How to Get the Most Out of Sked Social

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At one time, it was difficult to get results on Instagram without putting in a lot of effort. Using Sked Social (formerly Schedugram), it does not need to be like that anymore. There is no more fiddling on your phone – you

At one time, it was difficult to get results on Instagram without putting in a lot of effort.

Using Sked Social (formerly Schedugram), it does not need to be like that anymore. There is no more fiddling on your phone – you can do it all on desktop.

You can also plan everything properly, and see it laid out in front of you in a way that is easy to understand.

In this article, we will look at how to get the best out of Sked using many of its versatile features. This includes photo editing, the social media calendar and automatically scheduling your Instagram posts. We will also look at the planner and regram app, plus much more.

Become a Power User: How to Get The Most Out of Sked

Instagram Photo Editor

Sked’s Instagram photo editor is a powerful tool for professionals.

You can add filters, stickers and crop your photos to get them looking their best. This is very important on a social network like Instagram. The world’s biggest brands are all competing for your attention with the best-looking photos they can possibly create. GoPro is a great example here.

You need to match these brands with your content, and Sked’s photo editor can help you do that.

You can add text and stickers to your photos. Doing this will increase engagement, and will make your audience more likely to react to your content. You can also add text to your photo, and ask your followers a question or give them a call-to-action. Simple examples could be asking, “What do you think?” Or, “Visit our website to find out more!” Things like this are going to make your audience feel much more involved. It shows them that as a brand, you care about what they think. It also gives them a much more interactive Instagram experience.

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Sked Social Photo Editor

Once you have the content ready for posting, you can queue it up via Sked so it automatically posts at a time to suit you. The queue feature takes the hassle out of scheduling.

One way to really level up your content is to make sure you are taking great photos to start with. Then, using Sked’s photo editor, you can build on an already established base image. To find out more, check out The Ultimate Guide to Taking Picture-Perfect Instagram Photos.

Social Media Calendar

Planning and preparing what you are doing on Instagram is crucial.

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Sked’s social media calendar can help make sure you are on top of everything. If you are a social media marketer that is working on several different accounts, this is going to really help you out in the future.

Sked’s drag and drop social media calendar for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and (soon) Twitter gives you an instant snapshot of your marketing activities on the social network. With so many different apps and social networks to keep track of, this is a dream for all social marketers. You can organize your upcoming content how you want – in a table, list or grid format. You will find this in the “Upcoming Posts” module.


Sked Social Media Calendar

Using the social media calendar on Sked means that you can preview everything you are planning to post on your across your channels. There no longer has to be uncertainty, as you wonder if it is going to look good or not. This is especially helpful if you are planning on doing any collage posts. Without the ability to preview, executing a successful collage post is tricky and something that is easy to get wrong.

Check out this post about the best times to post on Instagram. It may help with you future endeavours on Instagram. It could also help when you are sorting out your social media calendar. It is a question that constantly comes up. It is an answer that will come with time. The more you post on Instagram, the more you will learn. It is also worth checking what your competitors are doing. Have a look at what time big brands post at, and see if you can glean anything from that.

Automatically Schedule Instagram Posts

One of the ways to make Sked work best for you is to take advantage of its ability to automatically schedule Instagram posts. Set your posting times and Sked will do the rest. If your brand has a global audience, it is perfect for you. You can reach your worldwide audience when they are awake, even if you are asleep at the time!

Sked is unique in that it posts without sending notifications that you have to approve. This means that, if you are so inclined, you could potentially schedule a month’s worth of Instagram posts in a short space of time. I have to say, I am jealous of anybody that is able to schedule their social media that far ahead of time! I do know that some people work on a yearly and monthly basis though. For social marketers like them, Sked’s automatic scheduling is a godsend.

At one time, posting outside of your time zone would have been a limitation. Thanks to Sked’s automatic scheduling, it is no longer an issue. With this in mind, you can post consistently and stick to any new rules you set for yourself. Using the automatic scheduler also means you are more likely to stick to a strategy on your social networks.

For more information around this type of topic, check out 10+ Instagram Marketing Tips For Brands and Social Media Managers. There are some pointers in there that may be of use, especially concerning scheduling your content. If you are already busy at work, social media might not be your top priority. Sked’s automatic scheduling system can make sure that you have it covered in future.

Instagram Planner

As we have previously touched upon in this article, Instagram is where all the big brands flex their creative muscles. Lots of pages with big followings are very selective about the content they post. They put a lot of thought into it. They make sure all their posts are consistent, and fit in with their brand aesthetic and tone. You should be doing this as well.

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Thanks to Sked’s Instagram Planner, you can. It allows you to plan and schedule your Instagram feed so you can get it looking just right. Many top Instagram users are perfectionists, and you can be too with this handy tool. You can plot and rearrange your Instagram feed easily. This will help you make sure your brand aesthetic is on point, and in line with past and future content.

Visual Planner - Sked Social

Using the planner offers you a chance to increase your engagement too. If you do a collage post, you can reveal something to your audience gradually rather than giving it away all in one go. You could also ask your fan base to guess what it is you are revealing as part of the collage post. Your audience should be excited to see the big reveal, and it is a great way to build some anticipation.

By using Sked’s Instagram planner, you are alleviating any uncertainty. None of your fans will see any mistakes (unfortunately online, users tend to pick up on the tiniest error immediately). You can be 100% confident of how your feed is going to look before you even set it live. To get some ideas about stepping up your Instagram feed, read 9 Brilliant Instagram Feed Ideas That Can Make Your Profile Stand Out.

Instagram Regram App

For social marketers, regramming (basically like retweeting, but on Instagram instead) can be highly effective.

Included in one of its many helpful features, Sked has a powerful regram app for Instagram power users. Using Sked’s Google Chrome extension, you can regram and schedule Instagram posts with ease. Without using this feature, trying to regram content to your audience on Instagram can be fiddly.

Sked’s Instagram regram app allows you to regram posts while you are browsing Instagram. Conveniently, you do not need to have several tabs open. Neither do you have to download images or upload anything to your Instagram account. The app saves you time, by reposting and scheduling Instagram while you browse the social network. This means you can do it in real time, and it will not become a hassle.

Thinking of doing some regramming via your Instagram page? Check out Your Guide to the Insta(Re)gram: Best Practices When Reposting on Instagram. It contains loads of handy tips on how to regram effectively. Doing it can bring variety to your profile, and give your engagement a boost. It could also open up some new doors when it comes to working with new people and brands.

Collaboration is key.

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Further Features and Benefits of Using Sked

There are many more ways for you to get the best out of Sked.

Firstly, it can help you with your content management and strategy. You can add a first comment to your posts. This allows you to put your hashtags in a comment, rather than putting them in a caption. This can prevent you from posting messy captions, which can happen easily when space is so limited on mobile. You need to be succinct with your messaging.

Sked’s features can also help with your productivity. Sked does not send you annoying notifications, so you will not be distracted while you are trying to work on other things. It also automatically converts your uploaded files into the right dimensions for Instagram. This means you will spend less time cropping and editing your content before it comes to actually posting it on your page.

The customer support offered by Sked is key.

Real phones are used to schedule your content, so you can rest assured that you are complying with Instagram’s terms of use. You are at zero risk of getting banned from Instagram by using Sked. If you were responsible for a client’s social media, getting their account banned would be a real headache and is not something you want to deal with. I have heard horror stories about accounts getting suspended. It does not look good on you when you are entrusted to run things smoothly.

Sked has a fully remote customer team, so any queries you have will be answered quickly and efficiently. This is not Sked’s first rodeo. They have been on the scene, helping customers, for over three years. They also release updates quickly so you are not waiting around. If there is a specific feature you would like the app to incorporate, they can try and integrate it. Check out this link to find out more about the full list of Sked’s features and many capabilities.


Many social marketers from a wealth of different companies use Sked.

Juan J. Lopez, Marketing Manager at Snowboxx, had this to say:

“I started using Sked in my previous job and realised I couldn’t live without it when I switched companies. It really does improve my workflow greatly and makes my life easier. I can fully rely on it to keep up with the social schedule – a particularly relieving feature during the weekends. superThe developers keep adding features constantly and the support team are always accessible and helpful. An essential tool!”

I myself started using Sked when I started working at Juno Records nearly two years ago, and I cannot imagine being able to work without it now. It really is an integral part of my working day, like Juan mentions above.

Tasha Aloni, Business Development and Marketing Associate at Ray White Alderley, said:

“Sked has helped reshape the efficacy of my 24/7 digital marketing schedule! For a more than a fair price per month, hours of scheduling and constantly checking social updates and posts have been reduced dramatically. Sked is easy to use and will become a valuable asset to any online marketing business!“

As Tasha says above, Sked has dramatically reduced the amount of time she spends on socials per month. Many of those who used Sked find the same thing as well. Click here to take a look at the pricing plans for Sked.

Comparing Sked to its Competitors

When I started working at Juno Records, they were already using Sked. I had not previously heard of it but soon became accustomed to using it as part of my role at Juno. I was lucky in that I did not have to try any of Sked’s competitors before actually using Sked. I think one of its clear advantages is that it actually posts for you.

If all that other applications do is send you a push notification when it is time to post, then Sked is streets ahead. This means that using Sked, you can schedule and then forget about it. One thing that social marketers find is that they are always checking socials even when they are not in the office. Sked’s automatic scheduling lets you forget about it until you are next in the office.

Another reason that Sked seems like a no-brainer, compared to its competitors, is that there is no risk of sabotaging your Instagram account by using it. Sked meets Instagram’s terms of use, and therefore does not risk you getting your account suspended or anything like that. Using Sked is exactly the same as if you were posting yourself, and that makes a big difference.

Almost unbelievably, Sked has a pool of real phones in Melbourne, Australia that it uses to post your content to Instagram. The company has been tweaking the system for over three years to get it right. It really has been tried and tested to make sure it works properly for you. Click here to discover how Sked differs from other automation tools for Instagram.

Think Sked Could Work For You?

I really hope you enjoyed reading my piece on getting the most out of Sked. I had fun putting it together, and hopefully you picked up on some useful things that you can use in the future.

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