The Most Important 2018 Instagram Updates For Your Brand’s Bottom Line

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2018 has been a particularly transformative year for Instagram. The network embraced the task of integrating monetization features —all without losing its creative and genuine character. This is an exciting and transitional time in the world of Instagram marketing, and influential businesses

2018 has been a particularly transformative year for Instagram.

The network embraced the task of integrating monetization features —all without losing its creative and genuine character.

This is an exciting and transitional time in the world of Instagram marketing, and influential businesses such as Airbnb to Burberry are all jumping onboard and leveraging Instagram’s business tools to their full potential.

In 2018, Instagram introduced a range of tools which are inspiring brand creators and marketers to diversify their campaigns.

If you haven’t been using these features already, here are the most important Instagram updates to add to your social media marketing strategy come 2019.

What You’ll Find In This Post

Instagram Shopping

With image and story product tagging, shopping on Instagram has become more intuitive, and interactive, and allows businesses to build an immersive storefront where people can explore their products.

Once you’ve linked your products to the Facebook Catalog, you can then enable product tagging in your posts and stories.

Instagram Analytics allows you to track insights on how these shopping posts are performing.

Product tags are linked to product description pages, which provide an image of your product, a caption describing it, the costs, and a link to the website where viewers can make a purchase.

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Instagram Product Tagging – Sked Social

Late in the year, Instagram introduced video product tagging, combining the conversion power of Instagram shopping with the reach of video.

Shopping Channel

Another new shopping feature came in the form of Instagram’s new Shopping Channel.

Located within the Explore page, the channel is a collection of all posts that feature shoppable products. All products on the page are selected by Instagram’s algorithm.

Virtual Wishlist

In November of 2018, Instagram introduced virtual wishlists. Users can now “save” products to their shopping collection by tapping on the bookmark, which automatically saves the item to their Shopping collection.


Profile Shopping Button

A new Shopping Button on Business Profiles now allows users to shop all of the shoppable posts of their favorite brands, giving brands even more reason to start tagging products within their posts.

Instagram Stories

With the number of daily active users reaching 400 million in June 2018, Instagram made it its mission this year to aggressively release features for the popular sub-channel. Here are the top features Instagram Stories features released this year.

Repost Instagram Stories

In the past, users didn’t have an easy way to repost other Stories, but now, when you tag any users in your Stories, they can easily reshare the post to their own Stories.

They can do so by clicking the button that appears in their DM notification. Users have the freedom to edit the Story as they would with a normal Story post.

This gives brands and businesses the ability to quickly reshare UGC or the opportunity for influencers to amplify content they’ve been featured in.

Reshare Instagram Posts to Stories

As the popularity of Stories grew, the ability for brands and businesses to share their Instagram feed posts to their stories allows their content to reach more users.


Not only can brands share their own posts to Stories in order to alert users of an update in their feed, but fans and followers of their content can share the posts of other users to their personal Stories too.

Interactive Stickers

Instagram has given its users a variety of new ways to interact with followers on Stories and Live.

Whether its the question, poll or emoji poll slider sticker or newer additions like the question sticker for Instagram Live, interactive stickers help you build vital trust between you and your followers, which makes it easier to convert them into buyers when it comes time to promote your products.


Countdown Sticker

One of Instagram’s newest features is great for brands who love counting down to upcoming events or product launches. Users can now add the new Countdown Sticker to Stories posts to create buzz and excitement surrounding an upcoming event.


AR Camera Effects

Instagram invited brands to create custom AR filters this year, opening up new and exciting ways for their users to interact with them on the platform. Plus, the new platform allows users to access user-designed filters depending on the accounts they follow.

Music Sticker, Spotify & Shazam Sharing

Instagram’s new music sticker gives users the ability to easily add music to their Stories. While not available worldwide just yet, the new feature helps businesses stand out even more amongst the crowded sub-channel.


Users can also share their favorite Shazam or Spotify song discoveries on their Instagram stories, with a new share button which posts a snippet of that song to their story reel. Viewers can then tap back to the Shazam app for full music details.

One final music update gives users the ability to respond to questions with songs too.


Stories Ads

Probably the most noteworthy marketing feature to make its way onto the Instagram platform has been Stories Ads.

The popularity of Instagram Stories has grown rapidly, and Facebook quickly realized the monetization potential of tapping into users’ engagement with targeted advertisements sprinkled in among story reels.

While Stories Ads were first introduced in 2017, they have really expanded in creativity and impact in 2018, and Airbnb is leading the way with its “Experiences” advertisements.

Buying and launching ads on Instagram is a simple process. Once you have a clear ad objective, you are free to create your content in whatever form you choose, whether using a stream of images or putting together a short video clip. Ad performance and metrics can be monitored in the insights section of your Instagram business profile.

Promote for Stories

Promote for Stories is an extension feature of the Stories Ads tool, particularly aimed at smaller businesses and individuals whose marketing budget doesn’t accommodate posting full ads on stories.

Instagram business profiles can now turn their regular story posts into advertisements, aimed at targeting their niche audience. This is a great way to both tell your brand story, share your business personality, and promote your products and services.

Longer Stories

Instagram gave Story loving brands the freedom to post videos longer than 15-seconds in length this year. Users can upload Stories up to a minute in length, however, the app will split it into 15-seconds segments that will then be stitched together. Plus! You can still customize each segment with unique stickers, tags, and filters.

Close Friends List


Instagram’s “Close Friends” feature gives users the chance to create segmented lists on Stories, ensuring that only a certain group of users see your content. This feature can come in handy for brands who want to deploy exclusive content to a select group of either super-engaged users, influencers, or loyal fans.

You can also use the “Close Friends” feature to share Stories with, for instance, loyalty rewards users, or special users who you want to give early sales access.

Easily create a “Close Friends” group under Settings >> Account >> Close Friends.

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Direct Messages

Quick replies

If you’re a brand or business that spends a lot of their time answering repetitive questions over Direct Message, Instagram has introduced Quick Replies to simplify your customer service management.

Quick Replies is available to all business accounts. You can create and save generic responses that can be used to quickly reply to recurring questions. Some questions you may use this feature for include:

  • What are your store hours?
  • What is your return policy?
  • Are your products organic?

Though the Quick Replies feature makes responding to requests a lot easier, we can’t stress enough the importance of customizing part of your responses.

To add your Quick Replies, access your Settings >> Business Settings >> Quick Replies.

To access Quick Replies in a chat, click on the speech bubble (with three dots) next to the text field.

Video chat

If you’re looking to create an authentic connection with your users, Instagram’s direct message video chat is another way to get some face-time with your followers.


You can video chat with up to four users at the same time, however, Instagram only allows you to chat with people who you’ve already been messaging through an existing message thread.


After months of speculation, Instagram finally launched a long-form, vertical video platform called IGTV. Designed to make it easier to find and watch videos on your mobile phone, it gives brands and businesses yet another opportunity to share in their story in a whole new way.


Everyone who has an Instagram account can create an IGTV “channel” of their own and upload vertical videos. To start with, most users will be able to upload videos up to 10 minutes in length, with larger accounts having the capability to post hour long videos. As of now, IGTV does not have ads, but it’s something the company might eventually add.

If you’ve found the time to develop videos for IGTV, you’ll be glad to hear that you can now share previews of your IGTV videos to Stories. And so can your followers.


Instagram’s Nametag feature gives brands an easy way to share their profile with customizable and shareable QR-Code-like images.

Personalized Nametags can be scanned by other users in order to quickly follow the brand, business, influencer or friends. This reduces the need for long searches for profiles, making it easier for brands and users to connect on Instagram.


Brands can easily take a screenshot of the image and post it on their website, make it visible within brick-and-mortar locations or include it in their product packages.

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Over To You

If you’re looking to break free from cookie-cutter Instagram strategies, make sure you are reaping the full benefits of Instagram’s newest features, which will help you expand beyond your current consumer base, grow your following, bring creativity to your feed, and find new customers.

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