Social Media News: IGTV Gets a New Home, Desktop Instagram Messaging, Donation Stickers and More

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Have you noticed a drop in Instagram followers? Maybe you’ve caught IGTV episodes in your Instagram feed. From new messaging platforms to donation stickers. Here’s a roundup of the latest social media news: IGTV Episodes in Your Instagram Feed As of earlier this

Have you noticed a drop in Instagram followers? Maybe you’ve caught IGTV episodes in your Instagram feed.

From new messaging platforms to donation stickers. Here’s a roundup of the latest social media news:

IGTV Episodes in Your Instagram Feed

As of earlier this week, Instagram is placing IGTV content directly into your feed. It appears that the platform didn’t take off as successfully as Instagram had hoped, so they’ve revised the content’s placement.


IGTV in Newsfeed - Sked Social

IGTV was introduced to Instagram last year. It was the first place where vertical videos could be shared easily. While at first, it seemed to be quite accommodating to smartphone users… It quickly became apparent that no one really cared.

IGTV episodes in your Instagram feed is the way of the future. And it’s already rolled out.

So, what does this mean for you?

If you’d been neglecting the IGTV channel, it could be time to take it up again.

Key advantages of IGTV are that you can:

  • Share long-form videos
  • Host interactive conversations within the feed itself
  • Have your content saved by users
  • Expect users to share your videos with others

However IGTV episodes in your Instagram kind of makes any other content limits pointless. Videos shared to an account can only be one minute. Similarly, the 15-second per story timing seems a little silly. Especially now that you can watch through and record continuously through the app.

Our suggestion? Keep an eye on new IGTV episodes in your Instagram feed. Plus, other content types too. Will Instagram become the new YouTube with added image posts?

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You Might Soon Be Able To Log Into Multiple Accounts at Once on Instagram

If you own or manage multiple Instagram accounts, you’ll know the pain of the five account limit. This means that at any given time, only five accounts can be actively logged in from one device.

However, in a recent announcement on the @wongmjane Twitter account, this could soon change.

Instagram Main Account - Sked Social

In her detailed screenshot, Jane shows that Instagram is testing a new login process. Simply log into one account and select it as your main account.

From here, it seems you can log into all accounts from a single login.

This is huge news for marketers. If account holders are able to log into all accounts through one main account, this means:

  1. No more logging in and out of accounts for engagement
  2. Faster response times on private messages and comments

Although, depending on the layout, this could make it difficult to ensure:

  1. You’re engaging with the right people for each account
  2. New follows are made from the right account

Perhaps complaints about the five account limit cut through the noise. And prompted Instagram to take action.

While it’s not clear if or when this new account system will roll out. We’re excited to see what comes of it.

Facebook Group Admins Can Reply to Instagram DMs from Facebook

Ahead of news about Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram’s messaging hybrid, we’ve seen a quick glimpse of how it might work. A press release for the Facebook Communities Summit briefly mentioned the roll out of integrated messaging.

“Page admins will now be able to respond to Instagram Direct Messages from their Facebook Page inbox.”

Ever since Facebook bought Instagram back in 2012 for a neat $1 billion, we’ve seen some key integrations. Mainly:

  • Sharing posts from Instagram to Facebook
  • Sharing stories from Instagram to Facebook
  • Replying to Instagram post comments within the Facebook Page Manager

Now that private DMs are coming to the party, inboxes will be a popular place for marketers to hang out. But along with the ‘main account’ introduction on Instagram, it will be interesting to see where the most activity takes place.

Instagram Messaging: Coming to Desktop?

Jane Manchun Wong also released this week the discovery of Instagram desktop messaging.

Instagram Desktop Messaging - Sked Social

Instagram, who had previously said they would not be introducing Instagram to desktop… Have changed their tune. Is this another element of the messaging app merge?

Only time will tell.

Donating to Charities Through Instagram May Soon Be A Thing

In Facebook’s recent Summit, we heard that a donation sticker may be added to Instagram Stories.

The feature is said to roll out later this year to “show support and bring awareness to meaningful communities and causes,” as reported to Pro Bono Australia.

Interestingly, Instagram has gone on record to say they’ll be covering credit card payment fees. This means that 100% of donations will go directly to the charities.

With so many businesses incorporating charity donations as part of their mission, this new feature could be a winner.

The sticker could be used in conjunction with:

  • Specific days related to the cause
  • New release products and a donation upsell
  • Emergency aid in times of crisis

Instagram Glitched and People Lost Followers by the Millions

Did you notice a drop in Instagram followers this week? You’re not alone. While regular business accounts have noticed some decline, even celebrity accounts aren’t safe. Ariana Grande saw a loss of 3 million and popular Youtuber, James Charles lost half a million followers overnight.

Instagram came out saying that the fall in numbers was due to a glitch in the system – not bot culling.

Keep an eye on that follower count, which is expected to jump up again in the coming days.

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