Social Media News: Instagram Stories Quiz Sticker, 500 Million Facebook Stories Users and More

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Following suspicions, this week we saw the launch of the Instagram Stories Quiz Sticker. It’s safe to say that businesses and Instagrammers alike are intrigued by the new feature. Facebook also announced that it crossed the 500 million daily active Facebook Stories

Following suspicions, this week we saw the launch of the Instagram Stories Quiz Sticker. It’s safe to say that businesses and Instagrammers alike are intrigued by the new feature. Facebook also announced that it crossed the 500 million daily active Facebook Stories users mark and we got the lowdown on collaborating with clients on Instagram content. Here’s the latest in social media news:

Launched: The Instagram Stories Quiz Sticker

Instagram has upped the ante on user engagement yet again. Rolling out the new Instagram Stories Quiz Sticker this week, we saw Instagrammers flock to try out the latest introduction.

Social Media News - Instagram Stories Quiz Sticker - Sked Social

Image Source: Instagram 

The Instagram Stories Quiz Sticker allows users to set up a question, type multiple answers (up to four), mark one as correct, customise colours and test an audience’s knowledge.

Then, once a member of the audience answers the quiz, they’ll be presented with the correct answer in green, and if they chose the wrong answer, their selection will appear in red.

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As the Instagram Story Quiz host, you’ll simply need to swipe up to review answers.

This is an interesting addition to the Polls and Questions Stickers which appears to gamify connections.

Friends, businesses and brands alike can test how well they know others, or more importantly, how well others know them.

Social Media News - Instagram Stories Quiz Sticker - Sked Social

Using the new Instagram Stories Quiz Sticker as a data collecting tool is a clever way to discover if key brand messages have been communicated effectively, or not.

So, how can your business make the most of the new Instagram Stories Quiz Sticker?

Quiz your audience on:

  • Information about members of your team
  • The specifics of your latest promotion
  • Your most popular service or product
  • Future plans for your brand

The world really is your oyster with the new Instagram Stories Quiz Sticker! Don’t forget to analyse your results and use them to learn more about your audience, discover insights about your brand’s message and above all else – have fun!

Facebook Stories Miraculously Hits 500 Million Daily Users

Following Facebook’s first-quarter earnings report, Mark Zuckerberg has announced the whopping figures for Facebook Stories. In an announcement that surprised, well, almost everyone, it appears that Facebook Stories are pretty darn popular.

Is your business or brand sharing Instagram Stories over to Facebook? With 500 million people checking their Facebook Stories each day, remaining active on the platform should be on your radar. That is, if that’s where your audience is hanging out.

Since Facebook Stories are still relatively new, reach appears to be greater than Business Page Facebook Posts, so getting in on the action in Stories could be worth the extra button push.

Twitter Tests Hidden Replies

Jane Manchun Wong has also uncovered Twitter’s efforts behind the scenes to test a hidden replies feature.

Following Twitter’s reports that less emphasis may be made on connections in the future, this could be an extension of the move.

Twitter Reply Hides - Social Media News

Jane mentions that the new feature appears to “protect conversations.” This could be useful for businesses and brands who want to engage in conversations with Twitter connections, without the world to see. Stay tuned.

Is This The End of The Instagram Aesthetic?

We once saw perfectly curated grids on Instagram. Balancing colour, tone, space and always boasting the perfect lighting. Who best to represent these glorious feeds than influencers? But times they are a-changing and it turns out that even influencers themselves are sick of the picture-perfect posts.

We’re seeing a real shift online where influencers and businesses alike are switching out perfection for real, raw and honest content. A new generation is opting to share photos straight from their phones instead of carting DSLR cameras to the beach and side-stepping studying the art of photo editing.

Less posed and more candid photos are taking the Instagram world by storm. And we’re seeing more influencers using apps like Huji to decrease a photo’s quality. Also, captures of themselves lazing about and selfie-snapping in mirrors shows just how ‘real’ this new wave is.

But we’re also seeing brands shift their Instagram aesthetic to keep up with the times. Glossier, for example, shares imagery of their products which aren’t studio perfected, videos of animals and everyday girl closeups.

Social Media - Real Posts - Sked Social

Has your brand begun breaking down barriers to expose the real you? Are you connecting with your audience with authenticity and minus the FaceTune? It looks to be the way of the future.

Stay at the World’s Most Instagrammable Hostel for Just $24 Per Night

Need some new snaps for your business’s branding? Sending products to Influencers in Marrakesh? Any excuse will do for a work trip, right? Well, this might be the very best excuse of all.

Social Media News - Most Instagrammable Hostel - Sked Social reported that the exotic Rodamon Riad Hostel’s prices start from a minuscule $24 per night.

In a world where visual branding plays such a large role in any business, scoping out new and exciting locations is something to have on your radar at all times. Even if it means splurging on an impromptu trip to work virtually, Oh, if you must.

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Nell Casey of Fete Creative Chats Collaborating with Clients

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In our latest edition of SMM Chats (talking all things social media management with successful figures in the space), we caught up with Nell Casey. Copywriter, Content Marketer and the face behind Fete Creative.

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