Social Media News: Instagram Launches Join Chat Sticker, Instagram Explore Ads are Announced and More

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In social media news this week, we saw everything from new Ad placements and cryptocurrency revelations. Right through to updated terms and Story Template guides. Read more about this and other weekly news.

Chances are, you’ve heard the news about Instagram’s new Join Chat Sticker. But do you know the best ways to use it for your clients and customers?

In social media news this week, we saw everything from new Ad placements and cryptocurrency revelations. Right through to updated terms and Story Template guides. Here’s the latest in social media news:

Instagram launches its Join Chat Sticker

When we caught wind back in May that Instagram would be launching a Join Chat Sticker, we were pretty excited, to say the least.

And now that it’s here, it’s important that you know how to use it to elevate your client’s brands.

Instagram join chat sticker - Sked Social

Essentially the Join Chat Sticker allows users to automatically place their engaged audience in a group chat. All a follower needs to do is click the ‘Join Chat’ Sticker in a Story and they’ll be added to the group.

As the original poster, you’ll be able to approve requests as they come in.

Some ideas brands can use the Join Chat Sticker for are:

  • To group together Instagrammers for a waitlist
  • Arranging group event attendees
  • Registering people for a pre-launch list
  • As market research for launching a new course, product or service

It’s safe to say that everyone’s pretty excited by the new Join Chat Sticker. How will you be using it to complement your client’s communities?

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Instagram Explore Ads are coming our way

Ever wished you could place client ads on the Explore page, as well as in the feed and Stories? The Explore page is a hub frequented to discover new content and accounts based on previous interests. So targeting new potential clients, customers and followers through the Explore page is very much a match made in heaven.

The benefits of Explore page advertisements include:

  • A higher awareness from the audience that they weren’t following your (or your client’s) account prior to seeing your ad. This offers a more inviting space for introductions, rather than feeling a little more forced in the feed
  • The audience’s frame of mind is in discovery mode, so interacting with new brands they haven’t seen before will come more naturally
  • Getting on the Explore page has been difficult in the past, with many hoops to jump through. Now brands will be able to pay to be seen there

The Verge reported that ads won’t appear in the Explore grid itself, but once a user clicks on an Explore post, they’ll appear within the scrollable feed. Stay tuned for this new feature’s release.

Facebook’s Cryptocurrency – on hold?

Following last week’s outrage surrounding Facebook’s cryptocurrency announcement, government officials have requested that Facebook stop with the developments of the new payment service. Why? Because of the ‘possible risks, it poses to the global financial system,’ reports The Verge.

But this doesn’t appear to have slowed Facebook, with a Facebook Spokesperson telling The Verge:

“We look forward to working with lawmakers as this process moves forward, including answering their questions at the upcoming House Financial Services Committee hearing.”

– Facebook Spokesperson, via The Verge

While many marketers were getting excited about this advancement, with so much disapproval from those high up, we’ll need to wait and see how useful the tool is for brands. If it launches at all.

Facebook updates Terms to be more transparent with its users

This week Adweek reported that Facebook had updated four area of their Terms of Service. These updates were particularly focussed on clarifying:

  • How the company makes money
  • Content removals
  • The intellectual property rights of users
  • What happens when people delete content they share

These updated Terms will be implemented as of July 31. Are you client’s content abiding by Facebook’s in-depth Terms? Take a moment to double check and use this as a point of reference if clients ever request you share content that just doesn’t sit right with you. 

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