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LAUNCHED: LinkedIn Company Page Scheduling In Sked Social

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Announcing the launch of LinkedIn Company Page planning, scheduling & publishing. Manage your content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter AND Linkedin.

We’re excited to announce the launch of LinkedIn Company Page planning, scheduling and publishing.

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What is a LinkedIn Company Page?

Company Pages let you engage with a professional audience on LinkedIn on behalf of your company or brand. Sometimes this is about engaging with clients or potential customers, and for other brands their LinkedIn strategy is about attracting talent and showing how great it is to work for the business. You can see some more about Company Pages in LinkedIn’s explainer page.

Currently, Sked Social supports ‘Company Pages’ and personal profiles. Company Pages are the businesses that you can ‘follow’ on LinkedIn. Here’s an example: the Sked Social company page:

Sked Social LinkedIn Company Page

How to schedule LinkedIn Company Page posts with Sked Social

When you add a LinkedIn Company Page to Sked Social, they are treated just like Facebook Pages or Twitter accounts – you can tick the Company Page when you are posting content to post to it, whether simultaneously with other channels or alone. Here’s an example:

Sked Social supports the following post types for LinkedIn scheduling:

  • Text or link posts (including attaching a ‘rich link’ so that the large link preview is displayed)
  • Single image posts
  • Multiple image carousel posts

We’re working on video scheduling support and hope to have this launched soon.

Getting started: check you’re a LinkedIn Company Page administrator

You will need to be an Administrator of the LinkedIn Company Page to be able to schedule to it (LinkedIn shows these as ‘Designated Admins’).

To check who is assigned as an administrator, head to the LinkedIn Page, then click ‘manage admins’ under the ‘admin tools’ menu in the top right.

Here’s what it looks like:


Adding your LinkedIn Company Page to Sked Social

Then, head to the accounts page in Sked Social and click “Add LinkedIn Company Page”.

We’ll authorise your LinkedIn account, and then show you the Company Pages available to add to Sked and you can select which one(s) you’d like to add, like this:

Add LinkedIn Page to Sked Social

Rest assured that we do not get any access to view or post content to your personal profile – we only receive information about the companies that you are an administrator of.

Pricing for LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn Company Pages are treated the same as Facebook Pages or Twitter accounts for pricing – so if your plan includes up to 6 ‘non-Instagram’ accounts, each LinkedIn Company Page will count for one of these included accounts.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team!

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