Social Media News: Facebook Changes Organic Impression Calculations, Search Ads, Introduces IGTV Series

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This week in social media news: Facebook changes how they calculate organic impressions, search ads are now available to all advertisers, IGTV series is available for Creator accounts, Instagram and Facebook are clearly labeling false information, and Twitter asks for feedback dealing

This week in social media news: Facebook changes how they calculate organic impressions, search ads are now available to all advertisers, IGTV series is available for Creator accounts, Instagram and Facebook are clearly labeling false information, and Twitter asks for feedback dealing with deep fakes.

Facebook is changing how it calculates organic impressions

Don’t freak out! Between October 17-28, Facebook will be rolling out changes for how it calculates organic impressions to better align with how they calculate ad impressions.

Source: Matt Navara

This means that you will probably see a decrease in your impressions but it really has NO impact on your actual distribution, reach or impressions. Facebook is just reporting it in a different way.

And honestly, it will probably be more accurate now so we can reassess our goals and better define benchmarks.

Facebook search ads

Facebook began testing search ads in 2018, but now the option is available to all advertisers.

We just participated in Social Media Examiner’s ‘Social Media Marketing Talk Show‘ podcast and guest speaker, Gavin Bell explained it like this:

Advertisers cannot solely run search ads and have no control over what key words their ads will run in. Basically when you select your placement, you’ll have the option to include search ads (or if you have automatic placement, it will be selected for you). Then Facebook will determine the key words.

When someone searches Facebook or Facebook Marketplace, they will now see ads that are relevant to their search word.

But again, as of right now, the advertisers are not in control of what keywords the ads will be placed in.

Bell did talk about how this might be the start of a transition to compete with Google Ads and suggested that in the future we might be able to select the key words.

So when running Facebook ads, you will still target your ads the same way, but now Facebook will include them in searches.

IGTV now has series for creators

Early this year, Instagram launched the Creator account for users who are not businesses or personal, but use the platform to make videos. Creator accounts have more insights that allow users to better understand and increase their online presence.

Source: Instagram

Now as a Creator account, users will have access to upload their IGTV videos to a series. Videos that are part of a series will have a badge with the series name on it so that it’s easily differentiated from other videos.

Fans can turn on notifications for their favorite Creators and get notified when there’s a new episode.

When viewers watch a video that is part of a series, other videos in that series will automatically be the next suggested video (which is great incentive to add videos to a series).

If you have a Creator account, you can start adding to a series by clicking Add to Series. Then give the series a name and a description and you’re good to go.

Facebook and Insta will label false information

In a blog post this week, Facebook discussed how they are going to help protect the 2020 US elections. Part of this is an attempt to prevent the spread of viral misinformation.

Over the next month, Facebook and Instagram will be more clearly labeling information that was deemed false by third-party fact-checkers. Users will be able to see why the information is false and then can click to see the post. This gives users a better idea of what they are reading, trusting and sharing.

They also say, “Much like we do on Facebook when people try to share known misinformation, we’re also introducing a new pop-up that will appear when people attempt to share posts on Instagram that include content that has been debunked by third-party fact-checkers.”

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram aren’t going to ban world leaders/politicians for breaking the platform rules because it’s in the public’s interest. But, these features should help moderate that and better inform users.

Instagram is testing follower groups

As reported by reverse engineer, Jane Manchun Wong, Instagram is testing a feature that puts your followers into groups.

Source: Jane Manchun Wong

The idea is that grouping the accounts will make them easier to manage. Some are saying this makes it easier to unfollow people and gives more control over what you see in your feed.

Twitter is asking for feedback on how to manage deep fakes

On Monday, Twitter Safety posted that they are working on a new policy to address “synthetic and manipulated media on Twitter.”

Source: Twitter Safety

Some people suggest clearly labeling deep fakes, others care more about other stuff like the algorithm.

Hashtag Holidays

October is almost over! Here are a few fun hashtag holidays that are coming up:

  • October 25 – #WorldPastaDay
  • October 29 – #NationalInternetDay
  • October 31 – #Halloween
  • November 1 – #WorldVeganDay

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