Social Media News: Facebook Hiding Likes, Twitter Bans Financial Scams, Facebook and Politicians

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Facebook starts hiding likes, Twitter updates their policies to ban financial scams, Facebook says that politicians are exempt from the third party fact checking program and Twitter rolls out multiple timelines.

This week in social media news: Facebook starts hiding likes, Twitter updates their policies to ban financial scams, Facebook says that politicians are exempt from the third party fact checking program and Twitter rolls out multiple timelines.

Facebook To Start Hiding Likes

Earlier this month we wrote a blog about how reverse engineer guru, Jane Manchun Wong found code in the Facebook Android app that would hide the number of Likes on Facebook posts.

According to TechCrunch, Facebook has confirmed that on Friday, September 27, they are officially beginning to test hiding likes, starting in Australia.

The author will still be able to see the like count, but other users will see something that looks like this:

Source: TechCrunch

Users can still see that people have reacted to the post, along with a few names who have liked it. The number of comments on the post will still be visible as well.

The goal is to reduce the pressures from worrying about how many likes a post got. It can also encourage users to like posts that they genuinely care about instead of feeling pressured to like a post because tons of other people like it.

Authors can feel more comfortable sharing content and users can be more critical of what they like.

Of course the question is, will this reduce like counts? And will it throw off engagement numbers for brands that use the number of likes in their analytics?

Twitter Updates Policy to Ban Financial Scams

Twitter Safety posted on Monday that they updated their policies to prohibit financial scams. In a blog post Twitter said, “You are not allowed to create accounts, post Tweets, or send Direct Messages that solicit engagement in such fraudulent schemes.”

Specifically, Twitter is on the look out for the following:

  • Relationship/trust-building scams. You may not deceive others into sending you money or personal financial information by operating a fake account or by posing as a public figure or an organization.
  • Money-flipping schemes. You may not engage in “money flipping” schemes (for example, guaranteeing to send someone a large amount of money in return for a smaller initial payment via a wire transfer or prepaid debit card).
  • Fraudulent discounts. You may not operate schemes which make discount offers to others wherein fulfillment of the offers is paid for using stolen credit cards and/or stolen financial credentials.
  • Phishing scams. You may not pose as or imply affiliation with banks or other financial institutions to acquire others’ personal financial information. Keep in mind that other forms of phishing to obtain such information are also in violation of our platform manipulation and spam policy.

Twitter urges users to report these Tweets by going to “Report Tweet” from the option menu and selecting “It’s suspicious or spam” and then selecting the reason for why/how it is suspicious.

If a Tweet is considered to violate this policy, users might have to go through anti-spam challenges, have their URL blacklisted, Tweets deleted, accounts locked or be permanently suspended.

Facebook Exempts Politicians from Third Party Fact Checkers

In a blog posted to Facebook Newsroom on Tuesday, Nick Clegg, VP of Global Affairs and Communications discussed Facebook’s stance on elections and political speech.

Facebook has been removing fake news and viral misinformation using third party fact checkers, but politicians are exempt from this.

Clegg says, “Today, I announced that from now on we will treat speech from politicians as newsworthy content that should, as a general rule, be seen and heard.”

When determining the “newsworthiness” of politicians’ content, Facebook will consider the value of the speech against the risk of harm. “Content that has the potential to incite violence, for example, may pose a safety risk that outweighs the public interest value,” Clegg says.

However, political content that appears in Ads will still have to meet the requirements of the Community Guidelines.

You can read the full speech and detailed guidelines here.

Twitter Rolls out Multiple Timelines

Back in June, Twitter started testing a feature that allows users to make lists that translate into different timelines that you can swipe between. It is now rolling out to everyone on iOS.

Source: Twitter

The idea is that users can create personalized timelines just showing the information they want to see – maybe all fashion and beauty in one, sports in another and business in another.

Here’s how it works:

  • Create a list (you can make up to five)
  • Name your list and add users who fall into that category
  • Pin it (make sure the push pin icon is blue)
  • That’s it!

Now when you go to your home feed you will see the blue bars on the top of your screen where you can swipe between your timelines.

Hashtag Holidays October 1-7

Need some content inspiration? Here’s a few #holidays that can be used as filler content:

  • October 1 – #InternationalCoffeeDay
  • October 4 – #NationalTacoDay
  • October 5 – #WorldTeachersDay

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