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Instagram News Roundup: Feed Recommendations, Hack Attacks, and the Latest Instagram Make-Up Trend

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As Instagram continues to dominate the social media space, new features and updates also continue to roll out to its growing number of users. Here is this week’s rundown of the latest Instagram news:

IG Recommendations keep you scrolling

On August 20, Instagram announced that it will test recommended posts in users’ feeds. Basically, once you’ve seen all new posts from the people you follow, there will be a notifications saying “you’re all caught up.” Then, you’ll have the option to view past posts, or keep scrolling for recommendations.

According to Instagram, the recommendations are based from the accounts you follow, and the photos and videos that you like. The feature, however, still appears to be a work in progress. But Instagram promises that they’ll be making revisions based on user feedback.

Instagram still working to address hacks

Last week, Instagram released a statement admitting that there was an increase of hacked user accounts. The blog post followed a Mashable report that said hundreds of users lost access to their accounts.

Instagram advised hacked users to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on their accounts. However, Instagram currently relies on text messages for its 2FA – a less secure method than those using authenticator apps.

The hacked users stressed that they lost access to their accounts despite enabling 2FA. A number of users also reported email addresses with .ru domains linked to their accounts after they lost access. Instagram said that those who got in touch with their support teams will hear from them soon.

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Can Facebook Stories be the answer to rising IG Stories prices?

As the rise of Instagram Stories continues to gain momentum, some advertisers are already looking into possibly moving their ad spend to Facebook Stories. This is in response to the increased competition for Instagram Stories ad space and impressions.

“Ads in Instagram Stories were cheaper and more efficient than the other placement, but we’re in the phase where the price is getting more expensive as more advertisers are auctioning for impressions,” said Facebook Stories app Head of User Acquisition Simon Lejeune.

While we can look at early adopters as those who could shift to Facebook Stories, Lejeune notes that there are concerns whether an older traditional Facebook user will shift to Stories the way younger users did with Instagram Stories. As such, advertisers have started to experiment with Facebook Stories to see how people will respond to organic posts.

Ads for Facebook Stories remain in beta, and are only available to select advertisers. Facebook has already told some ad buyers to expect more options in the coming months, which include unskippable ads.

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Insta-ception – the latest make-up trend taking over Instagram

The latest make-up trend taking over Instagram sees artists adding painted-on IG post borders to certain parts of their faces. According to a report by The Sun, beauty vlogger @dom.skii started the trend – which even features Instagram’s engagement buttons.

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As the trend spread, the posts have gotten wilder – with artists painting their entire faces, complete with a lizard tongue.  While others yet, have painted multiple IG borders on their faces.

According to one user, she joined the trend as a way to symbolize the importance of embracing your flaws. “It kind of embodies the pressure of being perfect on social media and never having any flaws, when in reality, we’re all flawed,” she wrote in her post.

In other Instagram news…

The Revolution will be #hashtagged

When you think about it, it’s crazy how Instagram has transformed from a filter-powered photography app, to the lifestyle and marketing tool it is now, in its nearly decade-long existence. While it took some time for people to truly embrace the platform, it’s quickly looking like the future of Facebook. And with its user base reaching 1 billion, Instagram has achieved many things over the years.

Quartzy recently came up with a list of things the soaring social media platform has either changed, created, or killed over the years – according to the Internet. The list includes some of the more obvious ones like photography, food, and travel. It also notes how even businesses like pubs have changed to become more Instagrammable.

As more and more people continue to move towards the platform, Instagram’s sphere of influence will only look to increase. How has Instagram changed certain aspects of your life? Share with us in the comments section.

How giving its customers what they want led to Fashion Nova conquering Instagram

In the first five months of 2018, Los Angeles-based fast fashion brand Fashion Nova beat much larger companies like H&M and Zara when it came to earned media value (EMV), with $125 million. That’s according to a new report from influencer marketing platform InfluencerDB.

As noted by Quartzy, EMV is the equivalent of what it would cost a brand in traditional advertising to generate the same level of publicity. It’s measured through all the mentions, likes and comments gained by its posts.

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Fashion United points out that in the first five months of 2018, some 12,486 influencers mentioned Fashion Nova, even though the brand only paid for 700. Despite selling extremely affordable clothing, the brand has been mentioned by celebrities like Cardi B and Kylie Jenner.

Previously, Google ranked Fashion Nova as one of the most searched fashion brands, edging out established designer labels like Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent. So how exactly are they doing it? As noted by Quartzy, one of the ways is by giving their fans exactly what they want—ATTENTION.

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“One example of where they’ve done this, is by promoting provocative mirror selfies and pictures showcasing a lot of skin, which may not typically be reposted for most brands. But Fashion Nova uses it to create an avalanche of highly loyal brand ambassadors, for free,” InfluencerDB’s CEO, Robert Levenhagen told Quartzy.

Fashion Nova, on average, re-posts about 30 outfits from their customers’ Instagram every week. They also engage on every single photo tagging the @fashionnova. To show how effective such a huge task is, the brand’s Instagram page currently has 12.9 million followers.

Post #OOTD Returns Intensifies

Speaking of ways Instagram has changed the world, it’s also affected the world of returns. The practice of buying clothes for a special event, and returning it after has been a cost-cutting strategy for decades. And now, it has gone digital, with a growing number of people buying clothes, wearing it for a social media photo, and returning it after it’s been posted online.

According to a survey commissioned by Barclaycard, nine percent of UK shoppers admitted to buy clothing just for social media purposes. The survey included 2,002 adults aged 35-44. If the survey included teenagers, that number would be much larger.

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Quartzy notes that affordable fast fashion brands like Fashion Nova are popular with this new breed of Instagram shoppers. Alternatively, Rent the Runway is exactly in the business of this Instagram practice, renting out designer clothing for a fee.

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