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Social Media News: Instagram Name Swaps, Polls in Instagram Story Ads and Twitter’s prototype release

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For marketers, social media managers and business owners, this week’s latest news bring a mixed bag of announcements.

From polls in Instagram story ads and Instagram handle swapping, right through to Twitter’s latest release and Apple TV+. Here’s everything you need to know in social media news:

Polls in Instagram Story Ads – It’s almost here!

If you caught last week’s news announcing that Instagram Story ads are overtaking feed ads, you’ll be pretty excited by this new roll-out too.

As of next week, Instagram Ad managers will have access to poll stickers in ads on the Story platform. Yes, polls in Instagram story ads are so close we can nearly taste them!

Polls in Instagram Stories - Sked Social


Polls in Instagram Story ads will give social advertisements a more interactive touch which not only gets the viewer involved but also collects important data about the views, beliefs and opinions of those targeted.

As a huge move for marketers, we see this tool being a pretty powerful element for paid advertising. And can speculate that retargeting ads will reach a whole new level.

If Instagram marketing is part of your brand’s digital strategy, then polls in Instagram Story ads are definitely something you’ll want to be exploring!

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Want a new Instagram name? You’re in luck!

Commitment is hard. Taking the plunge and getting that edgy haircut. Signing up to a new lock-in phone plan. And choosing your Instagram handle.

But it appears that Instagram is up to some sneaky business yet again, as reported by Jane Manchun Wong. In code discovered by Jane and reported on by Fortune, it appears that Instagram is testing a new feature which allows users to switch their name, while still keeping their old one for 14 days.

Instagram polls in ads - Sked Social News

Whether you’re wanting to try another name on for size or experimenting with a few, Instagram’s name swapping feature could be right up your alley.

Let’s hope the feature is released by April 1 for sneaky April Fools antics. We’re not counting on it, but it’d be a cool story, right?

Apple’s new video subscription service to overtake Facebook Watch?

Cleverly, Apple Tv+’s announcement came with a string of celebrity endorsers (think: Oprah, Jennifer Anniston and Big Bird). Revealing that they’ll soon offer unlimited access to classic favourites and new release videos, this had Apple’s audience wriggling in their seats.

Content will start out as free, then call for a monthly fee, TechCrunch reports.

Facebook watch reportedly has 75 million people watching at least one minute per day, however with a different field of content to Apple TV+ (often documentary-style or reality), we see changes on the horizon.

Twitter’s interesting prototype and advertising release

Earlier this month, Twitter launched a prototype app ‘twttr.‘ This offered some users early access to new features and allowed Twitter to see which ones people liked best. As a natural accomplice, Twitter launched Character Count – a podcast educating its audience about how to manage Twitter ads.

Twitter ads vary somewhat from other social media platforms. This is largely due to Twitter’s interface. Ads we see are:

  • Promoted Tweets
  • Promoted Accounts
  • Promoted Trends
  • Video Ads

Interestingly, video tweets receive 10 times more engagement than text or photo posts. If your business or brand is using Twitter, this is an important metric to note. Since Twitter is using an algorithm based on engagement, more interactions with your posts matter.

As Twitter accounts post an average of 15 times per day, it’s important to keep content fresh. That’s why we recommend scheduling tweets ahead of time.

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