Create an Instagram Landing Page for Your Store And Skyrocket Your Conversions with Sked

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Learn how you can use an Instagram landing page and shoppable tags to improve conversions for your store.

As a regular Instagram user, you’ve likely encountered a common frustration: you can only include one link in your bio. It’s often the case that your link feels like a precious resource.

When you’ve crafted the perfect post and predicted your analytics, you want to make sure the link you use will generate conversions.

What if there were another way forward, though? Being able to add multiple links to your bio would increase the likelihood that your followers would arrive at a page that serves them.

At Sked, we have the answer. Our free link in bio service is here to help you give your followers options to convert to buy, subscribe or any other action.

How Sked changes your approach to link in bio conversions

Get creative with your Sked Link – you can make custom design changes for no extra cost!

Rather than linking to just one page on your site, you’ll use Sked to link to several. Using the Sked platform, you’ll create an Instagram landing page that features several buttons.

Each button will lead to a different section of your site, giving your followers more options when they click the link in your bio.

You might also want to include buttons for things like subscribing to your newsletter.

Sked Link lets you to customise your landing page so it matches your branding.

With styles and wording that match your brand, you can entice your customers using the traits they know and love you for.

If you want to take your branding a step further, Sked Social allows you to include a gallery that features the best of your posts.

As a result, your landing page has plenty of personality and users can go from a post in your feed to the right page on your website easily.

Once you’ve decided where the buttons on your Instagram landing page will lead to, all you need to do is add the main Sked Link to your bio.

That way, every time you finish a post with “click the link in our bio for more”, your followers can head to your main Sked link and arrive at the landing page you created.

Choosing the links for your Instagram landing page

Now that you know how to make a landing page, there are some big decisions ahead.

More choice often means more flexibility, but if you’re going to maximise your landing page’s power, you still need to choose your links wisely.

Sked is designed to do the heavy lifting for you so that you don’t need to alternate your links with each post.

However, you may want to choose your links according to what suits your social media aims for the week (or the month, the frequency is up to you).

For example, let’s say you’re pouring your efforts into promoting a new product.

You may want to prioritise product pages or competition pages on your landing page.

Or, if there’s a new announcement on the way, pour your efforts into encouraging followers to sign up for newsletters.

Whatever your aims are, consider what you want your followers to do and the links that will make that happen.

Maximise your results with Instagram shoppable tags

Instagram Product Tagging - Schedugram

If you do sell products or services, now’s the time to start using shoppable Instagram tags with your Sked landing page.

You can tag individual products in a post with their price, and lead your followers to the checkout.

One of the biggest advantages of using shoppable tags is that the journey from falling in love with a product to reaching the check-out is super short. Not all Instagram users will follow your shoppable tags, but for those who do – conversion nirvana.

You can also reduce the number of calls to action in your post, giving you more text space to woo your followers. It also allows you to capture a follower in the moment, so they won’t forget about the new product they’ve fallen in love with or consign it to their saved collections; they’ll buy it instead.

On the downside, once you start using shoppable hashtags, you need to keep going. Those who love it will expect consistency and brands must remain consistent to remain trustworthy. Determining your product to non-promotional post ratio may feel tricky, too.

The great news is you can schedule your Instagram shoppable tags using Sked when you are uploading your posts. You can read our in-depth article about using Instagram product tagging here.

Overall, a combination of your Sked-powered landing page and shoppable hashtags can rocket your conversions. All you need to do now is try Sked Link for free, analyse your results, and transform your Instagram into a money-making powerhouse.

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