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Social Media News: Landscape Videos on IGTV, New Facebook Algorithms, Link Sharing for Instagram Stories and More

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Are you frustrated that you can’t share your Instagram Stories wherever you gosh darn please? Well, the new link sharing for Instagram Stories is about to change that. Besides this, Instagram announced that IGTV will now support landscape videos while Facebook announced new algorithms focussed on clickable, engaging and non-clickbait content. Plus, millions of Influencer details leak to the public. Here’s the latest in social media news:

IGTV Will Now Support Landscape Videos

Instagram has announced that its longform video format, IGTV will now support landscape videos. The company has taken this step to allow creators to have more flexibility with how they create content. Earlier this year, Instagram started allowing IGTV videos to be shared on a user’s feed leading to a considerable rise in views for many creators, The Verge reported.

And it makes sense, right? When IGTV first launched, it was the first portrait-only video channel. This was predominantly to suit video captured on mobile phones. But as a way of evolving to suit creators, the new landscape functionality helps there too.

The new landscape format will give creators and brands more flexibility. Primarily, it will be much easier to share content from other platforms straight to IGTV. Think Youtube, webinars and pre-recorded interviews from PC.

While creators can still choose to film in portrait (power to you), you now also have access to more flexible formatting without limitations.

Facebook is Introducing Two New Algorithms to Help Boost Engagement

If your (or your client’s) Facebook Business Page feels the wrath of lower engagement (who doesn’t!), you’ll be pleased to hear that Facebook is filtering out the click-bait and upping the exposure of relevant, wholesome content.

Favouring High-Quality Business Content

The Facebook Algorithm uses clicks to measure the performance of any post, this isn’t anything new.

But what’s interesting is that Facebook’s new Algorithm will be focussing on relevant and valuable content that delivers on the title’s claim.

Facebook has been quizzing its users to see “which updates they find most relevant and helpful,” reports Social Media Today.

“Based on these surveys, we’re updating News Feed to show people links we predict they will find worthwhile.”

For Facebook Business Pages, this means that the quality of the content you’re sharing is of the largest importance.

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Close Connections Will Have Higher Newsfeed Positions

Facebook’s second update will see close family and friends seeing more of each other’s content higher up in the newsfeed. This is based on:

  • How many photos they’re tagged in together
  • Regular check-ins at the same places
  • Frequent interactions with each other’s posts

The biggest takeaway?

  • Re-assess your analytics – what is getting the most engagement?
  • Evaluate your content – Are you sharing clickable content to Facebook?
  • Strategize shareability – Surface level posts free of any substance will be the first to feel the wrath of the new algorithms. Is your content valuable, helpful and shareable?

Personal Influencer Details Leaked by the Millions

A database homing the personal details of almost 50 million influencers was publicly leaked this week. The information exposed every Influencer’s profile, verification status and city of residence. Then went further to share personal details like the Influencer’s email address and phone numbers.

TechCrunch was quick to the scene and discovered that the database owner was Chtrbox, a Mumbai-based social media marketing firm.

Chtrbox has denied the claims on their website, however, the data exposed aligns to their business model.

Chtrbox pays Influencers to post advertisements on their social media profiles. And each profile exposed had included the calculated worth of the account (using likes, followers and engagement as guides) to determine how much the account would get paid for sponsored posts.

Are you currently using Influencer marketing tools?

Two years ago, 6 million Instagram accounts had their information stolen by hackers. Following this leak, we hope Instagram tightens the reigns on the security of (widely unregulated) platforms that act as influencer hubs.

Link Sharing for Instagram Stories

Many brands are still on the fence about Instagram Stories. After all, with a lifespan of just 24 hours, it can feel like a lot of effort for not much time in the spotlight.

Of course, we believe Stories are an integral part of any Instagram Strategy. And for the fence-sitters, Jane Manchun Wong’s recent report on Link Sharing for Stories could win you over too.

Link sharing for Instagram Stories - Sked Social

Image Source: Jane Manchun Wong

Some users have seen the new link sharing for Instagram Stories feature in action already, so its official rollout is well and truly here.

Link sharing for stories means you could share Instagram Stories in many ways:

  • Link Stories to your email list
  • Share Stories to Youtube highlights
  • Added Story links to your email signature
  • Link Stories pitches for potential Influencers

The link sharing for Instagram Stories feature could also be effective for brands who are collaborating with others and want to share the Story link directly to the other account so that they can promote your content too.

When promoting the link off Instagram, every share will help you grow your Instagram following and views. Specifically, if your brand’s audience is yet to connect with your account on the ‘gram.

Ariana Grande Sued for Posting Paparazzi Pictures to Instagram Without Permission

It appears that even celebrities aren’t untouchable in the world of copyright laws. Earlier this week, Newshub reported that Ariana Grande has been sued by Photographer Robert Barbera.

This follows the superstar posting two photos he took of her without asking for his permission. The images promote her record’s release on Instagram and Twitter.


Link sharing for Instagram - Copyright - Sked Social

Image Source: News Hub

In the US, Photographers can photograph anyone in the public, then the Photographer holds the copyright to the images.

Another reminder to always ask for permission to use imagery on Instagram before regramming.

And for brands, the push to post original content continues to close in.

Is your brand investing in original photoshoots? Not only is this a way to position your brand as professional and continue your brand story. But this also ensures you’ll be free of any copyright infringements! Here’s your brush up on the Instagram copyright guidelines.

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