January 2014: the summary

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So we officially launched Schedugram about 3.5 weeks ago, and it’s certainly been a rollercoaster of ‘fun’.

We’ve had a couple of issues around post scheduling – mostly due to dastardly timezones. But they should be all resolved now. We’ve actually had developers working around the clock (literally – global team working 24×7) to incorporate the new features users have been suggesting, and iron out the bugs and things that didn’t come up during our beta period.

If you do see anything that looks like a bug or issue, please be sure to let us know. We manually review every single post that goes up and check that it is all fine, but in the event something slips through the cracks we’d prefer to know about it and fix it than have you frustrated.

Today we even had everything come to a grinding halt when a news article went out and the traffic crashed the site. Something we had planned for, but obviously not well enough! We’ve got some new methods in place to handle those traffic spikes in the future. We were only down for 2 hours though which isn’t terrible, although in the future it shouldn’t be more than 5 minutes while we spin up some new servers.

No doubt many of you have been a bit confused as you log in and the user interface has changed slightly. Sorry about the that, but we’re now sitting on v2.0 so you shouldn’t see much change other than the occasional sentence or checkbox changing from now on (the last thing we have left is non-English language compatibility which won’t affect most users). New features will be rolled out progressively through our staging/beta process rather than being pushed straight into production to smooth the changes a bit.

So hopefully we’ll soon be able to let the development team have a rest for a (little) while and focus on maintaining our uptime, and then get working on v3.0 which will incorporate the Instagram news feed/searches and analytics. Expected delivery of that to our production servers isn’t until March, but let us know if you want to be part of the beta.

Thanks for sticking with us – I know some users have had some frustrating moments. Sadly as a young startup, no matter how much testing you do, there’s always more bugs or issues you never expected. We have our thinking caps on for something we can do to thank you guys…

Photo of Hugh StephensHugh Stephens

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