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Instagram News Roundup: Invisible Hashtags, Leadership Clashes, and Google Stories

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This week, Instagram announced some major changes, not just on its app and features, but also on the people behind the successful social media platform. Here’s all the latest news, features, and updates in the world of Instagram:

Instagram co-founders step down

Instagram News- Mike Statement

Image source: Mike Krieger

On September 24, Instagram co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom released a statement saying that he will be leaving the company, along with co-founder and CTO Mike Krieger.

“We’re planning on taking some time off to explore our curiosity and creativity again”, Systrom explained. “Building new things requires that we step back, understand what inspires us and match that with what the world needs; that’s what we plan to do.”

But TechCrunch tells a different story. Citing their sources, TechCrunch reported tension had mounted this year between Instagram and Facebook’s leadership. The former was promised autonomy as part of the acquisition deal. That, however, had reportedly been dwindling ever since.

Earlier this year, Instagram’s director of public policy Nicole Jackson Colaco also left the company.

Instagram denies reposting feature in the works

Previously, The Verge reported that Instagram is looking to introduce a native reposting feature that allows users to share posts from other accounts to their own feeds. However, an Instagram spokesperson quickly debunked that. He has since told Mashable that it is not a feature the company is currently building or testing.

Earlier in the year, Instagram co-Founder Mike Krieger told Bloomberg that such a feature might not go down well with users. Instagram has served as a digital portfolio for millions of users. Reposting other’s content would be a step away from that.

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Hashtag #Invisible

instagram news - invisible hashtagsImage source: Twitter

Hashtags have long been used to get more post views and followers. But users who use far too many of them have also long annoyed other users. The Verge reports a feature may soon come out that allows users to hide hashtags.

A tweet by Jane Wong shows the feature that allows users to hide an unlimited number of hashtags in the final post. This post has four hashtags. None of them appear in the feed. As noted by the report, the ability to hide hashtags could be helpful for those looking to boost their follower count without being too obvious.

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Location-specific content

Instagram News - geofencing

Image source: Twitter

App researcher Jane Wong tweeted of another feature in the works for Instagram. The upcoming geofencing feature allows users to post content to selected countries. Currently, stories and posts are universally available.

As noted by The Next Web, the coming feature will allow brand and creators to make location specific content – perfect for a new kind of targeting. However, this has no specific launch date yet so we’re not sure when you can utilize this new feature. One thing is clear, though: this is a solid proof that Instagram is on its way to utilizing user locations.

IGTV episodes gaining popularity

While everyone’s still wondering what IGTV will become, one type of content is gaining steam. During a recent Instagram-hosted event in LA, executives said episodic content is becoming popular on IGTV. Digiday points out that episodic series gives viewers a reason to return, and also helps attract and retain new viewers.

YouTube comedian Lilly Singh’s Spice News series has averaged over 434,000 views with the 10 episodes she has produced. A one-star product review series called One Star with Anwar has averaged 142,000 views with its seven episodes.

Speaking of IGTV…

While no one’s sure what IGTV will become, one thing’s for sure—it will eventually be monetized. Instagram just isn’t ready to tell the world how just yet. IGTV Head of Product Ashley Yuki said as much when she spoke with Variety. She said that while money-making and revenue-sharing features are important for them, the current focus is on connecting users to creators and content they like.

Popular creators like Anwar Jibawi, though, are in no rush. He said that while making money on IGTV is important, he’s still at a stage where he’s having fun with the platform and growing.

In other news…

Google Seeks Out Their Own Stories

Instagram News - google stories

Image source: Google

It’s a hot format and Google is getting in on the action. Google recently announced that it will start using A.I. to create its own stories that will appear in Google search and image results. They’ve started with notable personalities, showing facts and other information in a stories format.

According to Google, the format allows users to easily tap into articles for more information and provides a new way to discover content from the web. The development follows Instagram Stories’ incredible rise. The relatively new format now has over 400 million daily active users.

College Reunions on Instagram

CNBC recently reported that Instagram is testing a feature that lets college students join special groups designated just for their schools. The opt-in feature allows users who go to the same school to view each other’s stories and send DMs. There is a confirmation process is involved to verify whether a student goes to a certain school.

As pointed out by Quartz, this appears to be a move by Facebook to win back the young demographic. Since 2015, the percentage of US teens using Facebook has dropped from 70 to 50 percent. As you may recall, Facebook was originally limited to universities.

Gucci’s Instagram Beauty Museum

Instagram News - Gucci Beauty

Image source: Gucci

Gucci recently created @guccibeauty – an account that serves as an exhibit on the history of beauty. Its collection of museum-grade images communicate how the ideals of beauty have evolved across time and different cultures. As noted by Quartz, it features works of art spanning AD 90 to 2018.

The account is curated by Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele. Five art writers give detailed backgrounds of the works. @guccibeauty already has 64.5K followers, as of this writing.

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