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Social Media News: Instagram Shop, A New Chat Sticker, Instagram Post Reviews and Sunflower Tourism

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Group chats from Instagram Stories? Yep, that’s what’s on the horizon with Instagram’s new Chat Sticker, leaked this week. Instagram’s cracking down on fake news and Influencer partnerships in Asia are on the rise. Plus we now have Instagram’s very own Shop account. Here’s the latest in social media news:

Instagram Launches New Shop Account To Showcase Brands

Instagram Shop

Ahead of Instagram’s Checkout feature (rolling out to the world soon!), Instagram has added a new @shop account to hero “small businesses and the creators behind them,” as announced in a Huffington Post article.

For small businesses and brands, having the chance to be featured is big news. After all, just 24 hours after the account’s launch, it’s racked up over 14,000 followers.

While you can’t buy a post on the account, here are a few things you need to know:

  • The account is targeted to women aged between 20 and 30
  • Content curation is managed by Belz Ray (with a background working with brands like Vogue, GQ, and W)
  • Quotes from brand founders are included in each post
  • Imagery largely has a block background and features bright colours
  • Fashion, beauty and home decor brands are predicted to be just some of the industries who’ll feature

Instagram’s New Chat Sticker is Coming Soon

Jane Manchun Wong is at it again – reverse-engineering the Instagram app to share the latest backend updates.

Instagram’s new Chat Sticker will mean that everyone who views your Story can join a group chat.

This will be a powerful tool for accounts to:

  • Build more interactive communities
  • Connect with varied accounts by engaging in other account’s group chats
  • Start dialogues about topics that are important to your brand

Instagram Chat Sticker - Instagram News - Sked Social

For marketers, thinking of creative ways to use Instagram’s new Chat Sticker will be crucial. And if you’re prepared for the launch? You’re one step ahead.

Here are some ideas:

  • Use Instagram’s new Chat Sticker to start a discussion about a controversial topic
  • Join complimentary account group chats to discover new potential followers
  • Engage with stories on a group chat basis to have a larger influence across other accounts

People Can Now Book Appointments With You Straight from Instagram and Facebook

While we’ve been able to book appointments on Facebook and Instagram for some time, it’s only been in this last week that direct appointments can be made within Instagram and Facebook.

Social Media News - Facebook Booking - Sked Social Social Media News - Facebook Booking - Sked Social

This is powerful news for service-based brands who want to make the most of their business profiles.

Here’s how to set yours up:

  1. In the Facebook Business Manager, click the call to action button on your profile (on the top right corner of your profile’s page)
  2. Follow the prompts and select your available times
  3. Integrate Google Calendar to sync appointments to
  4. And hey presto, you’re all set up!

Facebook Fact Checkers to Review Instagram Posts

To combat the uprise of fake news on social media, Instagram is the latest platform to take action and reduce the reach of inaccurate posts.

Just like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, Instagram is seeing a high volume of “fake news, conspiracy theories, and misinformation.” Engadget reports that Facebook’s fact checkers will be intercepting posts (like anti-vaccine content) in an attempt to curb the spread of misinformation.

Are you sharing facts on Instagram? Now more than ever it will be important to reference the source for controversial and figure-based claims.

Here are a few pointers:

  • Reference direct articles and share your source in published feed posts
  • Share articles in Stories if you have the swipe up feature to back up claims
  • Tag the Instagram account (where applicable) you’ve acquired facts and figures from in Stories and posts

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You’ll Soon Be Able to Appeal Post Takedowns on Instagram

We’ve always been able to ‘report’ posts as ‘inappropriate’ or ‘spam.’ But now Instagram is taking their filtering one step further.

From within the app, users will now also be able to “request a review of content that was taken down”, as shared in an Engadget article.

This means that if your or your clients’ content has wrongly been removed, you can:

  1. Send an appeal – this will go to a different reviewer to the one who took down the post
  2. Have a decision made by Instagram
  3. And if your post was wrongly removed, Instagram will restore the post

By combining human reviewers and AI, Instagram continues the mission of keeping the app safe and fair for all users.

Sponsored Influencer Posts on Instagram Sky Rocket by 150% in Asia

Across the globe, businesses and brands use Instagram in unique ways.  And if your ideal audience and customers reside in Asia, you’ll know that Influencers are not as common as say, Australia.

But it appears that this is changing. In a new report by Socialbakers, shared by Digital Market Asia, Influencer promotions are on the rise. No difference was found with interactions on sponsored, vs non-sponsored posts which is good news for marketers. This means that Asian audiences are receiving new partnerships with open arms.

Are you using Influencer marketing in Asia?

Ahead of Influencers being able to link shoppable posts, there’s no time like now to ensure you’re connecting with Influencers to promote products and services right around the globe.

Instagram-Famous Sunflowers Reach Fans on a Global Scale

Michele Stephen’s sunflower farm calls the humble town of Cudgen on Australia’s New South Wales Border home.

But not many people would know that if it weren’t for Instagram.

As reported on by ABC News, Michele said it took a single photo taken by her son to make her farm a social media sensation.

Tourists have since visited from Japan, China, Brazil, and Singapore.

Farm and co - Instagram tourism - Sked Social

Michele puts a lot of her business’ success down to ‘sunflower tourism,’ where she uses Instagram to connect with and grow awareness around her property.

  • Are you showcasing your brand or business with awe-inspiring visual?
  • Have you explored connecting with potential followers in different locations?

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