Making Meaningful Connections: How Keep It Sacred Sister Brings Healing to Survivors

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Nonprofit KISS uses Sked Social to help provide support to their social community and bring healing to survivors.

Keep It Sacred Sister (KISS) is a non-profit dedicated to bringing healing to survivors of sexual abuse by connecting them to care and community.

One in five women is a survivor of sexual assault and KISS’s mission is to provide support, increase reporting, decrease sexual violence, disrupt rape culture, and bring healing and connection to survivors.

KISS has three main initiatives:

  • KISS Campus rating system ranks colleges according to safety so students can make informed choices for their future.
  • KISS Mobile App connects survivors to resources and personalizes the way she gets help.
  • KISS Care provides care kits to survivors recovering at hospitals, clinics, rescue centers, and restoration homes.
Founder & Executive Director, Delfina Ure stresses the importance of using social media to advance their efforts.

“KISS uses Instagram and Facebook to spread our message of healing and resilience to survivors of sexual abuse. We aim to inspire and encourage our sisters to heal by creating uplifting content and sharing daily.”

They’ve also launched an online store where every purchase supports survivors of sexual abuse and sex trafficking.

Sked Social has helped ease the stress of social media management so the KISS team can get back to what’s important: helping women. We caught up with Ure to see how they do it.

Source: Keep It Sacred Sister

Making Meaningful Connections

KISS’s main goal is to build a community of survivors to let people know they are not alone. They utilize Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest to expand their community.

Source: Keep It Sacred Sister Instagram

“The challenge with managing several social media accounts is to consistently engage with our audience and curate a common thread of conversation across multiple channels. Different platforms invite different kinds of user interaction, but Sked allows us to optimize post-time to reach the most survivors and engage with our sisterhood in a way that brings the most authenticity, presence, and healing.”

Before Sked, KISS used an instagram planning app but did not schedule posts with as much strategy or intention because the app was limited in its functions. Sked allows KISS to plan long term, see the layout of their Instagram grid, tag products and people, write their first comment, as well as post easily across multiple channels.

Less time planning, more time connecting and healing.

Working Together

Non-profits are all about working together towards a collective goal.

“KISS is a small non-profit that is just getting off the ground. As the CEO and founder, and an artist entrepreneur, I do most of the planning, designing, editing, vision casting and engagement myself. I work closely with my board of directors to create a common goal seasonally so that we support survivors in a way that is sustainable, on brand, and consistent, always delivering our message of healing and hope.”

Sked’s collaboration tools help KISS with their approval processes, provide space for internal and external comments, and streamline their workflows. Social media for non-profits requires this level of collaboration, input and creativity.

KISS can also use Sked Library as a place to store, organize and share their digital assets, making collaboration even easier. One member of the team can upload assets to the Library, another can plan and schedule posts, others can comment and make suggestions and then they can send a link to their external stakeholders who can then approve or make changes.

Everyone working together seamlessly.

Tracking what’s important

With Sked’s advanced Instagram and Facebook analytics, KISS can continue to monitor and build their social following and adapt their strategy.

“Our most important metric right now is our following. We aim to bring as many survivors to our social media account as we can so we can begin to form a sisterhood of survivors who are focused on healing, rather than trauma or anger which is common in our field of social activism.”

Building a social community is all about reaching your target audience and engaging in a way that benefits them. Sked Insights can help KISS figure out the best time to post and see what types of content are helping them reach their goal.

Making a positive impact

“My advice to other brands in my industry trying to grow a social media presence is to create beautiful art, with beautiful messaging so that we are all contributing life-giving content to the internet. Impact matters more than ever in today’s world. Plan your posts, give intention to your mission, and add value to your customers beyond serving your own financial goals or interests. Impact matters more than ever in today’s world.”

Source: Keep It Sacred Sister

You can keep up with KISS’s mission on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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