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Facebook Arrives To Sked Social

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The day has finally come!

We’re excited to announce the launch of Facebook Page scheduling for Sked Social.

As we recently revealed, Schedugram is now called Sked.

Our roots remain in building the world’s best Instagram scheduling tool that delivers premium feature integrations like Story scheduling and product tagging. And today, we’re bringing the same approach to your Facebook Page to help you deliver a consistent aesthetic across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, while also saving time thanks to Sked’s visual-first workflows.

Not a customer already? Join us for a free 7-day trial and see the power of Sked Social for yourself.

Here are a few highlights of the features we support in the new multi-platform Sked Social.

All your scheduled and published posts in one place

With Sked Social, you can see all of your scheduled and posted content in one dashboard.

Need approval from other stakeholders? No problem! Export your schedule to PDF to send to clients or managers, and use drafts to store those ideas as and when they appear.

Sked Social

With Sked, you can forget about checking multiple tools or platforms for a single overview of your campaign, and in case any last minute changes are necessary, Sked Social makes it easy to jump in and edit quickly.

Use Rich Content Formats to show off your Brand’s Images, Videos and Creativity

Sked Social supports all of the content types you want for each platform. Here’s a quick list of the different types of posts you can schedule – either together or individually:

  • Facebook Pages
  • Text or link status post
  • Single image
  • Single video
  • Multiple image/video album post (non-carousel – an ‘album’ style post where images are attached to the status)
  • Multiple image carousel post (see example)
  • Instagram profiles
  • Single image
  • Single video
  • Multiple image / video carousel post (‘swipe post’)
  • Instagram story single image post
  • Instagram story single video post

Find out more about Sked Socia’s Facebook Scheduler. >>

‘Magic crop’ your images according to each Platform’s Optimal Dimensions

One of the biggest gripes we’ve heard from customers is making sure that images will look as expected once published.

Worry no longer – with our new ‘Magic Crop’ feature, you’ll be able to crop images to the maximum allowable aspect ratio for each platform, and adjust if necessary.

Prefer square on Instagram but landscape on Facebook? Not a problem! Magic crop makes the process incredibly quick and easy, and uses an intelligent cropping engine to detect the focus of your images.

Use Common captions to improve your scheduling speed

Many of our customers use the same content across their social channels, so we’ve introduced a Common Caption feature that applies one caption to multi-platform posts.

A Common Caption allows you to easily set the same caption to be published across your multi-platform content (whether it’s a video, carousel or album post). You can either use that one caption to accompany your content across your chosen platforms or modify the content slightly depending on the platform (e.g. to mention brand ambassadors by handle within Instagram captions, versus by name on Facebook Page captions).

If you prefer, you can ‘un-link’ your captions and type each individually as well!

Post templates can easily store and recall commonly used captions, hashtag groups or other text

With the launch of Sked, comes the redesign of our popular Hashtag Manager.

Now called Template Manager, these custom templates have been expanded to allow grouping and storing of anything – feel free to add emojis, line breaks, recurring captions, hashtags, or mentions, and give the template a memorable name. You’ll then be able to quickly add them to your content during scheduling.

You can add a post template to a caption or first comment for Instagram by clicking the in the corner of the box.

The best part about Template Manager is the ability to add your templates to a caption via a keyboard shortcut – you can also type `//` and then the name of the post template, hit enter, and we’ll immediately insert your template’s content then and there. No need to leave the keyboard!

Queue lets you have a regular posting schedule

One of our most popular Instagram features is Queue. Sked’s Queue allowed users to set up a recurring schedule of publishing times, then drop new content into the Queue to be published during the next available time slot.

Good news! Within Sked, the same functionality is available for Facebook scheduling!

Here’s an example of queue times set for weekdays and weekends (everyone needs a sleep-in sometimes!):

When you’re uploading posts, instead of having to choose a specific date and time, simply choose ‘Add to Queue’ and Sked schedules your content to be published at your next available Queue time.

You can jump into upcoming posts at any point and drag-and-drop to re-order the posts in your queue, or for Instagram you can use our visual grid planner.

Queue is great for that content that isn’t overly time-sensitive. The feature saves you a lot of time and brainpower too!

If you have a few posts that need to go out at specific times (ie. the launch of your sale), you can schedule your content and choose a specific date and time. If your post overlaps with a time in your Queue, Sked Social automatically skips that slot so you won’t publish twice within a short amount of time.

Let us know! What features are you craving from your Social Media Scheduling Platform?

There you have it—a quick highlight of Sked’s Facebook Page support features (version 1.0). Best of all, we’re always building new and exciting components based on your feedback, so don’t be afraid to get in touch.

What do you wish social media scheduling looked like? Let us know by emailing us at [email protected].