Social Media News: Shoppable Influencer Posts, Facebook QR Codes and the F8 Developer Conference Recap

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Following the recent F8 Developer Conference, we’ve learned key findings about the future of the social media landscape. On top of this, new tests for shoppable Influencer posts and Facebook QR Code testing meant it was a big week in social media

Following the recent F8 Developer Conference, we’ve learned key findings about the future of the social media landscape. On top of this, new tests for shoppable Influencer posts and Facebook QR Code testing meant it was a big week in social media news. Here’s the latest:

Shoppable Influencer Posts Are Being Tested for Instagram

Just when we thought Instagram’s shoppable features couldn’t get any more dynamic, they bring out the big guns.

On top of shoppable posts on your brand’s Instagram accounts, Influencers may soon also be able to tag your products.

This is huge news. Since reducing the amount of steps before making a purchase is forever on the mind of marketer’s, shoppable Instagram posts are game-changing.

High-profile celebrity Influencers like Kim Kardashian West and Gigi Hadid are just two of the few who’ve been invited to test the feature first.

Shoppable Influencer Posts - Sked Social

Image Source: The Drum

With change comes movement. And brands will benefit from the new capabilities on many levels.

For one, feed posts from Influencers will always create an extra link to your product (should the influencer agree to this).

Secondly, Stories will act as direct traffic links to your products.

And finally, no more hoping that an Influencer’s audience will know the name or details of your specific product. Instead, they’ll be sent straight to its profile.

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How Brands Can Prepare for Shoppable Influencer Posts

With shoppable Influencer posts on their way, here are some things you can do to get ahead:

  • Update your brand’s Influencer terms – What needs to be shared and where?
  • Refine the onboarding of Influencers – When the time comes, what links will they need?
  • Package offerings to suit your store – Are your shoppable posts for individual items or packs? Make sure you have these set up in advance
  • Your Facebook Pixel Setup – If you haven’t yet, now’s the time to double check your Facebook Pixel is up to date so you can retarget ads to traffic sent to your products from Influencer’s pages

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Facebook Tries Out A New Dashboard for Instagram Creators

When Facebook launched its Facebook Creator Studio App last year, we wondered how long it would take before an Instagram version was released!

Well, friends – It’s (almost) here.

Shoppable Influencer Posts - Creator Dashboard - Sked Social

Image Source: Hannah Anderson

While the feature isn’t available to everyone yet, some brands with the Facebook Creator App may be able to toggle between Facebook and Instagram all in the one place. Stuck for ideas on how to use the Creator Dashboard best? Instagram has released an interesting guide.

Inside the App, users will have access to powerful analytics and insights. Think audience activity stats, engagement metrics, and more thorough demographic information.

Although such recordings can be found within the Instagram App itself, it could be useful to access these on a Desktop for more in-depth analysis, sharing with clients and more.

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Facebook Rolls out QR Code Capabilities to more Pages

Exploring ways that users can connect with Pages is kind of Facebook’s jam. And in a new feature designed to do just that, QR codes have been introduced in full swing to a lot more pages.

Shoppable Influencer Posts - Facebook QR Codes - Sked Social

Image Source: Matt Navarra

Page managers can select codes to direct users to different places. For example:

  • Send users to automatically like the Page
  • Check-in to a location
  • View active offers by the Page
  • Leave a review for the Page

QR Insights allow page managers to track how many times each QR Code has been used. This could be an effective way for brands and businesses to see which types of codes are appealing to users as well as if they’re performing better than QR codes on other platforms.

Does your business or brand use Instagram’s Nametag, Snapchat’s Snapcodes or Pinterest’s Pincodes?

With this new addition, you will get clear insights into which social media platform your users are QR-ing with most.

How Brands Can Use QR Codes

QR Codes are an easy way to connect with an account. Here are some ideas on how to use QR Codes to your brand’s advantage:

  • Share QR Codes during presentations or events
  • Use QR Codes in Youtube and Video content when encouraging viewers to connect with you
  • Present QR Codes in physical stores for check-ins
  • Add them to posters and promotional materials (using curiosity as a driver for what’s on the other side)

Key Takeaways from Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference

Sliding into the last day of April, Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference revealed a few key changes about to hit the social media landscape.

  • A shift to showcase groups: Facebook will host a redesign to prominently highlight groups and events
  • Instagram will introduce a new ‘create mode’: This is designed to share creative content, like quizzes, product purchases and more, while also upping the ante of their camera features

Shoppable Influencer Posts - Instagram Camera - Sked Social

Image Source: The Verge

  • Hiding Instagram likes: Just like what’s being tested in Canada, hiding Instagram Likes may roll out to the entire community
  • Messenger ranks your friends: Messenger statuses and group photo sharing are just some of the changes Facebook will be making to connect more meaningfully with loved ones
  • Desktop Apps for Messenger: Mac and Windows apps will be released later this year
  • Dating on Facebook: The in-built dating service will roll out to 14 more countries and introduce a new ‘secret crush’ feature which allows users to list Facebook friends as crushes. And if they list you too? Both users will be notified of the match!

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