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Instagram News Round Up: SoundCloud for Stories, Teens favor Instagram, and Screenshot Travel Bookings

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SoundCloud Comes to Instagram Stories

A new SoundCloud integration allows people to share music to an Instagram Story with the press of a button. The most recent versions of the SoundCloud app for iOS and Android devices feature a “Share to Instagram Stories” option, rivalling the Spotify feature that was released some time ago.

SoundCloud has about 175 million users around the world and the hope is that this new feature will allow the platform to tap into a new audience. It’s also being well received by the many artists who use the platform that are already making use of it.

This feature has been long anticipated and was actually first announced back in May at the F8 developer conference held by Instagram’s parent company, Facebook.

Those in the music industry are particularly excited about the SoundCloud collaboration because it makes sharing music with the masses that much simpler.

It will also bring more listeners from Instagram into the SoundCloud app as those interested in the music they hear will be encouraged to check out the full version for themselves and download it.

Instagram Outpacing Snapchat

Instagram Snapchat Teen Survey 2018

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A new report is showing great promise for Instagram as it reveals that more teenagers are using the image-sharing app over its popular rival, Snapchat. 85% of teens reported that they use Instagram at least once per month, compared with 84% who said the same for Snapchat. While the switch has been gradual, it proves that Instagram is continuing to strengthen its hold over the younger market.

Ditching Analogue for Instagram

More and more emerging fashion brands are recognizing that you are only as big as your Instagram following. “Instagram is everything,” writes the Evening Standard, and that seems to be the general consensus.

For fashion brands both big and small, Instagram is becoming the standard for reaching younger audiences around the globe. This is something that social savvy brands are taking advantage of as they start to sell more via Instagram using features like product tagging.

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Look and Book with an Instagram Screenshot

This week’s innovative Instagram news is courtesy of easyJet, the United Kingdom’s budget airline. The airline’s new “Look and Book” feature enables Instagram users to book travel by simply taking a screenshot on Instagram, and while it may not prove to be practical, it definitely is a fun marketing campaign.

Currently only working for European destinations, it may just stay that way. The users who are enjoying playing around with it get to book travel in mere seconds based on image recognition technology and the geotagging function Instagram utilizes. Upload the image of your chosen destination into the company’s app and it will automatically fill out the needed information.

This fun release is meant to make discovering new travel destinations quick and simple. And while it may not become a mainstay for serious travelers, the method is definitely helping the brand promote the name easyJet with some good press, and that’s ultimately what they were after.

What’s New On Our Blog:

We recently wrote about Airbnb’s Experiences campaign that took over Instagram. Attracting, nurturing, and converting more travelers than most brands ever will, the campaign made an emotional connection with the audience.

Instagram Story Ads have also become a mainstay in the social media strategy of countless brands. The ability to get a raw and engaging message across has opened the doors to marketing experimentation and enthusiastic advertising once again.

Brands are putting substantial time and energy into crafting Instagram Story Ads that effectively touch their audience and help to convert viewers into followers and, hopefully, loyal customers of the brand.

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