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Instagram has announced they’re cracking down on low quality content and spam.

I actually think this is a good sign – they want the content to be quality, and are working to reduce the rubbish that is prolific on all popular platforms (spammers follow traffic, whatever platform people use).They also published new community guidelines.

We have a set of beliefs and standards that accounts managed through Schedugram must meet. We review every account against these standards. We are currently working to write a more detailed version, but the ‘high level’ summary is below.

  1. Accounts should have their own unique content. Not content that you have “copied or collected from the internet” (direct quote from Instagram).
  2. Everything must be safe for work / friendly for 13+, all type of “nudity or mature content” are not allowed.
  3. Don’t post the same comment elsewhere / re-duplicate captions, comments or images. There are multiple references to not use repetitive comments or other content in Instagram’s guidelines.
  4. Be careful with URLs to websites in your comments – these have been singled out as being potentially “commercial spam comments”, and would be very easy for IG to detect.

We also have a set of accounts or industries that we do not support. This is because of the high rate of issues (spam complaints, cancellations by Instagram and otherwise) that we get with these types of accounts.

We will not approve accounts that contain:

  1. Content about “work from home” opportunities, affiliate marketing schemes, MLM products or similar, or accounts that sell services to these businesses (e.g. training).
  2. Pornography or nudity – lingerie may be allowed, however this must be tasteful.
  3. Sell products like Facebook Likes, Twitter followers, YouTube views, Instagram followers etc.
  4. Are about ‘crash diet’ products like weight loss teas or similar, or club promoters (DJs, pubs etc are OK – just those promoting particular nights/drink service and so on).
  5. Astroturfing/duplication – we will not approve your accounts if you have multiple accounts that fulfil the same purpose.
  6. Low quality content – that you have clearly just copied from online sites like tumblr, Pinterest, imgur or reddit.

Finally, stealing Instagram’s penultimate sentence:

If you believe you will have trouble following these guidelines we’d suggest finding an alternative photo sharing service, as Instagram [and by extension, Schedugram] may not be the best place for you.

Photo of Hugh StephensHugh Stephens

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