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Sked Social iOS App Arrives

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We’re thrilled to announce the relaunch of the Sked Social iOS App! While the app has been around for some time, we’ve recently introduced key upgrades to it.

With the latest update of the Sked Social iOS App, you can now:

  • Create posts for multiple social media accounts from your phone
  • Upload a single image, multiple image (carousel), Instagram Story or video straight from your phone
  • Schedule or send posts to Drafts and Queue

Not a customer yet? Sign up for your free 7-day trial to experience the power of Sked Social for yourself.

We’re dedicated to building the world’s best Instagram scheduling tool. And part of that includes making key features accessible to you, no matter where you are. Here’s a step by step walkthrough of how to plan, schedule and publish social media posts straight from your mobile device.

How to Schedule Posts with the Sked Social iOS App

Once you’ve downloaded the Sked Social App, enter your regular login details from the home screen.

You’ll notice a layout similar to your login box from the desktop version of Sked Social.

Sked Social Mobile App Login Screen1. Choose Your Account/s

Once you’ve logged in, select the account (or accounts) you’d like to upload to.

Small tags in the top right corner of each account’s profile picture identify account types.

  • Facebook: An ‘FB’ tag identifies Facebook accounts
  • Instagram: An ‘IG’ tag identifies Instagram accounts

Just like the desktop version of Sked Social, you’re able to upload to multiple platforms within the Sked Social App.

Sked Social Mobile App New post Screen 1st choose accounts2. Select The Type of Post You’re Creating

Flexibility is one of the most exciting elements of our new release App.

Choose the type of content you would like to upload.

The supported content types are:

  • Single Image Posts
  • Multiple Image Carousel Posts
  • Instagram Stories
  • Video Posts

Once you’ve selected your posting type, click ‘Select Media’ from the bottom of your screen.

Sked Social iOS App - New post 2nd choose type of post

3. Upload Media File/s

Next, upload your media file (or files).

Your selected image, images or video can be:

  • Selected from your Library
  • Taken directly from your mobile device, in real time

Multiple upload choices mean you have a wider range of options when creating new social media posts with the app.


Sked Social Mobile App 3rd upload your image4. Add Captions and Hashtags

Once you’ve selected your imagery, type your caption straight into the app’s caption field.

For Instagram posts, you can add hashtags directly into your first comment, too.


Sked Social Mobile App New post 4th add your caption hashtags5. Select a Scheduling Date and Time

If you’re choosing to schedule your social media content, simply click ‘Schedule’ from the bottom of the screen.

From here you’re presented with a date and time selection wheel.

Scroll to your chosen publishing day and time. Then click ‘Confirm.’

Sked Social Mobile App New post 5th choose date to schedule


6. You’ll Receive a Success Message

Once you’ve confirmed the publishing details for your post, you’ll receive a ‘Post scheduled!’ message at the bottom of your screen.

This means your post is now in scheduled for your selected publishing time and date.


Sked Social Mobile App New post 6th you'll get a success message

Extra Capabilities

Besides scheduling posts on the go, the Sked Social App offers a few more handy features. We’ve designed these for ease of use and accessibility.

Let’s take a look at other features you’ll have access to within the Sked Social App.

1. View Upcoming Posts

To see your upcoming posts, simply toggle to ‘UPCOMING’ at the top of your screen.

Here you’re met with the scheduled content for all the accounts you manage through Sked Social.

This gives you easy viewing of future posts in chronological order.

You’ll notice blue ‘FB’ tags assigned to Facebook content. And pink ‘IG’ tags for Instagram accounts.


Sked Social Mobile App View upcoming posts


2. View Drafts

Drafting posts in Sked Social have been a favourite feature for many of our users. That’s why we’ve introduced this to the Sked Social App, too.

Simply toggle to ‘DRAFTS’ at the top of your screen. You’re then presented with a list of posts which aren’t in your publishing schedule.

Drafted posts come in handy when you don’t have the time to source imagery right at that moment. Maybe there’s a special holiday which slipped your mind. News dropped in your industry and you need a post to go up quickly. Simply choose a drafted post image, create a caption, add hashtags and publish on the spot.

Sked Social Mobile App View drafts


3. Edit Scheduled Posts

You’ve had a burst of creative energy on your morning commute (it always happens that way). Don’t let the moment pass by waiting until you’re at your computer. Instead, open scheduled posts on the Sked Social App and edit them in real time.

Sked Social Mobile App Edit scheduled posts or drafts

Get in touch! What features would you love to see on the Sked Social App?

We’re always improving our platform and social media capabilities to offer you the best scheduling tool. And we take all feedback seriously. So if there’s something you’d love to see from us, don’t be afraid to get in touch.

Let us know how we can help improve your social media scheduling processes. Email us at [email protected].

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