Video Content For Instagram: How To Captivate & Communicate Effectively

How to Utilize Instagram Video Marketing to Grow Your Business Moving image is fast becoming the more eye-catching format for Instagram content. Who would settle for a static image when Instagram marketers can upload videos

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Nike is an Instagram leader learn how to engage your instagram followers

How to Create Super Engaging Content on Instagram

How to Engage Your Instagram Followers and Audience Creating super engaging content that makes your brand stand out is becoming a key challenge for marketers. The constant changes to an algorithm-driven feed requires the creation

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10+ Instagram Marketing Tips For Brands and Social Media Managers

Post consistently, use hashtags, and respond to comments from your followers. When it comes to marketing on Instagram, you already have a handle on all of those basic best practices. But, what if you’re eager

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Long Instagram Captions - Sked Social

Is Instagram Replacing The Blog? How To Use Long-Form Insta Content To Boost Your Brand

How to Use Long Captions for Instagram While we all know and love Instagram as an image-first platform, lately long-form Instagram captions have been rising to the top of our feeds. This emerging Instagram post

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Convert Instagram Followers to Leads with Clickable Links

How to Add A Link on Instagram Story And Posts One of Instagram’s biggest barriers as a social media marketing tool is that links in captions aren’t clickable. For personal accounts that don’t have an

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Instagram Growth Study: How Juno Records Increased Their Instagram Following by over 230%

While it can be tough at first to make sure you post consistently on Instagram, once you establish a rhythm and get into the habit of doing it, it will become much easier.

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Instagram hashtags

Instagram Hashtags: What You Need to Know

Are you ready to think on your feet? Quick—think of the name for this symbol: #. Do you have your answer? Good. Some of you might’ve said a pound sign. Or, if you’re feeling extra

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How to Use Instagram Stories for Business

Have you ever wondered how to use Instagram Stories for your business? Learn more about the numerous benefits of using Stories for your brand.

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Tried and Tested Strategies to Enhance Your Social Media Efforts

Here I have shared some ways to do social media marketing being very busy with SEO and other management work.

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Instagram for business

How to Use Instagram For Business: A Comprehensive Guide

So, you’re wondering: What’s the big deal about Instagram for business? With so many other marketing tools out there—from content marketing to email marketing to pay-per-click advertising to all of the other social media networks—why

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Why Influencers Should be the Stars of your Christmas Campaign

Influencers or social ads? Let’s talk about the strategy that needs your attention this festive season.

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7 Best Instagram Marketing Campaigns of 2017

How do you create a campaign that attracts followers? How do you stand out in a sea of social media content? Pay attention to the best Instagram campaigns of 2017, to get your creative juices flowing for your campaigns in 2018.

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Creative Instagram Bio Examples - Sked Social

26 Creative Instagram Bio Ideas (That Will Get You Followers)

How do you create an Instagram bio that stands out? We’ve rounded up 26 examples of effective bios to get your creative juices flowing.

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We analyzed the most popular brands on Instagram: here’s what we learned

For this article, we are going to look at what worked better for sparking engagement on a selection of different upper echelon brand pages.

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The Social Media Marketer’s Guide to Writing Killer Instagram Bios

This post was originally published on November 16th 2017, and was last updated on December 15th 2017. How to Write Good Instagram Bios We’ve all seen those Instagram bios that stop us in our tracks—the

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what to post on Instagram

How to Figure Out What to Post on Your Brand’s Instagram Feed

This post was originally published on November 2nd 2017, and was last updated on December 15th 2017. Are You Struggling to Figure Out What to Post on Instagram? You stare at your phone screen, just

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good instagram captions

The Beginner’s Guide to Writing Great Instagram Captions

If you’re like me, then I bet that you’re  wondering how on earth you could create captions that stand out. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Click this article to find out what you need to know. 

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