Social Media News: Facebook Considering Hiding Likes, Twitter Disables SMS Tweets

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This week in social media news: Facebook is considering hiding likes, Twitter temporarily disables SMS Tweeting and gets active on Instagram.

Facebook appears to be following suit with Instagram and testing out hiding likes. They also released a white paper with considerations for increased data portability. After Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey and other celebrity accounts were hacked, Twitter has temporarily disabled the ability to Tweet through SMS.

Facebook is Considering Hiding Likes

Reverse engineer guru, Jane Manchun Wong found code in the Facebook Android app that would hide the number of Likes on Facebook posts.

Wong says that “the like/reaction count is hidden from anyone other than the creator of the post, just like how it works on Instagram. The list of people who liked/reacted will still be accessible, but the amount will be hidden.” However, the count for the comment section is still visible.

Facebook confirmed to TechCrunch that they have considered testing the removal of Like counts, but not that they are actually doing it yet.

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise as we have already seen this test on Instagram. In a previous blog post, we explored the unintended consequences of removing likes from Instagram, which could be similar for Facebook.

Hiding likes might reduce the anxieties of posting for perceived popularity. Some suggest it might also prevent people from taking down posts that aren’t getting enough likes in their eyes.

Facebook Releases White Pages for Privacy and Data Portability

Facebook released a white paper that they hope will advance the conversation about data portability and privacy. They say, “At Facebook, we believe that part of having a free and open internet means that people should be able to share their data with the apps or services they like most.”

Source: Facebook

This means that the social media platform is looking for better ways for consumers to take their information to other platforms. But Facebook understands the challenges presented and outlined five key questions they are considering:

  1. What is data portability? Even though “data portability” is already written into laws in some places, the concept still means different things to different people. We try to set out a taxonomy for  distinguishing between different types of data transfers with the aim of identifying what is — and isn’t — “data portability.”
  2. Which data should be portable? We discuss different takes on what it means for a person to port the data they have “provided” to a service and what factors stakeholders should consider in defining the scope of portable data.
  3. Whose data should be portable? Data is often associated with more than one person in digital services, like photos, videos and contact lists. Should transferring companies limit data portability in those cases? How can providers ensure that each individual’s rights are accounted for?
  4. How should we protect privacy while enabling portability? What responsibilities, if any, should transferring companies have with respect to people requesting or receiving data transfers and people whose interests may be implicated by a transfer?
  5. After people’s data is transferred, who is responsible if the data is misused or improperly protected? Should transferring or recipient companies be accountable? Should users themselves be responsible for issues that affect their (or their friends’) data?

So far Facebook has been exploring portability tools, developing new standards as part of the Data Transfer Project, hosting conversations with experts and policy makers, and contributing to innovative projects.

Having portable data would allow more cohesion between social media platforms.

Twitter “Temporarily” Disables Tweeting via SMS

Twitter has temporarily disabled its feature to Tweet through text messages. This comes a few days after hackers posted from Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey’s account as well as various celebrity accounts.

Tweet from @TwitterSupport about disabling the feature to Tweet via SMS
Source: Twitter

Hackers were able to use the phone number associated with Dorsey’s account to send text messages that posted to his account.

Twitter blamed this on lack of security from phone companies Tweeting, “The phone number associated with the account was compromised due to a security oversight by the mobile provider. This allowed an unauthorized person to compose and send tweets via text message from the phone number. That issue is now resolved.”

So what does this mean for you and your clients? Since most people just use the Twitter app now and don’t rely on SMS to post, the disabling of this feature shouldn’t impact your Twitter game.

You may want to re-evaluate how secure your social media accounts are though. One way to help maintain security is to use two-factor authentication by using a mobile security app.

Twitter has Finally Posted on Instagram

For awhile, Twitter’s Instagram page has been empty. But this week, they finally made a move, in the most Twitter-esque way possible.

It all started with this tweet:

Tweet from @Miagrassia28

And Twitter did, deciding to use Instagram in exactly that way, posting screenshots of Tweets.

Twitter's Instagram page

Posting screenshots of Tweets on Instagram is not a new trend. The Instagram posts often get more engagement than the Tweet itself.

Is this something that could be a useful tactic as social media managers? A Tweet that gets lost in the steady flow of content on Twitter might have better traction as a screenshot on Instagram.

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