(More) Facebook and Instagram API Changes: What Do They Mean for Sked?

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Another day, more changes to the Facebook and Instagram API!

[Too long; didn’t read? It’s business as usual for Sked, we aren’t affected by these changes. For a broader explanation, read on!]

(More) Facebook and Instagram API Changes: What do they mean for Sked?

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As part of the Cambridge Analytica situation, Facebook has been reviewing the access to data and permissions for third parties. On 5 April, they announced that they were making some changes immediately to both the Facebook and Instagram APIs. Some of these changes were previously announced but scheduled to be changed later on (and the timeline moved up), while others were previously unannounced.

These changes mostly limit access to information about the friends or followers of a particular account, as well as access to certain pieces of data about that account (such as their email or phone number).

The parts of the Instagram API that were closed were part of their “old API”, which was scheduled to be removed at the end of July this year anyway. Facebook planned to migrate tools to their new “Instagram Graph API”, which provides a limited sub-set of features and is (currently) only for Instagram Business Profiles.

As a result, some Instagram tools have had their features severely limited. This is particularly the case for tools that relied heavily on this “old API” for analytics and engagement (commenting/liking etc).

Sked doesn’t use this old API, so we are luckily not impacted.

The fact that this API was scheduled for removal meant that we adjusted our roadmap (putting off building out engagement products) to compensate, as we are yet to see exactly how Facebook/Instagram will allow brands to engage with users and posts through the API in the future (currently the ability to post comments with the new Graph API is very limited).

One of our popular requests is to support a ‘basic’ analytics function to give you the basic reporting that you have asked for, while acknowledging that the best information about your audience will always be in the Instagram Insights available to you within the Instagram app (the API allows limited access to this currently). Our engineering team is working on this feature currently, so we hope to have “version 1” out for you soon.

As we announced recently alongside our acquisition of Around.io, we’re looking forward to building out some new features for you. On the top of our list currently is location tagging (our #1 product request for quite some time, which we have finally solved!) and product tagging (important for eCommerce companies). Expect to see more announcements about exciting developments soon!

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As always, if you have any other questions, drop us an email at [email protected].

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