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Social Media News: Facebook Tags, Brain-Controlled Wearables and a New Instagram Memes Officer

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In social media news this week, Facebook announced that they’ve begun exploring brain control wearables, and Instagram backpedals from shutting down meme accounts. Instead of sticking to their guns? They’re hiring a Meme Officer. And that’s just the beginning of what happened in social media news this week. Here’s the latest:

Instagram and WhatsApp adding ‘From Facebook’ Tags

As reported by TechCrunch, Facebook is adding its brand name alongside Instagram and WhatsApp in the format: ‘Instagram from Facebook’; ‘WhatsApp from Facebook.’

This is the first time since the acquisition of these two apps that Facebook has openly spoken about owning the two for some time.

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In an article by The Next Web this week, it was announced that Facebook will be tagging other platforms they host.

The changes are slowly rolling out and it’s assumed that these changes will be made to position Facebook in a more positive light. Simply by associating themselves with less controversial platforms.

For social media managers, at this stage, it appears that only the names will change, not the platforms themselves. So, in case your clients are wondering – rest assured content scheduling and publishing should remain uninterrupted.

Facebook Revamps their Workplace Platform

According to Engadget, Facebook is in the process of rolling out a new version of its Workplace platform.

If you’re yet to use Facebook Workplace, essentially it’s a platform designed to help employees chat, collaborate and complete tasks.

The most interesting update? The new look of Facebook Workplace looks nothing like Facebook. Here, see what we mean below.

Check it out here

The overall layout will work well for social media managers, for a few reasons:

  1. Stacked chats (and easy do not disturb settings)
  2. Grouped notifications in the sidebar
  3. Shortcuts are prevalent

Check out Facebook’s Workplace and see how it could help you and your team increase productivity with these new upgrades.

Facebook is Exploring Brain-Controlled Wearables

This one sounds like a bad April Fool’s joke. But it isn’t. It’s the future, apparently.

Facebook has announced they’re researching a new BCI (brain-computer interface). With a better understanding of BCI, this increases the likelihood of integrating such technology into the social media world.

So, what would this look like? Essentially the brain-controlled wearables would allow you to type, just by thinking a thought.

As an entirely new concept, a release date isn’t known. Though, opportunities would drastically broaden for social media managers, including content creation on the go.

Twitter is Testing Snooze

Don’t want the constant pings of client accounts after hours? If you’re a social media manager for Twitter accounts, Twitter’s new account snoozing for 1, 3 or 12 hours could be a welcomed addition to the Twittersphere. Not to mention your daily runnings.

Image Source: Jane Manchun Wong

Instagram is Recruiting a Memes Officer

Following the disabling of over 100 meme accounts last week, Instagram has now decided that they’re actually quite important to many Instagram communities. Meme accounts also receive quite a lot of engagement which works in Instagram’s favour, too.

So now, they’re looking to recruit a Memes Officer. Someone who knows, understands and enjoys memes. As part of the role, this person would be in charge of identifying new informants in the meme world.

15-year-old Rowan Winch had his meme account (@Zuccccccccccc) closed down with no explanation. The account had over 1 million followers at the time. Winch reported to The Atlantic that he hopes the person recruited is within the 18-25 age range and someone who understands the challenges of those in the meme community.

Instagram also agrees. Saying that:

“Ideally we’d find someone who is equally fluent in the language of memes and the business of digital publishing. Like all good partnerships people you need someone who is a strong communicator, good community builder. A unicorn, basically.”

Lila King, Instagram’s head of news and publishing partnership via The Atlantic

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