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Instagram News Roundup: CGI Influencers, the most hated IG feature, and the latest summer job

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Instagram continues to rise, with many new features and fresh new uses being made by brands and its ever-growing community of users. Here are the latest updates in the world of Instagram news:

Instagram tells you “You’re all caught up” but gives you more reasons to scroll

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Recently, Instagram started testing “Recommended For You” within the feed. According to Instagram, the feature allows users to see even more of what’s being shared by their community. Curiously, it becomes visible after “You’re All Caught Up” – a message originally promoted as a way to deal with endless scrolling.

The recommended posts feature has been rolled out to select users and is expected to reach everyone, soon.

3 things you can learn from CGI IG influencer @lilmequela

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In case you haven’t heard of her, Lil Miquela is a virtual “it” girl created through photography and designed by Brud – an AI robotics startup based in Los Angeles. As noted by AdEspresso, Lil Miquela surfaced on Instagram two years ago. She has since gained 1.3 million followers, and has worked with massive brands like Prada and Diesel. In 2018, she was named by TIME magazine as one of the most influential people on the internet.

Here are three things marketers can learn from this “Black Mirror”–ish strategy:

1) Open, honest captions resonate
When you have the following that Lil Miquela has, people will take the time read your captions. And what she has done to make it relatable is to craft it with raw honesty, as she did with this post. Emotional marketing has always been an effective tool for engagement. If a CGI Instagram personality can become relatable using this approach, so can your brand.

2) Support causes
As noted by AdEspresso, millennials are passionate about social causes. And with 59 percent of Instagram users falling into that demographic, social cause marketing would be a smart strategy for the platform.

Lil Miquela has supported racial rights and LGBTQI causes in the past. And in this post, she shares a powerful message against the recent family separations at the US/Mexico border.

3) Experiment with CGI tools
You don’t need to create a CGI Instagram personality to use CGI tools. These tools, which have become low cost and more easily available, now serve as professional solutions for optimizing images. Apps like FaceApp, for example, allows you to make an image younger or older, add makeup, and even change genders.

IGTV presents brands with first-mover advantage

It’s yet to be determined just exactly what IGTV can become for brands. In its early stages, it still has its flaws (limited search function, virtually nothing different from other video platforms). But brands have found it to be a more targeted space, where only the most loyal followers will see their content. This has led to brands like Netflix and Buzzfeed posting super weird videos on the platform just because.

As pointed out by Adweek, with brands becoming experts at using IG Stories, IGTV provides them with a new space where they can let their hair down and potentially enjoy first-mover advantage.

Instagram’s video revolution

Just like its filters did with amateur photography, Instagram’s new features are revolutionizing the consumption and creation of video. This much was confirmed by American movie ticketing company Fandango during the recent Digiday Content Marketing Summit.

The company, which produces up to 15 videos a week, is enjoying success with new formats Instagram Stories and IGTV. According to Fandango Senior Director of Production, Eileen Rivera, while the different formats present a challenge when it comes to editing, it has helped them become even better storytellers.

“You need to find nimble and flexible mindsets on your team because platforms change everyday,” Rivera told Digiday.

You can watch the full interview here.

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What are the most loved/hated features of Instagram in 2018?

Instagram’s rise to the top of the social media food chain has birthed a load of new updates and features for users to enjoy (and negatively tweet about). A study of over 250,000 tweets by SocialChain showed IGTV as not only the most talked about (over 188,000 mentions), but enjoying the most positive responses.

Question Stickers came in at a distant second with over 24,000 mentions, but had the most negative response. Instagram’s drive to continue increasing user engagement promises to only birth more of these features. Not everyone’s going to enjoy everything, but they’ll certainly be talking about it. You can view the full list here.

In other cool Instagram news…

IG Sponsored Content posting is a real summer job

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Babysitting is so last generation. And brands simply posting good Instagram photos of their products (and nothing more) are a thing of the past.

At least that’s what a The Atlantic suggests when it reported teens raking in significant amount of cash for posting sponsored content on Instagram. According to the report, teens have made between hundreds to thousands of dollars for doing just that – up to $5 to $20 for a single post.

The strategy works for brands like Doux Lashes, whose fake eyelashes are targeted exactly at this age bracket.

“They’re not doing Insta as a full-time thing; they’re just trying to make extra money, so it’s not super expensive to partner with them,” says Christy Oh, who handles marketing for Doux Lashes.

IG Stories may just be your new library

Instagram Stories have revolutionized how people post on social media. It could also get people to read again.

At least that’s what The New York Public Library (NYPL) is hoping with their InstaNovel. The project is a “reimagining of Instagram Stories to provide a new platform for iconic stories.” Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll will be the first book featured.

As noted by Fortune, the Stories will be available in the highlights section of the NYPL’s Instagram account.

Instagram project puts the spotlight on Indian monuments

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An Instagram project is looking to put the spotlight on obscure, forgotten, and lesser known monuments in India. Called India Lost and Found, the project is a collection of photographer Amit Pasricha’s unique perspective of India’s architectural splendor. Apart from being just a collection of photos, Pasricha will be inviting a network of academics to help with the project.

“This network of people will participate and value-add to the constant feed of images that India Lost and Found will post with their own insight and thought,” the photographer said.

#OOTD Returns can be bad for the soul, says activist

The trending practice of buying fast fashion clothing only to return them after snapping an #OOTD is not only bad for business, it could have a negative impact on our souls. That’s according to fashion commentator and sustainable fashion activist, Caryn Franklin.

“In the age of Instagram, identity has become a brand, and jumping on the high-speed buy-and-return bandwagon has created ‘an instant, disposable self,’” says Franklin.

Recently, a Barclay Card survey found that nine percent of UK shoppers admitted to buy clothing solely for social media purposes.

More Instagram News & Tips

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As Instagram carries on with its world domination, expect a steady stream of updates and new features. Keep coming back to this space to keep abreast with all the latest developments.


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