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Instagram News Round Up: Kevin Systrom Speaks Out, Tapping vs. Scrolling, And Influencers

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Bad Press Continues For Instagram

Instagram press coverage remains focused on Kevin Systrom’s unexpected departure from the company.

The former CEO has made little commentary on the move, however, while speaking at Wired’s 25th-anniversary summit recently in California, Systrom’s ambiguous parting statement was, “no one ever leaves a job because everything’s awesome.”

“When you leave anything, there are obviously reasons for leaving,” he added.

When questioned by Wired’s Lauren Goode, Systrom avoided responding with thorough answers about Mark Zuckerberg, and merely stated that he had put together his farewell statement “very, very quickly.”

His statements add to weeks of negative publicity—and downtime— for Facebook and Instagram.

Today, analysts place Instagram’s worth as an independent company at around $100 billion. While Instagram grew beyond anticipation, Facebook executives commented that a good relationship had been maintained between the two companies. Systrom also mentioned that even upon his departure, Instagram is “in a really, really good place.”

Facebook’s Adam Mosseri has replaced the pair as the new head of the app.

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Tapping vs Scrolling?

Instagram’s user interface may face a potential re-evaluation by Instagram.

The social network is currently testing how users could benefit from tapping through posts and photos rather than scrolling, TechCrunch reports.

We’re always testing ways to improve the experience on Instagram and bring you closer to the people and things you love,” a spokesperson from Instagram appeared to confirm in response to the report.

At the moment, testing is limited to the Explore tab and has to be introduced into the main feed, however, Instagram’s new browsing tap is said to reveal a completely new Instagram post with each action.

Instagram News: Tapping

Tapping through posts mirrors the convenience and speed of flicking through Stories with a simple tap—a feature which was first introduced by Snapchat.

As TechCrunch noted, the new feature limits the large movement required by thumb scrolling, and creates a more relaxed browsing experience, especially for those suffering from arthritis.

Many, however, are concerned that over-eager tap-flicking may turn into an accidental double-tap like on a random or embarrassing photo, so the testing continues.

#MentalHealthDay On Instagram

In conjunction with Mental Health Day, Instagrammers launched a hashtag project to bring attention to and spread awareness of the cause. The goal was to promote wellbeing and emotional support across social media platforms.

Some of our favourite Instagram posts and mental health advocates who championed the awareness hashtag this year were body-positivity and self-love promoters @bodyposipanda, @kay_ska, and @selfloveclubb.


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Image Credit: Kay Ska

Instagram has been rolling out new features and tools to promote kindness and reduce bullying on the platform, allowing users to filter out negative comments and trolls, and support friends – reminding us all that it’s cool to be kind! #whypkindness is another popular trending hashtag aiming to spread the positivity. Keep an eye on Instagram’s Twitter profile for updates on their latest projects.

More Instagram News and Tips

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Clizia Incorvaia

Where Influencers Eat for Free

A restaurant in Milan is allowing payment for meals using Instagram posts —if your following is substantial enough, of course. Although there are six “This is not a Sushi bar” restaurants to be found in the city, one of the locations has been running this offer. This is a perfect example of how the hospitality industry is continuing to reap the benefits of influencer marketing.

Instagram News: Influencer Marketing

Speaking of Influencers…

  • Micro-influencer marketing is on the rise, so if you don’t meet the 200k quota of Milan’s sushi bars, but your account demonstrates a loyal following, you could still be a potential partner for smaller brands to work with when promoting their products through competitions and giveaways.
  • However, the world of influencer marketing isn’t always glamorous, easy, and simple to navigate. Audiences are becoming more weary of sponsored posts, campaigns can come across as fake and contrived, competition is fierce, and transparency is vital.
  • If you do have your heart set on being an Instagram influencer, we’ve put together some tips to get you started, so you can post your most creative content! From choosing your niche to choosing the right hashtag, you can learn the basics and the more intricate business moves. And it’s not just influencers who should take note – brands also need to learn the ropes before they reach out to the account which will be most representative of their company and products.
  • What’s the best influencer marketing strategy anyway? Affiliate programs, referrals or customer programs? Read about some mistakes we made and our takeaways.

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