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11 Reasons Why Sked Social Is The Only Instagram Management Tool For Agencies

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Life in an agency isn’t an easy gig. You’re inundated with multiple responsibilities, deadlines, and insistent clients wanting polished work, “right NOW!” You’re managing a magnitude of accounts, profiles, and presences – so naturally, you’re a big fan of organization.

We totally get it. We guess that’s why our Instagram tool for agencies has seen many ‘likes’ too.

Planning ahead to stay in your client’s good books is a big part of what you do. It’s vital for your reputation, your workflow, and your time management to pre-plan social media content perfectly.

You’re the type of people who actually care about your client’s success. And you’re right there with them when they hit new milestones because you helped them get there. So amidst all the chaos, emails and phone calls, you need an Instagram manager that gets you.

We’ve put together Sked Social’s (formerly Schedugram) biggest perks for agencies, to show you why it’s the only Instagram tool your agency needs.

Instagram Management Tool for Easy Client Management

Between your inbox, project management apps and group chats, it can sometimes feel like you’re switching between platforms for no good reason. Sked Social makes it easy for you to manage your client’s Instagram accounts all in the same place.

1. Draft Your Posts And Send To Your Client For Review

As an agency, you’re simply too busy to be wasting time. If you’re guilty of putting together a weekly or monthly content calendar for your client in a third party document, you’re not alone. Many agencies fall into the trap of making extra work for themselves when it simply isn’t needed.

With Sked’s Instagram tool for agencies, it takes out that pesky middle step, leaving you more time for other important things. Simply upload your images, captions, and hashtags into Sked’s draft folder and boom, you have your content plan. How easy is that?

Next, add your client as a ‘Manager’ of the account and invite them to review the content. You may like to suggest that your client leaves their comments in the caption box for your amendments, if required.

Then it’s goodbye arm-length email trails, lost images and track changes coming at you from every direction. And hello simplicity. Aaah! Doesn’t that feel nice? All of your client’s Instagram content is effortlessly managed all in the same place for ultimate productivity.

Instagram Management Tool for Agencies - Instagram Drafts - Sked Social

Instagram Story Metrics Made Easy

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2. Have Multiple Account Managers

Sharing passwords can get messy really quickly. With Sked’s Instagram manager, you’re able to invite team members and clients to collaborate seamlessly. Each manager is provided with their own login details and can be granted access to selected accounts.

While most other Instagram manager platforms allow just one single login account, Sked offers multi-user account management for your convenience. Use this function to work on projects with your team, your clients and your colleagues so everyone is on the same page. Open communication is key in any agency, and collaborating in the same place just makes sense.

3. Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts All In The Same Place

When you’re managing multiple Instagram accounts, it can become ridiculously annoying logging into and out of different client accounts. To save you the hassle, we’ve taken this into consideration with Sked’s Instagram scheduler.

Easily switch between client accounts, all with the tick of a box. Not only will this save you time and effort in the long run, but it also means that team members will only require a single login to view all of your client’s content, analytics, drafted posts and more (depending on their page roles).

As well as this, Sked makes it easier than ever to add and remove Instagram accounts from the tool, with no lock-in contracts. Have a new client onboarding last minute? Another client’s contract is ending? Simply add or remove accounts at any time and your billing will be altered simultaneously in real time.

Instagram Management Tool for Agencies - Account Setup - Sked Social

Instagram Story Metrics Made Easy

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Feed Planning & First Comment Hashtags

Ain’t nobody got time for double handling and accidentally finding that posts have been uploaded in a mismatched order. This can be particularly cringe-worthy with checkerboard feeds and jig-saw styled accounts.

Increase productivity, reduce the chance of mishaps and offer your clients beautiful online portfolios for their business with our Instagram management tool for agencies.

4. Easily Apply Filters

We all know that feed continuity is important for any Instagram account. Not only will it make your client’s feed look more professional, but it will also showcase that you care about even the finest of details. Sked’s Instagram management tool for agencies comes with a built-in photo editor so there’s no need to leave the Instagram manager to make your client’s feed look most consistent. Here you are able to adjust color tints, exposure levels, contrast and more. As well as this, you can also apply a wide range of filters to each of your images so they all make sense altogether.

Instagram Management Tool for Agencies - Photo Editor - Sked Social

It can be completely frustrating to select your images, spend ages fiddling with image editing apps, uploading to your drafted document and then finally scheduling. Not to mention, a waste of your time. However, by accessing easy to use filter and image editing options within your Instagram tool, this again works to optimize your time and streamline your process.

5. Tag Accounts, Products, and Locations In Your Posts

For agencies, being able to do #allofthethings in the same place is a complete dream come true. So the fact that Sked’s Instagram manager allows you to tag other accounts, shoppable products and your location all in the same place is pretty darn handy.

We all know how important it is to tag the original source of images, the powers of geo-tagging and how simple shoppable posts have transformed the way that consumers buy from e-commerce businesses.

And with Sked’s auto-posting capabilities, there’s no need to double-handle your post once it’s been published. After all, wouldn’t that half defeat the purpose of scheduling your content in the first place?

You’re busy, you have clients who need to know that every post going out is 100% perfect. Sked’s Instagram tool for agencies allows you to do all of that and more.

6. Post Hashtags In Your Comments

As you know, hashtags are a necessity for any account on Instagram to reach more people. In fact, posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6% more engagement than those that don’t. This is a pretty big deal, right?

So not only should you be using all 30 of Instagram’s allowed hashtags in each post, you’ll also want to see them as a secret weapon. But, spoiler alert, not all secret weapons are pretty.

Your client wants clean, perfected work. And while we know hashtags are a powerful element to your client’s overall Instagram strategy, they don’t look too crash hot! Sked’s Instagram manager allows you to add hashtags to the first comment of your post, all within the tool.

Instagram Management Tool for Agencies - Captions - Sked Social

No more messy asterisks guiding the eye down, ruining the flow of your post or filling up your word count. Enter all 30 hashtags into the post’s first comment at the click of a button all within the scheduling phase.

7. Use The Feature Function For A Quick Overview Of Aesthetics

When you’re looking for the perfect Instagram management tool for agencies, you want one that can do it all. And while a lot of your hard work has gone into image sourcing, strategy planning, caption curating and hashtag research, you want your client’s content to look one hundred percent.

Instagram Management Tool for Agencies - Visual Planner - Sked Social

Sked’s inbuilt preview function allows you to view your client’s feed as it would look once uploaded to Instagram. In some cases, you may find that the flow you had in mind could be improved.

With Sked’s pickup and drop image re-arranging Instagram management tool, you can play around with the overall aesthetic of your feed right then and there. Re-arranging your images is simpler than ever and avoids the dreaded manual reschedule to test out new layouts. This means your client will receive the best possible arrangement of content to review in the draft stage. It also takes out a lot of the mystery (cue the sci-fi music) around what the finished product will look like for you and the client.

Instagram Analytics & Productivity Maximising

Even if your client’s feed looks banging, they’ll want to know the types of results you’re achieving for them. With Sked’s Instagram management tool for agencies, this becomes a simple part of your process. Sked Social also ensures that you’re not wasting time on tasks that could otherwise be streamlined. #winning

8. Set and Forget Auto-Posting

Taking advantage of Sked’s auto-posting feature is a clever move for your agency. You have better things to do with your time than to go back over the content you’ve already finalized. The last thing you want are push notifications, caption copying and reminder bells filling up your phone – no thank you! Let’s say you’re in a meeting, on a flight or simply not able to grab your phone at your client’s ideal posting time, Sked’s Instagram manager allows you to set and forget your client’s posts.

All you need to do is schedule in your client’s post on a selected day and time, then Sked Social will take care of the rest. This makes planning bulk content easier than ever.

Is productivity important in your agency? Then why not use auto-posting to its full potential and schedule Instagram content weeks or months in advance? We’ve heard of people scheduling for a whole quarter all in one hit so their time can be invested in other areas of their agency. Yikes! It may take some time in the beginning, but this is a clever system if you ask us!

Instagram Story Metrics Made Easy

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9. Save Hashtags Lists To Streamline Your Process

Hashtag research can take up a lot of your time. And a clever way to make use of all of that energy investment is to save your hashtags into lists. Instead of chopping and changing with each and every post, aimlessly typing in hashtags you think may be a good fit or trying to find that Word document you saved them all in—have them stored safely in lists on Sked, ready to go.

Chances are, if your client has a multidimensional Instagram strategy with different posting objectives, some posts may have similarities. Learn from your client’s audience by testing which types of posts perform best. And along with each post’s subject (for example, a beauty brand may post about their ingredients, customers, and products), use a corresponding hashtag list.

Not only will this mean your hashtag lists are available for easy access across your different accounts, but you’ll also gain valuable insights into the types of posts that appeal to your client’s target market best.

Instagram Management Tool for Agencies - Hashtag Manager - Sked Social

10. Monitor Your Client’s Analytics

New feature alert! Yep, everyone’s favorite Instagram tool for agencies has recently introduced a thorough analytics system. Sked Social’s Instagram management tool offers a complete solution to your agency’s needs when it comes to managing client accounts.

Within the analytics system, your agency is able to track follower growth, comments, engagement, clicks and more. Not only this, but you can also change views to cover daily, weekly and monthly analytics to suit your client’s required timeframes. This functionality can be useful when sending reports of different timeframes, comparing post results for different times of the year and measuring the successfulness of different campaigns.

Long gone are the days of manually recording your client’s metrics. Now you’ll find them all in the one place. And to make life easier for you, Sked’s Instagram tool allows you to export this data into a PDF and send it away to your client. Easy!

Instagram Management Tool for Agencies - Instagram Analytics - Sked Social

Instagram Management Tool for Agencies - Instagram Analytics - Sked Social

11. Fast Support

Sked’s virtual support team is just a click of a button away. We understand that your agency is fast-paced and answers are needed quickly. Sked’s experienced team works tirelessly to respond to all inquiries promptly.

Make use of Sked’s chat boxes, support email or book in time for a one-on-one session with a member of the Sked Social team. There’s also a thorough Knowledge Base where you can find the answers to commonly asked questions. Sked’s Instagram management tool for agencies has left no stone unturned when it comes to your productivity, timeliness, and efficiency—why not try it for yourself?

Now It’s Your Turn

If you’re looking to carve out hours in your social media workflow, sign up for Sked’s 7-day trial. Our all-in-one Instagram scheduler allows you to automatically post images, carousels, Stories, videos and more. Tag locations, users and products and manage all your hashtags in one place to save 5+ hours every week.