How to add your first Instagram or Facebook account on Sked Social

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Since you can now plan & schedule your Instagram and Facebook posts in Sked Social, we’ve prepared this quick guide on adding different social media accounts to Sked. If you’re looking for info on how to upload content to Sked, check out our step-by-step guide. 


How to add an Instagram account

To add an account, you want to start on the Dashboard page of the Sked Social app. On the menu on the left hand side, you will see a Manage Accounts option – click that.

The Manage Accounts page shows you the accounts linked to your Sked Social account. If you are setting up your Sked Social account for the first time, you will not see any accounts added.

Scroll to the bottom of the Manage Accounts page. There, you will see a few different options for adding accounts to your Sked Social profile. There is an Add Instagram button and an Add Facebook Page button.

Since we’re looking at adding an Instagram account – click the Add Instagram button.

Enter your Instagram account name

A popup screen will appear titled Add a New Instagram Account. Step one is to enter your Instagram account username. Enter your Instagram handle without the @ – for example, if you wanted to add @nike, enter nike.

Once you’ve typed in your username, click the blue Submit Username button on the bottom right.

You will now see your account details. This a chance to confirm that you have entered the right username. If you enter your details wrong, click the hyperlink below the profile photo preview. It should say Go back – these details are incorrect. If you are happy with your selected Instagram, click the blue Yes, Continue button at the bottom right.

Enter your Instagram password

You will now see a popup screen prompting you to enter the password for the Instagram you have selected. Enter your password and click the blue Submit Password at the bottom right of the popup screen.

We need your password because we use real phones to log in to Instagram for you. This is to support features like location and product tagging, autoposting Instagram Stories, hashtags in the first comment and more. Read more here. We take data security seriously and will not jeopardize your Instagram login info. Over 10,000 companies trust Sked, from small companies to global brands.

Sked Social will now verify your account

For step four, Sked will check your account. We have to check every account to ensure it meets Instagram’s community guidelines. This should not take more than five minutes.


Now when you go onto the Manage Accounts page, you should see your added Instagram page there. You may see a message which says “Our team is currently reviewing this account. Please allow up to 1 hour. We will email you shortly.”

Once you receive an email from the Sked team, you should be good to go with your added Instagram account.

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How to add a Facebook account

As above, go on the Manage Accounts page and scroll to the bottom. Click the blue Add Facebook Page button.

A prompt window from Facebook will popup. This is you giving Facebook permission to allow Sked Social to receive certain information. Click the blue Continue as… button.

Choose the pages you want to manage

You then need to confirm that you want Sked Social to manage your Pages and publish as Pages you manage. Click the blue OK button at the bottom right of the prompt screen.

Back on the Sked Social app, you will see the pages you manage. Here, you can select which Pages you want Sked Social to manage by checking/unchecking boxes. Once you are happy with the Pages selected, click the blue Add button at the bottom right of the popup screen.

Your Facebook account is now added and you should be good to go!

That’s all for now

You should be set for adding your first Instagram and Facebook accounts. We hope this helps! If you have any issues, please contact us.

If you need a guide on how to upload your content to Sked Social, you can find it here – Uploading content to Sked Social: a step-by-step guide

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