Nell Casey - Social Media Manager Chat - Instagram Collaboration - Sked Social

SMM Chats: Top Tips on Collaborating with Clients for Instagram According to Nell Casey

When collaborating with clients, challenges are inevitable. But with preparation, you can prevent potential miscommunication and conflict before they occur. In this edition of Sked Social’s SMM Chats (tips from social media managers on overcoming

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Instagram Bug - Social Media News - Sked Social

Social Media News: An Instagram Bug, #FinanceFitness Accounts, Another Global Outage and More

An Instagram bug crawled about this week. Ultimately showing the wrong Instagram Story content to the wrong people – Eep! We’ve seen an uprise in #financial fitness addicts and even a shift for Twitter’s culture.

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Easter Sked Social Support

Easter Sked Social support

The Sked team will be taking some time off over the Easter break, 19 April through Monday 22 April inclusive. During this time, we’ll still have support checking in and our usual monitoring systems and

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hiding inappropriate posts on Instagram - Sked Social

Social Media News: Hiding Inappropriate Posts on Instagram, Twitter Follow Limits and More

Inappropriate posts on Instagram now have limited reach. Twitter reduces the amount of accounts you can follow in a single day and Generation Z report on their favourite social media platforms. Here’s the latest in

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How to add multiple photos to Instagram Story Posts - Sked Social Instructions

How to Add Multiple Photos to Your Instagram Story

Whether you’re looking to add multiple photos to Instagram Stories in record time or multiple images in the one Story. We’ve got you. Here we’ll run you through exactly how to add multiple photos to

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Facebook Ad Issues - Sked Social

Social Media News: Instagram E-Commerce Upgrades, Facebook Ad Issues and April Fools Pranks

Following the crash of Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook two weeks ago, advertisers are still facing Facebook ad issues. Team this with new Instagram e-commerce features, hilarious April Fools pranks and more. Here’s the latest in

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Instagram approval process - Agency - Sked Social

How to Streamline your Agency’s Instagram Approval Process

As an agency managing social media, you’re familiar with the “press and hold” step in the Instagram approval process. You know, the one where you press send, then hold your breath for what feels like a

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New feature alert: Collaboration made easier

Running marketing and social media campaigns has always been complex. While a social media manager’s job seems easy and straightforward, big agencies, media companies and brands often have complicated processes in place in order to

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Polls in Instagram story ads - Sked Socials

Social Media News: Instagram Name Swaps, Polls in Instagram Story Ads and Twitter’s prototype release

For marketers, social media managers and business owners, this week’s latest news bring a mixed bag of announcements. From polls in Instagram story ads and Instagram handle swapping, right through to Twitter’s latest release and

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April May and June Social Media Holiday Campaigns

Your Complete Guide: April, May and June Social Media Hashtag Holiday Campaign Ideas

As April rolls around, that’s one-quarter of the year gone – poof! If you missed March’s big days (think: International Women’s Day) or February’s loved-up highlights, it’s time to get serious about hashtag holiday campaigns

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Social Media News - Pinterest Groups and More - Sked Social

Social Media News: Instagram Story Ads, Pinterest Groups and Instagram Checkout

Pinterest groups leaked, marketers shifting from feed ads to Instagram Story ads and we collate our top hashtag tips for social media managers. Here’s the latest in social media news: Marketers are Shifting to Instagram

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Random House - Instagram

Top Brands Share Their Instagram Strategy Secrets

While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to effective Instagram strategy, there are some tips and tactics you can learn from social media experts who manage large, high-visibility Instagram accounts. We reached out to

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Infographic Cover - The Best Instagram Hashtag Tips for Social Media Managers

[Infographic] The Best Instagram Hashtag Tips for Social Media Managers

As a busy Social Media Manager, it’s important you know the best Instagram hashtag tips – in the shortest amount of time. One day, the hashtags you use might help you connect with new consumers.

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Instagram Global Outage - Social Media News - Sked Social

Social Media News: Instagram Global Outage, Co-Video Watching and The Queen Posts on Instagram

Having a rippling effect across the world, accounts were affected by a WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram global outage. Team this with a Twitter camera update, new Instagram co-watching features and messaging announcements – this week

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Hashtag recommendations are here to supercharge your engagement

Sked has always been a tool to help you with Instagram engagement. Whether it’s through consistent posting with Queue, polishing your grid with Planner or using our Photo editor to keep a consistent aesthetic, we’ve

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SMM Chats: What It Takes To Run A Successful Digital Agency

SMM Chats: What It Takes To Run A Successful Digital Agency, According to Wendy Serrano

Running a successful digital agency takes a lot of effort. Between meetings, managing social media, going to events and then doing the work. How does one keep up? In this edition of SMM Chats, we

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New Branded Content Ads - Social Media News - Sked Social

Social Media News: New Branded Content Ads, Unique Instagram Giveaways and More

Jetblue’s controversial giveaway structure, new leaks about Instagram’s branded content ads and Facebook users decline. Here’s the latest in social media news: Instagram’s New Branded Content Ads Connects Brands and Influencers It’s official: at a

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