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How To Create Quick Reports With Sked Instagram Analytics Tools

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Within the last few months, Sked (formerly Schedugram) launched their Instagram analytics tools. And to be honest, we at Readcity Writing couldn’t have been more thrilled when we heard the news! We clinked coffee mugs left, right and center. And we even threw a small office party (not kidding).

Since its launch, our agency has changed the way we share data with our clients. We’ve streamlined our reporting techniques and saved time by the bucket-load.

We’ve also gained access to extra Instagram metrics. This allows us to offer our clients further insights into their accounts. #winning

As social media managers, it’s important to show our clients the outcomes of our work. Sked’s Instagram analytics tools allows us to do just that. Best of all, it’s in a clean, easy to understand format.

If your agency hasn’t explored Sked’s analytics feature yet, we 100% think you’re missing out! Here’s how we’ve made use of this new feature at Readcity Writing.

Overview of Sked’s Instagram Analytics Tools

The ‘Overview’ tab allows us to scan the performance of our client’s accounts. It’s surprising how handy this feature has become for us.

We used to capture Instagram analytics weekly. What a bore! Now we view account metrics on a single screen for any chosen period of time.

Instagram Analytics Tools - Sked Social

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1. Follower Count

Our clients are pretty chuffed when they can see their ‘Follower Count’ increasing. Although this is a vanity metric, it is of high interest to them.

We love having a clear method for sharing this metric with our clients at any time. Oh, and did we mention that we have serious heart eyes for the graph layout?

Instagram Analytics Tools - Sked Social

We also compare the current month’s follower count with the previous month. This shows if follower growth is steady. To do this, we use the ‘Followers’ and ‘Previous Followers’ selections.

Instagram Analytics Tools - Sked Social

2. Following Count

Without Instagram analytics tools, it’s tricky for our clients to truly tell what we’re doing behind the scenes. And although you’d never do it, if you’re manually recording analytics, who’s to say you’re not fudging them?

Tracking the Following Count’ gives insight into some of the behind the scenes stuff.

Along with tracking followers, we like to report on how many accounts are being followed. And with Sked’s Instagram analytics tools, these are 100% based on metrics.

Instagram Analytics Tools - Sked Social

3. Posts Published

Depending on their strategy, sometimes we share ‘Posts Published’ with our clients too.

This is most useful for us when we compare the frequencies of posts with engagement rates. Does a higher frequency of posts equal a higher engagement rate? Sometimes yes, sometimes this has no effect at all.

Either way, our clients want to know. And now we can share this with them.

4. Average Likes

We use the ‘Average Likes’ section to see how the client’s audience is reacting to each post. We also use it to see which posts are performing worst.

This helps us tweak our strategy for our clients and learn more about their audiences. What do they like? What don’t they like? How can we bring them more of the stuff that gets them looking like the raise the roof emoji?

Instagram Analytics Tools - Sked Social

5. Average Comments

Being able to track ‘Average Comments’ has been game-changing. Can you imagine going through each of your client’s posts and counting every comment manually? Oh, and don’t forget to exclude comment replies and hashtags. Yeah, it wasn’t fun.

Now Sked’s Instagram analytics tools offers a summary in a quick glimpse.

This is particularly important when our clients include engagement-focused posts in their strategy. We can see which posts started the most conversation and compare these with others that didn’t.

This is crucial when developing a strong social media strategy.

Instagram Analytics Tools - Sked Social

6. Average Engagement

Tracking the ‘Average Engagement’ of a post is like making a memorable banana smoothie.

Sure, bananas are great. And cinnamon sugar does have a special place in our hearts. Let’s not forget about our milky friend, too. But put them all together and you’ve got a new kind of magic.

Similarly, tracking a cross-section of followers, likes and comments take things to the next level. Oh, how delicious they are together! Engagement rates summarize a post’s entire performance.

Engagement averages were something we used to track manually. But now it’s served to us on an easy to navigate platform. And our clients think we’re pretty fabulous because of it too.

Instagram Analytics Tools - Sked Social

Expert tip: According to Influencer Marketing Hub, a good engagement rate is above 3%.

Track Post Metrics With Sked’s Instagram Analytics Tools

Being able to track individual post metrics is a huge plus for us. We use the table overview to compare the performance of recent posts. Our favorite part of all is that you can see the post’s image and caption, as well as its engagement rate, all in the one go.

Then we put on our nifty spy goggles and look for similarities between the high performing posts.

Instagram Analytics Tools - Sked Social

Export Data For Easy Reports

For us, Instagram analytics tracking without tools used to take forever and a day to capture. No joke. We’d swap Sunday sleep-ins for recording social media data (yuck!).

But now we can send easy to understand metrics to clients at the click of a button.

Manipulate Reporting Dates

Create weekly, monthly and quarterly reports with Sked’s analytics feature. Select the dates you’d like to analyze and away you go!

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Export To CSV or PDF Format

You might love that #spreadsheetlife. Or, simple PDF reports may be your jam. Either way, you can export reports in a format that suits you. Our personal preference is offering clients a visual summary using PDF export. But if you’d like to make use of the CSV option, here’s how it’s done.

To export as a CSV file, click the arrow icon at the beginning of the second half of the page.

Instagram Analytics Tools - Export Instagram analytics reports CSV  - Sked Social

To export as a PDF document, click the icon next to the dates range box. From here you can print the report or save it as a PDF and forward this to your client.

Instagram Analytics Tools - Export PDF Instagram Analytics - Sked Social

Over To You

We’ve always known that reporting social media analytics is important. What we didn’t know was that there was an easier way to present them to clients. Sked’s Instagram Analytics tools is a boon – high-quality reporting without investing loads of time.

To carve out hours in your social media workflow, start by signing up for Sked’s 7-day trial. As an all-in-one social media platform that allows its users to post directly to Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and more, Sked is the first step in engaging authentically with your followers.