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Instagram News Roundup: Instagram video tagging, faster emoji commenting, and the best Instagram photos in the world

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Although it’s already one of the top social media platforms of all time—and even becoming an official verb—Instagram continues to prove that its doors for new developments will not be closing any time soon. And the Instagram community does the same with their new ways of maximizing the reach and perks of this channel. Check out this week’s Instagram news and updates:

Instagram tests video tagging

instagram news video tagging

Image Source: @cablegirlsrd

Instagram is currently experimenting with letting users tag people in their video posts. The feature is similar to how users can tag photos, although with a couple of small differences. The small icon at the bottom left will link to a list of tagged people. For tagged photos, it showed tagged names over images.

The icon takes users to a page called “People in this Video.” Those in the list will be notified when they’ve been tagged, similar to how it works with photos. The other difference is that the videos won’t appear in the tagged users’ profiles like they do with photos.

Currently, Instagram conducts the test on a small percentage of users who’ve opted for the experiment.

Tagging People, Products and Places in Your Posts Using Sked Social (formerly Schedugram)

Although you can’t currently tag your video posts with Sked Social, you can tag people, products and places in your image posts when you’re scheduling them and we’ll publish it for you with the tags in place.

This means people can click on your product tags and make a purchase, find you when they search for the types of products or services you offer in their local area and get notified when you tag them in your posts.

You can find out how to enable tagging for your Sked Social account in this article.


Emoji commenting made easier

instagram news emoji commenting

Instagram has widely rolled out personalized emoji shortcuts. The feature places your most used emojis above your keyboard when you tap on the comment button.

As noted by The Verge, the feature won’t show up in other areas the keyboard is used such as captioning and responding to stories. The personalized emoji bar began public testing back in May.

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Instagram gives teens’ parents a hand

Instagram has created a comprehensive resource for parents of teens on the platform. A Parent’s Guide includes the app’s basics, a description of its tools, and a discussion guide for how parents and guardians can have an open conversation with their teens about Instagram.

According to parent and Instagram COO Marne Levine, the guide focuses on three things: how to manage privacy, interactions, and time on Instagram. A Parent’s Guide is in line with other tools designed to keep the Instagram community supportive and safe. Other tools include comment controls and the ability to report unwanted interactions. The app also includes what Levine calls a “suite of features” to help manage time.

For the discussion guide, Instagram collaborated with Ana Homayoun—an education and social media expert.

Companies using Instagram Stories to experiment with ads

Advertisers have been jumping on Instagram Stories’ 400 million daily active users. But not before they use it to experiment. Even large brands like Budweiser, Cisco, and Smirnoff are testing ads on Instagram Stories. They create organic posts and place small bets on sponsored ads for posts that perform.

Benefit Cosmetics noticed tutorials performing better organically on Instagram Stories. For its February Bad Gal Bang mascara launch, it ran tutorial-style sponsored ads promoting the product. According to Benefit Director of Digital Marketing Laurin Hicks, the strategy allows them to get an early read on what resonates with their audience before investing.

Cisco, for its part, has used the strategy to attract talent. They found that employee-generated content showing what it’s like to work at the company have a completion rate of up to 80 percent. Even Budweiser, which had its biggest ad campaign during the World Cup, is doing the same. As noted by their Global Head of Media Strategy, Hugh Cullman, within a matter of minutes, they were able to tell which content was performing.

According to, ad budget devoted to IG Stories jumped from a little over 1% to 17 % between May 2017 and 2018.

Scheduling Story Posts with Sked Social

Want to tap into the huge popularity of IG Stories and convert more of your followers into customers without having to publish your image and video Story posts manually? Sked Social has you covered. You can use our app to schedule them just like you would for your regular Instagram feed.

If you haven’t set up Story scheduling for your Sked Social account yet and would like to try it, log in and click on Billings/Profile settings in the sidebar menu (see below).


Then, select your account.


Now you’re all set to schedule your first Story post. All you have to do is upload an image or video from your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive/Photos, an Instagram URL or create one using Canva, and turn on the Story switch (see green arrow below).


If you have an Instagram business account that lets you add links to your Stories, add the URL of the webpage you want to link to in the Add IG Story link box (blue arrow above). It’s a great way to send potential customers to your promotions.

Once you’ve added your link, queue or schedule your post, scroll up, click Submit (see below) and Sked Social will publish it for you. Done.


In other cool Instagram-related news…

Instagram community encourages… break from Instagram?

instagram news #bookstagram

Image Source: Strand Bookstore

Like almost everything else today, there’s a community of book enthusiasts on Instagram. And they can be quite diverse in their social media approaches. Some of them simply post a photo of the title they’re currently reading. Others create elaborate art using books.

But while pro “bookstagrammers” like James Trevino and Elizabeth Sagan may take hours working on a single post, their intentions go far beyond collecting double taps. Like a lot of the #bookstagram community members, they look to spark discussions on authors, plot lines, and books, in general. The growing community has given publishing houses no choice but to step up their Instagram game.

As noted by Mashable, book fans of Instagram are using social media to inspire people to take a break from it; especially with the rise of social media influencers feeling ‘burnt out’.

13 architectural Instagram accounts to follow

instagram news

Image Source: ihavethisthingwithfacades

For over a decade, Instagram has become the go-to visual platform for a lot of industries. Fashion, fitness, beauty have inundated the platform with visually appealing posts. The same is happening with architecture.

Arch Daily has listed 13 Instagram accounts showcasing the diversity of facades around the world. The accounts feature a stunning collection of architectural typologies and styles. It’s a great window into how culture inspires architecture.

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The Gram Awards

instagram news the gram awards

Image Source: Maria Constantina Seri

The inaugural Photobox Instagram Photography Awards (PIPAs) will be recognizing the best Instagram photos in the world. The awards ceremony has 10 categories. These include travel, fashion, festivals, animals, sports and fitness, landscape, nature, culture, family, and love. PIPA will be judging the winners from a collection of over 180,000 entries.

Lonely Planet reports that winners will be announced on October 3 in London. The overall ‘Instagram Photograph of the Year’ will receive $6,514, while $651 will be awarded to each of the 10 category winners.   

Trust lost in influencer marketing

instagram news paid advertising disclosure instagram

Influencer marketing has become an integral part of any brand’s strategies. But the rise of influencer marketing’s value also gave a rise to renewed FTC guidelines: pushing for full disclosure of any online advertisement.

This development makes only 17% of influencer audience valuable. Because while it helps the audience know whether a post is paid or not, it also makes the posts look ‘inauthentic’. And as more and more sponsored posts invade feeds via influencers, people have been tuning out their messages.

Learn more about the deep dark and unprofitable world of influencer marketing on Sked Social’s blog.

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Instagram tips

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Tune in again next week to this space for the latest developments and updates in the world of Instagram.


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