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Social Media News: Instagram Quiz Sticker, Action Against Fake Follower Services and More

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From glimpses of a new Instagram Quiz Sticker and Safer Internet Day. To Snapchat’s success making a comeback and Influencer Marketing debacles.

Here’s a roundup of the latest in social media news for you:

Instagram Quiz Sticker Sneak Peek

Instagram was caught experimenting with Quiz Stickers. As reported on Jane Manchun Wong’s Twitter account, we saw a sneak peek for what the tool will look like.

Instagram Quiz Feature in Social Media News - Sked Social

Image Source: Jane Manchun Wong

The quiz feature appears to differ from the active Poll feature on Instagram. More specifically, people who submit answers can also see which option is correct.

The Instagram Quiz Sticker could be a powerful tool for agencies and businesses. Possible uses for the Instagram Quiz feature include:

  • Testing your audience’s knowledge
  • Challenging your audience’s knowledge in way of acquiring leads (i.e. an SEO Agency could quiz their audience about where to place keywords in an article. For those who answered incorrectly, the Agency could reach out to the user and offer a free Strategy Session)
  • Reiterating key dates. For example, a hospitality business could quiz their audience about upcoming event dates or specifics around ‘specials’ to reinforce the information to their audience

Safety Advice from Instagram and Twitter on Safer Internet Day

Tuesday, February 5th marked this year’s Safer Internet Day. And in good form, many platforms took to their news centres to share their efforts.

Instagram’s newsroom outlined key ways to make your (and your client’s) Instagram accounts safer. As part of this year’s theme, “together for a better internet,” here’s a gentle reminder for account safety.

  • Report content that’s not appropriate for Instagram (including Stories, Lives and IGTV)
  • Block abusive accounts (and restrict post sharing to certain accounts) if bullying is a threat
  • Archive content you no longer want on your (or your client’s profiles)
  • Protect Instagram accounts from hackers by using a strong password
  • Activate two-factor authentication and check out Instagram’s wellbeing area if you have any concerns

Twitter’s blog also reported the success of their new signal options. This has lead to fewer abuse reports. Similarly, new policies have addressed fake accounts and lower hacker levels.

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Instagram is Hiding Viewer Lists After 24 Hours and Users aren’t Impressed

Social Media Guru, Matt Navarra took to Twitter to announce his recent findings on Instagram Stories.

Instagram Viewer Lists Hidden - Social Media News

As a key metric to use when measuring Instagram Story engagement, viewers lists are important. Without them, it will also be tricky to see who’s coming back to your content for more.

Twitter users remarked that this was not at all okay. And flooding comments resonated with the same remarks.

While this new update hasn’t rolled out across all accounts yet, we recommend keeping an eye on your Story analytics while they last.

Ralph Lauren’s Influencer Campaign Resulting in a 1.6 Million Instagram Follower Increase

This week Kitco reported on Ralph Lauren’s interesting influencer campaigns that increased the account’s followers by 1.6 million in the last 3 months.

The mega-brand teamed with key influencers such as Taylor Hill of Victoria’s Secret. As well as the wedding of “Quantico” celebrity Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas.

Ralph Lauren’s Chief Executive Officer Patrice Louvet reported that such campaigns resulted in more sales of Ralph Lauren coats, shirts and accessories.

Influencer Marketing certainly isn’t dead – but choosing your figures, timing and content wisely is a must.

Ralph Lauren Influencer Campaign Sked Social - Social Media News

While your brand may not have access to high profile celebrities, are you making use of ones within your grasp?

Hulu Partners With World Record Egg Instagram Account

In other news, the World Record Egg has made headlines yet again. PR Week announced that Hulu had acquired the first branded spot with the Instagram profile for an undisclosed figure. Despite rumours, Jerry Media (the marketing agency behind the blunderous Fyre Festival) was working to purchase the account for Need to Impeach.

Cashing in on the account’s huge 10 million fan audience, Hulu shared a teaser on the channel.

Hulu Buys World Record Egg - Social Media News - Sked SocialIt was later revealed that Hulu was promoting their new live sports subscription. Cleverly launched just before The Super Bowl, it’s evident that the brand understands the power of social media today.

A second post launched a mental health campaign directing viewers to the Talking Egg website. Through an animated video, the egg spread news about social media pressure. And directed anyone having any issues to seek out help from one of the many mental health links on the website.

World Record Egg Mental Health Social Media News - Sked Social1

Sure, it’s a positive message. But since the account first launched to tip Kylie Jenner off her 18 million like perch, it does seem a little contradictory.

Fake Followers are Now Against The Law in New York

U.S company, Devumi had been under investigation following a controversial New York Times article. And on Wednesday New York Attorney General Letitia James announced that they had settled on an agreement.

As reported by Mashable, this makes selling fake likes and followers against the law.

New York Bans Bots - Social Media News - Sked Social

This is a huge move by the government and acts as a new type of restriction on dodgy accounts. This stance will work to pave the way for other regions banning bots. Let’s see who follows suit next.

NHS’s Call to Stop Celebrity Weight Loss Supplement Advertisements

Influencer Marketing lands in hot water again. The Guardian reports that “The Royal Society for Public Health accused celebrities and social media platforms of putting profits before consumers’ health.”

This follows a slew of celebrity endorsements. The likes of Kim Kardashian, Katie Price and Geordie Shore star, Vicky Pattison have all recently promoted weight loss supplements such as Boombod and Bootea.

Professor Steve Powis of NHS England said: “highly influential celebrities are letting down the very people who look up to them by peddling products which are at best ineffective and at worst harmful.”

As controversies continue to rise around the topic of Influencer Marketing, it’s important that businesses using such forms of advertising keep an eye on any new regulations in their industry.

Snapchat’s Latest Report Indicates Snap Lenses are on the Rise

Snapchat’s Q4 Report came with mixed results. While the platform’s users didn’t increase – they didn’t decrease either. 70% of Snapchat users “played with or views Lenses every day.” Snapchat reported. New Year’s Eve saw a whopping 700 million users play with or view Lenses. “This is up nearly 40% year-over-year.”

A note to those with a younger demographic of ideal customers. Branded Snapchat Lenses could be exactly where you need to be.

Most impressively, as reported by TechCrunch, is the comeback of Snapchat’s success.

“The highlight of the earnings report was that Snap has managed a 68 per cent year-over-year improvement in its adjusted EBITDA losses, which came in at $50 million (though the net loss was still $158 million). With 43 per cent full-year revenue growth in 2018, “This limited our Q4 losses to just 13 per cent of our revenue, compared to just one year ago when our Q4 losses totalled more than 50 per cent of revenue” CEO Evan Spiegel wrote in his opening remarks.”

Snapchat Q4 Report - Social Media News - Sked Social

What’s New at Sked Social

This week we brought you our honest opinions on the Fyre Festival debacle. It seems quite fitting that during a week wrought with Influencer outrage, this article hit your screens.

Everything from what went wrong to what we can learn from the #epicfail is in there.

We also shared insights into the power of brand storytelling on social media. By highlighting ten brands killing it on socials, the piece brings you new and exciting inspiration for future campaigns in your field.

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