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Beating The New Instagram Algorithm: How This Agency Did It Using Sked

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How Clever Social Beat The New Instagram Algorithm

You’ve seen big brands crushing it on Instagram, so you know that Instagram is a powerful tool for business. But what does an Instagram marketing strategy look like for an agency or small business? And what role can Sked Social (formerly Schedugram) play in beating the new Instagram algorithm?

We recently spoke with the team from Clever Social on their Instagram marketing strategy—and how using Sked Social helps them grow their account. Combining Sked Social with their Instagram marketing strategy helps them to plan, streamline, and automate their processes—freeing them up to focus on what they do best!

New Instagram Algorithm - Clever Social & Sked Social

Image source: Clever Social Instagram

1. Can you share a little bit about yourself and Clever Social?

Rachel: I’m Rachel, a digital marketing expert based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Clever Social is here to help small-medium sized business owners to make the best digital marketing decisions for their businesses. Sometimes that means, by up-skilling the business owner or the management team, and other times, by outsourcing some of their digital marketing to us and other partners.

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2. As a business owner, how does Instagram help you?

Rachel: Instagram is a large part of our brand awareness strategy and allows us to get our key messages out to the right people. We receive 5-10 leads per month directly from Instagram – asking for more information, proposals or just to connect with a real human being behind the account.

New Instagram Algorithm - Clever Social & Sked Social

3. Why did you decide to use Sked Social? How does it help you beat the new Instagram algorithm?

Rachel: We spent a few months trialing a number of Instagram schedulers but they didn’t feel particularly robust and we noticed a significant drop in reach while testing.

Sked Social, by comparison, had a fantastic interface and what really convinced us was that you use a bank of real phones to post to Instagram – avoiding any API issues.

4. Can you share about your favorite Sked Social features to use? How does it make your life easier? 

Rachel: Our favorite feature has to be the variety of options available to view your planned posts – I’m an analyst who works with a bunch of fab creatives, so we all approach planning social media a little differently, but Sked Social allows for that.

I live in the Planner, but I have team members who prefer the calendar. I exclusively use web upload, but my team like to work from their phones or tablets – and our user experience is all the same.

New Instagram Algorithm - Clever Social & Sked Social

Image source: Sked Social

5. We love how beautiful and well-planned your feed is. Can you share a little bit about how you manage Instagram planning?

Rachel: As the non-creative member of the team, I have a terrible habit of messing around and picking and prodding at content, making small changes all the time…. Which is not at all efficient.

So instead one of my fantastic team uploads themed imagery a month at a time, and leaves me prompts—which are agreed content pillars—so I can complete the captions at my leisure.

We refresh our hashtags on a monthly or so basis and rely on hashtag research tools to figure out what we are going to use.

6. Approximately many hours per week does Sked Social save for you?

Rachel: Sked Social saves me around 15 hours per month. I used to spend every Sunday afternoon doing my social media (plus all the additional changes I kept making!), which isn’t great when you’re already a time-poor small business owner.

Instagram is now our most consistent social media channel and is a large part of our marketing strategy.

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7. Can you share some expert tips for Instagram success?

Rachel: High-level content themes are really important for both consistent messaging and to make your life easier as a social media manager or small business owner.

My favorite quote has to be “social media is about people, not about your business”. If you can keep that in mind when creating your Instagram content, you will stand out from the pack.

New Instagram Algorithm - Clever Social & Sked Social

Thanks to Rachel and the Clever Social team for taking us behind-the-scenes of their Instagram planning. You can follow them at


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