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How To Hide Hashtags On Instagram In Comments Using Sked

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Hashtags are a powerful addition to any Instagram strategy. The only problem is, they’re not that pretty to look at and adding too many often decreases engagement. The solution? Hide Instagram hashtags in comments automatically instead. Genius!

Our agency, Readcity, uses Sked (formerly Schedugram) to manage our client’s accounts. And to us, it’s important to offer their audiences value-loaded posts, without too many glimpses behind the curtain. Audiences aren’t there to see the hashtags, right?

Sked makes it easy to hide Instagram hashtags in comments, instead of within the caption field. Here, we’ll explore exactly how to do it.

Why Use Hashtags?

We could talk all day about everything to do with hashtags. But in summary, Instagram is essentially a search engine. So think of hashtags as keywords. Words your ideal followers would be using to discover your account. Without hashtags, your Instagram content will only be seen by your current followers.

Hashtags in Caption vs Hashtags in Comments

Seeing Instagram hashtags in a caption is kind of like peering into the cockpit of a plane. There’s a lot that goes into takeoff, but you just want to sit back and enjoy the ride, you know?

When you’re creating posting strategies, tailoring your content to your audience and working to reach new ones with hashtags is important to grow your audience.

And luckily for you… When you add Instagram hashtags in comments, your caption looks neat and the tons of hashtags don’t take the reader’s attention away since they cannot be seen.

The important thing to keep in mind while adding hashtags in comments is that it must be instantaneous. If you post the hashtags after a few seconds, you lose exposure depending on how popular a hashtag is. Using a tool like Sked Social ensures that your hashtags in the first comment are posted along with your content.

Let’s dive straight into the steps to follow when you want to add Instagram hashtags in comments.

How to Add Hashtags on Instagram In Comments Using Sked

Step 1: Using the Hashtag Manager

The Hashtag Manager is easily accessible from Sked’s toolbar. Sked’s toolbar sits pretty on the left side of your screen. Here’s where you can access each of Sked’s features, including the Hashtag Manager.

Of course, you can add hashtags on Instagram through the comments:

  • Manually, one by one
  • By copy and pasting lists published on previous posts (when using a computer, laptop or tablet).

But, the time-saving and convenient Hashtag Manager makes life even easier. Don’t waste time adding hashtags once your post goes live. Instead, Sked allows you to add Instagram hashtags in comments during the planning process.

From your home screen, click the Hashtag Manager Icon.

How To Add Hashtags On Instagram In Comments - Sked Social

Once you’re inside the Hashtag Manager, use it to:

  • Add individual hashtags to posts by only needing to type the first few letters
  • Or our favorite, add hashtag groups to coincide with each post’s strategy.

How To Add Hashtags On Instagram In Comments - Sked Social

Hashtag groups are the most productive way to add hashtags on Instagram via comments. Once the groups are set up, it’s only a matter of clicking a few buttons. Then you can add Instagram hashtags in comments in a flash.

Step 2: Creating Your Hashtag Groups

Once you’ve reached the Hashtag Manager, it’s time to create your groups.

Hot tip: We recommend titling your hashtag groups with the posting strategy topic. And if you’re managing many accounts, the business name too. By grouping together similar ‘themes’ you’ll know exactly which one to use when it comes time to post.

Take a look at the column on the far right, ‘add new group.’ This is where the magic starts to happen.

How To Add Hashtags On Instagram In Comments - Sked Social

The group option allows you to add Instagram hashtags into lists for easy use.

Click on the ‘new group’ box and add your hashtag list title.

Instagram allows 30 hashtags per posts. Imagine how long it would take to add each hashtag individually. Grouping Instagram hashtags together save buckets of time. And best of all, you can then add Instagram hashtags in comments automatically.

Once you have your group title:

  1. Scroll to your new group
  2. Click ‘+new’

Here you’ll need to add in your thirty hashtags individually, for each list. Be sure to put the hashtag symbol at the start of the word and hit the enter key to submit each one.

Once you have your lists organized, it’s time to add them to your post.

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Step 3: Adding Instagram Hashtags in Comments of Posts

Now that you have your hashtag lists categorized into different topics or posting strategies, this next step is a cinch.

You’ll want to navigate to the ‘upload post’ section of the side toolbar.

  1. Select your accounts
  2. Upload your chosen images
  3. Edit your images

From here, write up your caption in the top box. You’ll notice a second box underneath your caption box. This is where you’ll place the first comment of your post.

How To Add Hashtags On Instagram In Comments - Sked Social

To add Instagram hashtags in comments, simply navigate to the box underneath your caption.

How To Add Hashtags On Instagram In Comments - Sked Social

Then, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the hashtag icon and navigate to the Hashtags, Mentions, OR Groups section.
  2. Choose the appropriate hashtags, mentions or groups.
  3. Click okay and see your group of hashtags and/or mentions magically appear!

Now, all that’s left to do is to schedule your post using the scheduling tools at the bottom of your post planning screen.

How To Add Hashtags On Instagram In Comments - Sked Social

Over To You

Congratulations! Now you’re armed with all the know-how to add hashtags on Instagram through the comments of your post. Once you put these steps in place, expect professional-looking captions. Ultimate productivity without guilt, and your hashtag strategy working secretly behind the scenes. All because you’ve learned how to add Instagram hashtags in comments.

Now, it’s time to put that these tips to good use using Sked. No longer just for Instagram, Sked is now your all-in-one social media management platform that saves you time and streamlines your content creation and scheduling across Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter (coming soon). Users save over 100 hours per year by using Sked! Start carving out a few extra hours today with Sked’s 7-day free trial.


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