Social Media News: Fake News Flagging Tool, Clear Facebook History and More

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Instagram launched a fake news flagging tool this week. As well as this, Facebook announced new privacy updates and Twitter introduces topic following. Here's the latest.

In social media news this week, it was announced that Instagram is launching a fake news flagging tool. On top of this Facebook’s cracking down and will soon offer a ‘Clear History’ function for users. Team this with Twitter connection updates and link in bio tool insights – here’s the latest in social media news.

Instagram Introduces a Fake News Flagging Tool

A fake news flagging tool was introduced to Instagram, in yet another attempt to combat ‘fake news.’ As reported by Hypebeast, the tool has launched in the US. The tool alerts a group of “third-party fact-checkers when false information is flagged.”

Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri announced the launch on Twitter saying:

“Misinformation is an issue I’ve personally spent a lot of time on. I’m proud that starting today, people can let us know if they see posts on Instagram they believe may be false.”

Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram

Once a user reports a post for ‘misinformation,’ it’s flagged for Instagram’s fact-checkers. If the content turns out to be fake news, the post will be downgraded in the feed and on hashtags.

So, no, Instagram won’t delete posts, but they will be demoted. Resulting in less spread of fake news. So, what does this mean for your clients? In order to avoid posts being sent to the bottom of the feed, ensure all information being shared is factual and true. Even including the source could be beneficial to avoid the chances of their posts being flagged.

Facebook’s Clear History Option is Rolling Out

Following Netflix’s scandalous documentary about Cambridge Analytica, Facebook’s new Clear History function is on its way to rolling out. In fact, it’s already rolled out in three countries – Ireland, South Korea and Spain.

Essentially, this tool will give users more control over their data privacy. Ultimately, this is at the expense of marketer’s targeting capabilities.

Source: The Verge

According to The Verge, this Clear History tool will be a part of “off Facebook Activity.”

“When you open it, you’ll see the apps and websites that are tracking your activity and sending reports back to Facebook for ad targeting purposes. Tapping the “Clear History” button will dissociate that information from your Facebook account.”

The Verge

Do you use Facebook advertising for your clients? While this new Clear History tool places user information back into their hands (an absolute positive), it may affect ads and the way targeting works.

Instagram is Working on Comment Sharing

Have you ever seen a comment made on a feed post about your client’s brand? Maybe it’s a customer recommending them to someone else. Or perhaps it’s a specific comment about a product’s feature they like.

Source: Jane Manchun Wong

This week reverse engineer, Jane Manchun Wong discovered that Instagram is experimenting with comment sharing. The comment sharing option could help you collate useful comments for market research, gain a better understanding of your client’s consumers or as a community-building tool.

Twitter’s New Interests Feature

Do you use Twitter for your client’s brands? If so, you’re no doubt familiar with following other accounts. But have you ever thought about the opportunities that could arise if you could follow interests?

Image Source: The Verge, via Matt Nvarra

This week The Verge announced that Twitter will actually allow users to start following interests. For brands, this will allow for new connections with other accounts sharing similar interests. In a way, following topics on Twitter is quite similar to following hashtags on Instagram.

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