Social Media News: Instagram adds Stories to Explore tab, New Insights for Creator Accounts and More

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Have you ever wished you could track who’s unfollowing your accounts (without the dodgy apps)? Well, this week it was leaked that Instagram Creator Accounts will soon have access to exactly that. We also saw Instagram add Stories to the Explore tab.

Have you ever wished you could track who’s unfollowing your accounts (without the dodgy apps)? Well, this week it was leaked that Instagram Creator Accounts will soon have access to exactly that. We also saw Instagram add Stories to the Explore tab. Besides that, Facebook was caught experimenting with topic starters and TikTok overtakes Facebook and Instagram in global downloads. Here’s the latest in Social Media News.

Instagram adds Stories to Explore tab

Instagram continues to promote Stories with the format now making its way to the Explore tab. TechCrunch reports that brands will now get another way to be discovered by new audiences through their Stories. The Stories you see on Explore will be personalized based on your interests and the accounts you follow.

Instagram Stories Explore Tab

Image Source: TechCrunch

When you open the redesigned Explore tab, you will now see shortcuts to IGTV and Shopping followed by the different topic channels. These changes continue to show how important Stories are to grow your brand and connect with your audience. If you aren’t yet using it, read our post on creatives ideas to get started with Instagram Stories.

Instagram Creator Accounts Have New Insights

Instagram Creator Accounts are now able to track followers and unfollowers.

As reported on Social Media Today, these new metrics could help you refine Instagram Strategies. By seeing if there are large increases (or drops) in followers after certain posts, this will help brands see which posts are best received by their audiences.

Instagram Creator Account - Insights - Sked SocialImage Source: Social Media Today

Instagram Creator Accounts again appear to be a great place for content creators, marketers and brands to be.

Instagram Down for Some Users

As of Wednesday, many Instagram users began experiencing issues with the app. From feeds not refreshing to Stories not loading.

The Independent has reported that users on a global scale are facing issues. While it’s not yet clear what was causing the issue, luckily not all accounts are being affected.

Facebook is Working on Topic Requests for Pages

As reported by Jane Manchun Wong, Facebook has been caught experimenting with what looks like topic request functions.

Instagram Creator Accounts - Facebook Topics - Sked Social

Image Source: Jane Manchun Wong

We believe this will be directly linked to conversation-starters for Creators and Pages to initiate conversations. Fans, Creators, Followers and Page Managers alike – this new feature could benefit us all.

Although a launch date hasn’t been released, it’s a good idea to begin thinking about how we can use this tool.

Some ideas are:

To get insights into followers or fans:

  • Do they have preferences for a new release product?
  • Have their interests changed and does this directly affect your marketing tactics?
  • Are their views still in line with your company culture and values?
  • What type of language are they using during interactions?

To connect fans:

  • Do they have similar interests?
  • Are fans connecting over specific topics?
  • Do page followers have polarising views that align or differentiate?
  • Is your business profile catering to their values and debunking concerns?

Instagram is Testing Separating New and Old Likes

Jane also revealed that Instagram appears to be separating likes based on how long ago they were received.

Instagram Creator Accounts - Like Separator - Sked Social

Image Source: Jane Manchun Wong

This could be useful when engaging with your followers and ensuring that each profile is visited once when following up with profile interactions. Ultimately saving you time and double-handling for your own or a client’s account.

TikTok Overtakes Instagram and Facebook App Downloads

In breaking news, TikTok downloads hit over 1 billion global downloads this week.

TikTok is essentially a video-sharing app for short clips and viral memes.

At just three years young, the startup has taken teenagers by storm. Also, TikTok has gained a lot of popularity in countries like China (where Instagram and Facebook are banned).

While CBS News reports that the app hasn’t avoided privacy and user controversy, this could be an up-and-coming platform if you have clients in countries where many social media sites are banned.

Because of this, we predict TikTok advertisements to be the next step on the agenda. Do your clients have a younger target market? Keep an eye out for advancements which could put businesses in front of these audiences.

Snap+Share Exhibit Recounts How Social Media Has Shaped Photography

This week the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMoMA) held an exhibition showcasing photography through time, with particular emphasis on “the third revolution in the history of photography.” Interestingly, Curator Clement Cheroux told ArtNet that photography has been obsessed with “instantaneity” and now it’s faster than ever.

Instagram Creator Accounts - Snap Gallery - Sked Social

Image Source: ArtNet

“We really wanted to think about this evolution within the context of the whole history of photography, and show that what’s going on today with social media is part of the same impulse as sending a postcard of a photograph in an envelope. Yet, at the same time, it’s not.”

– Clement Cheroux, as sourced from ArtNet

So, what are some key takeaways about the revolution to social media content?

  • The connection between the creator and their audience is more interactive
  • People don’t consider high-end equipment a high priority for content capture
  • Memes are being considered art

Yet more reason to capture ‘real’ content for your brand and that of your clients. We predict that an uprise in original content (rather than reshares) will shape the way users share imagery on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

ICYMI: The Best of The Week

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