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How To Create Instagram Stories Ads That Convert (And Grow Your Followers Too!)

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So you’ve got an Instagram marketing strategy in place and ready to try out a few Instagram ads, but not sure where to start? Well, Instagram Stories ads are a great option. They’re extremely helpful when set-up correctly as they assist you in boosting brand awareness, gaining more followers, and improving your sales.

A lot of companies have already started using these, which means if you haven’t implemented them in your Instagram strategy, you could be missing out on many opportunities!

However, not to worry. In this article, I’ll be sharing with you how to create Instagram Stories ads that actually convert. Bookmark this page, save it to your Pocket, just do something so you can come back and refer to this guide for future Instagram Stories ads.


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Instagram Stories Ads: How To Get Started

Before you can create Instagram Stories ads, you first need to connect your Instagram to your Facebook Page.

Now you’ve connected your Instagram account to the Facebook page, follow the below steps.

1. Head over to the Facebook Ads Manager and click “Create Ad”.

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2. Now select your objective. Keep in mind, for Instagram Stories ads, you’re limited to one of these five objectives: Reach, Video Views, Traffic, Conversions, and App Installs.

Instagram Stories Ads - Schedugram

3. For this example, I’ll be choosing the objective “Traffic”.

4. Now you’ll need to name your campaign something appropriate.

5. Once you have chosen a name, you’ll need to select where you want to drive traffic to. For my ad, I’ve chosen Website.

Instagram Stories Ads - Schedugram

6. Now we’re at the part of defining our target audience. Just like any Facebook ad, set-up your audience targeting whether you’re creating a new custom audience, saved or a lookalike audience.

7. The next part is very important. Once you are happy with your target audience, scroll down to the placements section. Select “Edit Placements”.

Instagram Stories Ads - Schedugram

8. Untick all platforms except Instagram. On the Instagram section, make sure “Stories” is the only one checked.

9. Now set-up your budget and schedule for the ad.

10. After filling out the above, you’ll now be required to select the Facebook page associated with the Instagram account. Make sure your Instagram account is displayed once the Page has been selected. For this example I’ll be using my e-commerce store, Pally Paws.

Instagram Stories Ads - Schedugram

11. Select the ad format and upload your media. Whether that’s an image or video. Images will play for 5 seconds. Videos will play for 15 seconds. The carousel ad allows brands to use up to 3 pieces of content, that’s both images or videos in one single ad.

Instagram Stories Ads - Schedugram

12. Moving on, you’ll now be asked to enter a website URL. I would highly suggest using a tracked link rather than just a page URL to help track the campaign you’re running. You can easily use Google’s Campaign URL Builder.

13. Whilst you’re at the stage above, you’ll be able to choose a CTA from the drop-down menu. There are plenty of call-to-action buttons to choose from. Below are just a few that are available.

Instagram Stories Ads - Schedugram

14. Once you’re happy with the ad, click confirm and place the order. Your Instagram Stories ads will go in for review and if accepted, will start to appear.

So now you are aware of how to set them up, find below a few of our best tips for when it comes to running Instagram Stories Ads.

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Tip #1: Keep Your Messaging Short

When it comes to Instagram Stories Ads, it’s vital your message is short and sweet, whilst getting to the point. Since Instagram Stories Ads are a little different to the usual stories you’ll see from your friends and those you follow, you’ll want to make sure it stands out and delivers the message within a matter of seconds.

Failing to do so may result in the audience skipping your Instagram story. I won’t lie, I’ll admit I’ve skipped many before, mostly due to them not being catchy or delivering the message quickly. Nowadays, our attention span is little to nothing, if you aren’t grabbing the attention of your audience immediately, and they notice it’s an ad, be prepared for it to be skipped…

Here’s an example of an Easy Jet ad, they’re straight to the point. Catchy image and not too much text.

instagram stories ads

Here’s another example…

instagram stories ads

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Tip #2: Go Ahead, Experiment

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” ~ Albert Einstein

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your Instagram Stories Ads. Sometimes they might not perform that great by just doing the generic ads that everyone else seems to do. Get your creative juices flowing. Try out different things, give video a go, make it funny and interesting yet to the point.

Just like with running other adverts, whether it be on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn wherever, you should a/b test your ads.

Instagram users aren’t silly.

They’ll know if the story they’re watching is a blatant advert. If it’s very promotional and looks too much like an ad it’ll be skipped the majority of the time.

That’s why some of the most successful ads are those that feature a person talking to the actual camera in a selfie kind of style. It makes the advert less formal and less salesy, resulting in capturing the user’s attention and making it feel like they’re listening to someone on a more personal level. This has been a big success for influencers and brands that aren’t afraid to experiment.

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Tip #3: Utilise Your Brand Logo

Now, this tip might sound silly and seems like a very basic thing to do, but it’s important you include your brand’s logo in the story. Especially if your objective is to increase brand awareness.

Instagram Story Ads are viewed by those you target, so that means not just your followers. For those that haven’t heard of your brand before, how will they remember or know who you are without a logo visible? The only thing they’ll see is the Instagram handle in the top right corner.

Here are two examples. Both Reed and ASUS have displayed their logo’s to show who they are and make sure they’re noticed.

instagram stories adsinstagram stories ads

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Tip #4: Include a Strong CTA

Having a CTA in your Instagram Stories Ads is obviously vital. However, not too many brands go ahead and try to make it eye-catching.

If you really want to be successful on Instagram, you must master the art of encouraging your audience to swipe up and take action. This can be achieved effectively by creating a sense of urgency. For example, mentioning a sale ending in a set amount of days. This is likely to help you win more business and also generate more awareness.

You shouldn’t just rely on them to know what to do either. You should give them clear instructions and tell them to do something. Such as swiping up to find out more, downloading an app or to shop for products. Providing instructions to your audience will encourage them to take action.

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Tip #5: Carefully Choose The Text Placement

Like mentioned previously, Instagram users know what a sponsored ad is, they won’t be afraid to skip it the second it appears.

As soon as your ad displays, you should immediately direct their attention away from the sponsored message in the top left corner. Displaying text in the center of the story or just below is ideal and will stand a good chance of keeping them engaged, providing the content and messaging is clear and precise.

The type of font and sizing also comes into place. You don’t want something that’s too heavy and in your face, you want something that’s easy to read and doesn’t fill the entire screen.

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Utilising Instagram Stories Ads is a fantastic idea, whether it’s for brands looking to achieve more awareness and drive sales or for those who are looking to improve their personal branding. It’s very effective. Putting that in place with a successful Instagram growth strategy will help you dominate the platform.

However, remember, running adverts like the Instagram Stories Ads won’t always guarantee results. There are several key factors that are involved. The first one being your content needs to be very high-quality and engaging. Make it personal and build that trust.

The moment where you can make your audience feel like they want to engage and follow your instructions is when you know you are doing something right.

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