or forum for peer support.   Sked offers helpful, 24/7 customer support from real humans with one of the fastest response times in the biz! 

Acknowledge your manager’s concerns

Your manager may have legitimate concerns about switching tools. Make sure you can address those concerns.

We’ve done it for you here:

Manager’s Concern


Sked Solution


Scalability issues



Cost-effective, scalable plans

Inability to handle growing needs or larger teams affordably.   Sked provides competitive pricing and flexible, transparent plans, delivering value for money while allowing affordable scalability. The plans operate on an account-based pricing model which means you can scale up or down as your business grows.


Learning curve



Intuitive platform with unparalleled support

The learning curve might impact productivity.   Sked is designed to be an intuitive platform but it’s only natural that a new tool requires some adaptation. Extensive support resources and training are provided to ensure a smooth transition and quick adoption.


Data migration



Efficient data migration

The migration process might be slow and arduous.   Sked offers tools and support to facilitate the smooth migration of data from old platforms to its system, minimizing downtime and data loss.


Security concerns



High security standards

Inadequate measures to protect data. Poor handling of user data and privacy concerns.   Sked employs stringent security measures to protect data and ensure privacy, addressing concerns over data breaches.

By acknowledging these concerns upfront, you show that you’ve thought about the switch from all angles.

2. Research and preparation

Gather information about your preferred tool

Start by researching thoroughly. Map out key features and benefits of the platform.

To back up your preference, look for success stories and testimonials from companies similar to yours that have benefited from switching.

We’ve gathered some Sked testimonials for you here:

“I love how clean and easy to use Sked is, other platforms feel overwhelming. Plus Sked has much more features and capabilities! Not to mention outstanding customer service.
Alex Carter
Cove Studios
“The analytics Sked Social offers are fantastic. There’s so much scope for growth when you’re able to truly see what’s working and what isn’t. The data the social platform provides is a good start, but it’s hard to create a narrative out of it. With Sked Social, you can spot patterns and trends and understand why they’re there.”
Ami Bolt

Ami Writes

Compare with current tools

Create your own comparison chart that highlights the advantages of the new tool over your current tool. Focus on features that address the pain points you've identified.

Here’s an example using Sked as the alternative platform:


Current Tool

Sked Social

Limited Comprehensive
Analytics Basic  Advanced
User interface Complicated User-friendly
Scheduling Some manual required  Automated
Engagement tools Inadequate Advanced
Content suggestions None AI-driven content suggestions and trending topics
Innovation Limited Regular feature updates and enhancements
Integration Limited Robust integrations with other tools and platforms
User feedback loop None Improvements driven by user insights
Support Unhelpful Fast, helpful support
Content calendar Inflexible Flexible, drag-and-drop visual calendar
Task management None Assign and track responsibilities
User roles and permissions Inflexible  Controlled, flexible user permissions 

Spend less and get more with Sked Social

Get everything social schedulers are missing without writing a blank check for an enterprise platform. AI-integrated tools, custom collaboration and approval workflows, deep analytics and insights, and real auto-posting to more platforms — it’s all here.

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3. Build a compelling case

Focus on ROI (Return on Investment)

To get your manager on board, emphasize the return on investment. Explain how the new tool can save time and increase productivity, leading to cost savings and improved performance.

For instance:

Sked’s seamless approvals workflow can save significant time not only for the social media managers on your team but for approvers too. That’s a significant productivity boost, which over a year, translates into substantial financial benefits.

Showcase positive user testimonials

Highlight the positive feedback from users who have found Sked Social easier to use and more effective. Mention the support and training resources available to ensure a smooth transition.

Here are a couple of our favorite recommendations for Sked:

“I love the simplicity of the platform and how you can actually automate Instagram posts and stories. It's worth every penny of the subscription and saves us thousands of $$$ each month on needless social media staff. One of the most important software tools we use in our business. Can't do without it!”
James Breese
Strength Matters
”I love Sked! The support from the team is absolutely incredible, it's easy to use, it's reliable. Communication is great & you're always prompted to improve your posts.
Claudia Phipps-Ellis
Full Circle Digital Marketing

4. Address potential objections

If your manager is concerned about cost, highlight value for money

Break down the pricing structure of the new tool and demonstrate its value for money. Compare the total cost of ownership—including hidden costs—of your current tool versus the new tool. 

For example:

Sked operates on an account-based plan structure, ideal for agencies and multi-location/brand businesses. This means that you can simply select the plan with the features you need and scale the number of accounts up and down as required. Find out more here.

If your manager is concerned about the learning curve, emphasize the personalized support you'll receive

Outline the steps for a seamless transition, including data migration and team training. Provide reassurance with examples of quick and successful switches from other companies. 

For example:

Sked Social provides a Customer Success manager to help ease the transition. With personalized human support, we’re able to hit the ground running with the new platform.

If your manager is concerned about risks of switching, point to the tool's reliability indicators

Discuss the reliability and security features of the new tool. Provide evidence of the company’s commitment to data protection and privacy. 

5. Create a presentation or proposal

Structure your proposal

When preparing your proposal, include:

  • Executive summary: A brief overview of why switching is beneficial. This should be short and sweet to help time-poor stakeholders get the gist without digging too deep.
  • Detailed analysis: In-depth comparison and benefits for those who require the detail.
  • Call to action: Clear steps on how to proceed with the switch.

Use visuals such as charts and graphs to make your case compelling.

Practice your pitch

Whether you practice your pitch word for word, or you simply make sure you’re familiar with the most compelling points for the switch, ensure you can communicate your points clearly and convincingly.

Get in front of your manager

Don’t just send a deck. Your conviction is what will sell it in. Have a conversation with your manager, whether formal or casual.

6. Summarize succinctly

Reiterate key points

Summarize the main reasons for switching. For example:

Sked social provides:

  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • User-friendly interface for ease of use
  • A streamlined, friction-free approvals process
  • Advanced analytics for better insights

Emphasize the positive impact on the team’s workflow and the company’s social media performance.

Follow up

Give your managers and any additional stakeholders time to review your proposal, but make sure to follow up in a couple of days to keep it top of mind.

Wrapping up

Switching to a new social media management tool like Sked Social can transform your workflow, making your job easier and more productive. By identifying pain points, thoroughly researching, and building a compelling case, you can effectively convince your manager of the benefits. Emphasize the return on investment, highlight user experiences, and address potential objections with clear, data-backed arguments.

Remember to structure your proposal well, practice your pitch, and engage in a meaningful conversation with your manager. Summarize the key points, emphasizing Sked's efficiency, user-friendly interface, streamlined approvals, and advanced analytics. Follow up to keep the proposal top of mind and ensure a smooth transition to a tool that will enhance your social media management capabilities. With the right approach, you can make a strong case for adopting Sked Social—or any new tool!—and improving your team's performance.

Make the switch to Sked Social

If you've been paying attention throughout this blog, you will have picked up that Sked offers a lot that other platforms don't—but the icing on the proverbial cake is it's priced fairly. We’re here to flip social media management on its head with top-tier tools, expert guidance, and seamless workflows. We empower social media pros and businesses to crush their goals with confidence, efficiency, and a bold, innovative approach. If Sked's starting to look like a really solid option to you, start a free trial or, if you'd prefer someone to walk you through it, book a product demo.


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