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14 Apps for Creating the Best Instagram Story Templates and Backgrounds

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Some Instagram Stories just have that wow factor, don’t they? You know the ones. They’re perfectly laid out, with cool text placement and stunning imagery. “How do they do it?!” Chances are, they’ve used an Instagram Story Template. With 500 million daily

Some Instagram Stories just have that wow factor, don’t they?

You know the ones. They’re perfectly laid out, with cool text placement and stunning imagery.

“How do they do it?!”

Chances are, they’ve used an Instagram Story Template.

With 500 million daily active users on Instagram Stories, we can see exactly why making an impression with Stories counts.

And for brands, it’s particularly important to extend the brand message, experience and look across different platforms.

Yep, this includes Stories.

Question: Are you helping your clients to stand out on the Story front?

Here we bring you the best apps for creating beautiful Story templates to turn heads and home hearts.

What are Instagram Story Template Apps?

Instagram Story template apps are like guac to tacos. AKA they make things better.

Essentially, Instagram Story templates are premade layouts featuring graphics, colours and sometimes animations.

Brands often use Instagram Story templates to create a consistent aesthetic on their Stories. By doing this, the brand experience is extended to the Story reel. And subtle (aesthetically pleasing) inclusions of branded fonts, colours and logos all help to build familiarity and trust with a brand.

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Who is Using Story Template Apps Well?

To inspire your own or your client’s Instagram Stories, here are three accounts that are using branded Instagram Story templates in all the right ways.

Collage Backgrounds from SHOWPO

Australian fashion brand, SHOWPO, has an extremely strong social media presence. On Instagram in particular, they’re a brand who truly goes the extra mile.

Their Instagram Stories template of choice? Using a collaged background and branded colour swipes.

SHOWPO is the perfect example of an account who makes using Instagram story templates look simple. That’s mainly because it is!

To replicate this style, simply use a branded background image. In this case, SHOWPO have opted for a collage. You could create one similar in an app like Canva (more on this soon).  

This is an effective way to include branded elements in Stories without having to customise elements each and every time you post.

Branded Colours and Fonts from The Wing

International co-working hub, The Wing delivers the goods. Teaming their harmonious colour palette with on-brand, informative Instagram Stories makes us feel all cuddly inside.

The Wing uses their logo, brand fonts and colours throughout their Stories. This makes their content’s aesthetic consistent, unique and interesting to look at.

The brand goes as far as to tag featured accounts in a branded colour, too. While the account tag appears to be uploaded directly on Instagram, the remaining elements of these templates seem pre-planned.

This would make it easier than ever for The Wing to switch in and out images and names, on Story 2 for example.

Swipe Ups and Numbered Steps with Smack Bang Designs

Design Agency, Smack Bang Designs ticks many boxes on Instagram. But their Instagram Story templates are next-level good.

The simple inclusion of numbered steps helps encourage Story viewers to watch on. The account’s close attention to detail is also shown by typing ‘swipe up to learn more’ directly on their Instagram Story templates.

Team this with brand colour backgrounds and branded fonts. Ladies and gentlemen, we have an expert in the Story Templates game.

Best Instagram Story Template Apps

So you’ve drooled all over these epic accounts making the most of Instagram Story Templates. Now you’re hungry for more and ready to create your own.

Here we’ve put together a selection of easy-to-use apps for creating your own Instagram Story Templates.

1. Kapwing

If you’re on the hunt for done-for-you Instagram Story templates, look no further than Kapwing. Choose from basic frames and colours, add text and even create your own collages! You can upload images and videos too.

Cost: Pay $6 per month to remove the Kapwing logo from your videos (though it’s pretty cute).

2. Canva

Don’t consider yourself a graphics wizard? Then Canva could be the Instagram Stories template maker for you. Simply plug and play images and texts using pre-made layouts. You can even turn Story templates into GIFs. Free accounts have a lot of functionality, like free stock images, fonts to choose from and a whole bunch of super creative layouts. Now Canva even has a free app dedicated just to making Stories. 

Cost: You’ll need to upgrade to Canva Pro for $12.95 per month, to upload brand fonts and colours.

3. Easil

Boasting a wide selection of layouts, Easil’s Instagram Story templates are pretty impressive. The thing we love most about Easil is that they offer multiple page Story templates. So you can customise each to match your client’s branding and have a series of templates to use over and over.

Cost: While the platform is free to use, their $9 plan does add extra functionality. This includes things like customised colour palettes and team member invitations.

4. Sked Social

Not only does Sked Social allow you to work with a team on social media scheduling and schedule Instagram posts, but you can also create your own template during the upload phase. Here you can customise colours, text, frames, filters, and add stickers.

Cost: Try it for yourself today with a 7-day free trial.

5. Storeo

Storeo allows you to upload images from your phone, capture video from within the app and convert imagery into snippets to upload to Instagram. This app is perfect when creating templates for story-length optimised videos.

Cost: Free!

6. Unfold

Ever since Unfold hit the market, it’s been a favourite for many. As far as Instagram Story templates go, it does everything you’d want it to do. Clean layouts, customisable fonts, and it’s perfect for minimalistic brands. A self-proclaimed ‘toolkit for storytellers,’ Unfold is highly tailored to the user. Easy drop photo and video options, templates with multiple drop points and text placement suggestions. They even have special release templates for big events, like Pride Month.

Cost: The free account has everything you need, but if you’d like to purchase custom templates, they start from $1.49

7. Over

Are you the type of person who likes their Instagram Story template selection to be varied and intricate? Then you’ll love Over. Categorising their templates into sections (think video and quote), Over is the perfect app for text graphics, promo pictures and more. Over even stocks a wide variety of animations to add to your stories. A useful extra for breathing life into Stories.

Cost: Free. To unlock a million+ images, fonts and templates, monthly fees are $21.99

8. Hype Type

When we find an app that not only makes creating social media posts easier but also does things a little differently, we get a bit excited. With Hype Type, you’re able to animate text and add music. From a template perspective, having a signature soundtrack for your Stories sounds pretty cool.

Cost: to remove the Hype Tap logo from Stories, pay just $28.49 per year!

9. Mojo

More interested in creating video templates for your client’s Stories than images? Then Mojo has you covered. Customise animated templates by adding your own videos and photos, then simply choose from their (super trendy) text options.

Cost: Free to use, plans start from just $9.99 per month.

10. Adobe Spark

Are you skilled in the tech department? Then no doubt you’re familiar with the Adobe Suite. The Adobe Spark app is particularly easy to use. This makes creating Instagram Story templates a breeze. Best of all it’s free to use and offers millions of free photos, fonts and filters to create beautiful branded Story graphics.

Cost: Free, with extra features for individuals and teams starting at $14.29 per month.

11. Storyluxe

If you’re a sucker for polaroid and aged photo looks, Storyluxe has you covered. Trendy neon graphics and edgy line art are also a part of the features within the Story Template app. Choose from a variety of backgrounds, hues and textures to match with any brand’s look.

Cost: Free, with premium subscriptions just $2.99 per month

12. Magisto

The beauty of Magisto’s smart video editor is that you can easily share content straight from the app. By creating your own branded Instagram Story template, or using one of their many, you’ll be able to create a clean, fresh look – and even add music to the background!

Cost: Free, monthly subscriptions start at $4.99

13. Jumprope

Perfect for how-to content, Jumprope allows you to create each step of your tutorial in just a few clicks. You’re also able to add links to your shoppable products and use extra features like time-lapse, filters and voiceovers.

Cost: Free

14. Creative Market

Useful for templates of all kinds, Creative Market is home to loads of Instagram Story templates. Sure, you have to pay for them. But there’s far less chance of others using the same templates and you can fully customise them on platforms like Canva and Photoshop.

Source: Creative Market

Cost: From $2

Scheduling Stories with Sked Social

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  2. Upload your media
  3. Make any edits
  4. Schedule

It really is that easy! You can upload media from Google Drive, Dropbox or directly from your computer or tablet. Upload individually or in bulk, edit your Story chain and order and we’ll auto-publish for you on your selected day and time.

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Over to You

Which Instagram Story Template app will you be using? With so many useful options on the market, there really is an Instagram Story Template for everyone.

Here are some questions to ask yourself while you make your decision:

  • Do I want to be able to invite multiple team members into the tool?
  • Will I need branded colour and font capabilities?
  • Would I like to use free templates or pay for more exclusive versions?
  • If paid, how will this be factored into my client’s budget?

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