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Social Media News: IGTV’s Redesign, Pinstagram and Paid Facebook Fan Pages

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From IGTV’s redesign to Instagram’s new Pinterest-inspired public ‘Collections’ feature, here’s the latest in social media news:

IGTV’s Redesign

Ever since Instagram decided to move IGTV onto the general Instagram newsfeed, its popularity has taken off again.

To cater to the influx of IGTV videos, this week Instagram was caught making some key upgrades.

Latest Social Media News - IGTV Redesign - Sked Social

Image Source: Lindsey Gamble

New improvements include:

  • Search function changes
  • ‘Suggested for you’ channels
  • An updated profile layout

If IGTV’s latest search screen appears familiar, it’s probably because it is pretty similar to Snapchat’s. IGTV’s redesign seems to be a scheming tactic.

This comes as another likeness between Instagram and Snapchat. After the early introduction of Stories, Instagram Story Stickers and the removal of Instagram Story insights after 24 hours. All O.G. Snapchat features.

Is Snapchat a part of your social media strategy? It might be time to double-check your audience is still using it like they once were.

IGTV’s Redesign Continues… Picture-in-Picture Viewing on IGTV

Jane Manchun Wong shared that picture-in-picture formatting is making a show too. Similarly to Youtube’s picture minimiser where content continues to play, IGTV’s update introduces the idea.

Latest in Social Media News - instagram Picture in Picture Viewing - Sked Social

This is seen as a strategic move by Instagram and good news for marketers. With picture-in-picture viewing, users are more likely to watch content for longer.

Did you know paid advertising is able to target those who watch certain lengths of IGTV videos? Now with picture-in-picture viewing, this could work to have viewers watch content for longer. Ultimately increasing the pool of people businesses can market to.

Instagram Shadows Pinterest in new ‘Collections’ Feature


In a new announcement, TechCrunch has shared that:

“Code buried in Instagram for Android shows the company has prototyped an option to create Public Collections.”

Users can then share a collection with friends. Making these boards public adds another layer of interest. It also ups the ante for Instagrammers to share (or reshare) more content, without having it on their feeds.

Latest Social Media News - Public Instagram Collections - Sked Social

For Social Media Managers, this comes as a breath of fresh air. Collections on Instagram could be used to group certain content types (for example, quotes, inspirational posts and humour). The Collections feature could help to simplify the content planning stage by creating these categories.

Collections could also be of use during the process of onboarding clients. Instead of mood boarding in Pinterest, Social Media Managers could use the feature to mood board content on Instagram – then actually be able to regram the posts and give image creator credit more easily.

This feature hasn’t been rolled out yet (first caught by Jane Manchun Wong), but we suggest checking in with our weekly social media news roundups to be the first to know when it does.

Facebook’s Paid Subscription Pages to Take 30% of Payments

As Facebook continues to introduce innovative features, have they gotten too big for their pants?

Facebook Fan Pages work to offer gated content by influencers and creators. Then, to view the content, ‘supporters’ must pay a fee.

In a policy document reported on by TechCrunch, Facebook takes 30% of paid subscription earnings. Much like Youtube’s 30% and less than Twitch’s 50%. But with Patreon still taking a tiny 5%, will creators be turned off by Facebook’s high cuts?

On top of this, Facebook can also offer free trials to subscriptions, without compensating creators. This level of uncertainty for creators could cause serious rifts.

While the page type remains in test mode across some countries (specifically U.K., Spain, Germany and Portugal) Facebook is waiving their taking. Access to exclusive creator content starts at $4.99.

Facebook Business Showcases ASOS’s Story Planning Process

Facebook showcased mega-brand, ASOS’s content planning strategy this week. In a ‘behind the lens’ feature published on the Facebook Business Newsroom, ASOS’s Global Director of Content and Engagement, Leila Thabat, ran through key processes they use when planning Instagram Story content.

Latest Social Media News - ASOS story planning - Sked Social 2Latest Social Media News - ASOS story planning - Sked Social 1Latest Social Media News - ASOS story planning - Sked Social 3

Key takeaways included:

  • The importance of testing content types that resonate with your audience
  • Ensuring your business is sharing the right message on the right platform
  • Weaving your brand’s narrative into your content for ultimate impact

Instagram Story Metrics Made Easy

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It’s not only fascinating looking behind the curtain at successful brands and their strategies, but it’s also useful from a business perspective. What can your business learn from the content process of big brands like ASOS?

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