Social Media News: @Natgeo Reaches 100 Million Instagram Followers, Keyword Alerts for Facebook Groups and More

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What do National Geographic, keyword alerts and Facebook ads all have in common? You’ll find each of them in this week’s top social media news. From unique giveaways to Facebook hiding ads in exchange for payment, here’s a roundup of the latest

What do National Geographic, keyword alerts and Facebook ads all have in common? You’ll find each of them in this week’s top social media news. From unique giveaways to Facebook hiding ads in exchange for payment, here’s a roundup of the latest in social media news:

National Geographic Reaches 100 Million Followers and Launches Unique Giveaway

We all have a soft spot for National Geographic’s Instagram account, @natgeo. So, celebrating their one-hundred-millionth follower this week was kind of a big deal. This meant the account joined an exclusive list of others with similar follower counts such as Justin Bieber, Kylie Jenner and Beyonce.

In celebration, National Geographic threw an interesting giveaway for their followers.

Nat Geo Contest - Social Media News - Sked Social

In a carousel post, National Geographic said “every day our photographers show you their worlds. For one day we challenge you to show us yours.” To enter the giveaway, followers needed to tag #natgeo100contest in their most ‘National Geographic-inspired’ photos for their chance to win a trip to Tanzania. You know, as you do.

Within 11 hours, over 55.5k posts had been shared using the newly branded hashtag. And with only 24 hours to enter, followers got busy sifting through their nature image collections.

The smartest part of the entire giveaway structure was that the global giant said they’d choose 10 images which would be voted for through stories today.

Natgeo Contest - Social Media News - Sked Social1

Using UGC to drive engagement in their brand’s stories is pure genius. Not only will people want to enter the competition for the great prize, but they’ll also want to have their say on the final winner too. With followers having the final verdict, this keeps National Geographic in a good light too.

An idea for your brand is to consider using Instagram stickers to vote for winning entries to your next competition. So, what are you waiting for? Get cracking on your own unique giveaway (or see if you won National Geographic’s!).

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Medical Brands Teaming with Instagram Influencers

Just when we thought we’d seen it all. Now there’s an influx of influencers and medical companies partnering up. In a recent article by Vox, Louise Roe’s 700k follower Instagram was put under the microscope.

Louise’s paid partnership with Celgene appears to mean she must talk about her psoriasis skin condition. Biotech company Celgene supplies Roe with a product, Otezla in exchange for exposure on her channel.

There is a multitude of other influencer and medical brands teaming up. Like Erin Ziering and Allergan, advertising botox. Alyson Owen and Bloomlife, promoting contraction machines, and more.

Influencer marketing is a powerful tool for any brand. But health can be a subjective topic. If your business is in the medical field, this could be something worth trying for yourself. But beware the side-effects of potential recalls like Allergan found out the hard way.

Keyword Alerts for Facebook Groups

Facebook was caught refining their Facebook keyword alerts after it’s first leak back in late 2018. And now, as reported by Jane Manchun Wong on her Twitter account, they’re at it again.

Keyword Alerts - Social Media News - Sked Social

The idea behind the keyword feature is that when members use certain words or phrases in your group, group managers will be quickly notified.

This feature could be useful for those managing large groups if a recent issue or change has arisen, or during events where members require fast responses.

Users May Be Able to Pay to Remove Facebook Ads from their Feeds

Techcrunch reported on Mark Zuckerberg’s ethics talk this week, revealing that a paid service may become available to Facebook users. This would remove ads from user’s accounts, leaving content exclusively from their Facebook friends.

“Facebook has promised to always operate free version so everyone can have a voice. Yet some including myself have suggested that a premium ad-free subscription to Facebook could help ween it off maximizing data collection and engagement, though it might break Facebook’s revenue machine by pulling the most affluent and desired users out of the ad targeting pool.”

This means that organic reach on Facebook has never been more important. Although organic reach has definitely declined as part of the Facebook algorithm, paying close attention to your posting strategy now could pay off once new filtering options become available to users.

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