Instagram's anti-bullying tool - Sked Social - 1

Social Media News: Instagram’s Anti-Bullying Tool, Fan Subscriptions and New App Testing

nstagram’s anti-bullying tool was welcomed by the masses this week. Between screening abusive comments and warning internet trolls about their negative remarks, let’s just say – many brands were gleaming with happiness. Here’s the latest in social media news.

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14 Top Instagram Trends To Watch For In 2019

What are the trends we’re seeing in 2019 so far? How can your brand best position itself to stay in touch with the latest and greatest on Instagram?

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How To Add a Call To Action Button To Your Instagram Profile

Discover how you can use Instagram call-to-action buttons to improve conversions from Instagram for your business.

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Instagram join chat sticker news - Sked Social

Social Media News: Instagram Launches Join Chat Sticker, Instagram Explore Ads are Announced and More

In social media news this week, we saw everything from new Ad placements and cryptocurrency revelations. Right through to updated terms and Story Template guides. Read more about this and other weekly news.

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Instagram Story Template - Sked Social

14 Apps for Creating the Best Instagram Story Templates

Some Instagram Stories just have that wow factor, don’t they? You know the ones. They’re perfectly laid out, with cool text placement and stunning imagery. “How do they do it?!” Chances are, they’ve used an

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Social Media Manager Chat - Bonnie Borland - Sked Social

SMM Chats: Building A Social Media Strategy With Digital Marketer Bonnie Borland

We’re back with another SMM Chat — a conversation with digital marketers to learn: The routines that keep them focussed How they work through daily challenges Their tips on managing client accounts In this edition,

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Instagram's Stop Motion Video - Sked Social

Social Media News: Stop Motion Video, Facebook Cryptocurrency and IGTV Ideas

From Instagram’s stop motion video testing and a new cryptocurrency for Facebook. To Facebook Business Page tidy ups and Twitter tweaks. Here’s the latest in social media news. Instagram tests stop motion video We can

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IGTV Content Ideas - Sked Social

9 Brilliant IGTV Content Ideas From Top Brands

Instagram TV, or IGTV, was introduced back in June of 2018. About a year later, it’s still largely in the experimental phase for users. This means two important things for social media managers and marketers:

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2019 Update: How the Instagram Algorithm Works & What This Means for Businesses

The Instagram algorithm is always changing. Find out what we know about the Instagram algorithm and how it works in our 2019 update.

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Tech Report - Sked Social

Social Media News: Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report, Deepfakes and Instagram Sticker Response Cards

If you’re a bit nerdy like us, you mark tech report release dates in your calendar. And in this year’s Internet Trends Report, we saw key shifts in social media behaviours. Snapchat is moving with

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Top social media scheduling tools - sked social

The 7 Best Instagram Schedulers Compared [2019 update]

You know your brand needs an active presence on social media – without social, digital marketing is like yelling into a void. And if you’re going to see any return on investment for your efforts,

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Create an Instagram Landing Page for Your Store And Skyrocket Your Conversions with Sked

Learn how you can use an Instagram landing page and shoppable tags to improve conversions for your store.

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Buyer Beware: Arii’s Cautionary Tale Shows Influencer Marketing May Not Be All It’s Hyped Up To Be

What does a failed fashion brand launch from an influencer with 2.4 million followers tell us about Instagram influencers?

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Branded content ads - Sked Social

Social Media News: New Branded Content Ads, Instagram Message Management for Creators and Lyrics in Stories

New Branded Content Ads will see Influencers in Instagram feeds (even if you’re not following them). iTunes shuts down their social media accounts and sneak peeks of message management for Instagram creator accounts. Here’s the

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How to add Captions to Instagram Videos

How to Add Captions to Instagram Videos

When Instagram first introduced videos, more than 5 million were shared in 24 hours. And with 85% of people watching videos without sound, that’s a lot of silent vids. So, knowing how to add Instagram

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How To Save Instagram Photo -PC or Mac - Blog - Sked Social

How to Save Instagram Photos on PC or Mac

Instagram is a mecca of inspiration so it’s no surprise that you want to learn how to save Instagram photos on your PC or Mac. But since Instagram does not allow users to save images

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Authentic or aspirational brands - Sked Social

Should Brands Be Authentic or Aspirational on Instagram?

What’s more important in what we post on Instagram: authenticity or perfection? Most of us would probably answer the former without thinking twice. Of course, it’s better to just be yourself, right? The “just be

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