Social Media News: New Facebook logo, Twitter topics, donate button on Instagram

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This week in social media news: Facebook drops a new logo, Twitter rolls out Topics and non-profits can now add a donate button straight to their Instagram profile.

Facebook unveils new company logo

Facebook introduced a new logo to better differentiate between the company and the apps and products that it owns. Basically they dropped the lower-case f, typed FACEBOOK in all caps and gave us a color-changing gif representing their brands.

Source: Facebook

But like the Verge is putting it like this:

“At the same time, the new logo feels like it might also be an attempt to keep Facebook’s different brands a little bit more distinct amid almost nonstop controversy. The different logos seem to say that Facebook the company is not entirely defined by Facebook the social network — they just happen to share the same name and controlling interests.” – The Verge

They will also be adding “from Facebook” to the other services that they offer to become more transparent (or so they say).

Twitter rolls out Topics

According to the Verge, Twitter is rolling out a feature called Topics.

Source: The Verge

Users will be able to follow more than 300 topics that range from sports to entertainment to gaming. Similarly to how you follow people, you can follow a topic.

You’ll be shown content relating to that topic and from people who you don’t follow but are credible in that subject.

The goal is to make it easier to find accounts to follow and start conversations.

The new feature is set to roll out November 13 so stay tuned and let us know your thoughts!

Nonprofits can have a donate button straight on their IG profile

According to Forbes, Facebook has made it easier for non-profits to receive donations straight from their Instagram profiles.

There haven’t been any announcements about this release, but there has been an update to the Instagram help page. There’s now directions on how to add the donate button to the profile.

To raise money on Instagram, there are couple things you have to do, all outlined by IG here. Basically you have to prove you’re an actual non-profit, enroll in Facebook Charitable Giving Tools, get approved, have a business account and have it linked to a verified Facebook page.

With Giving Tuesday just around the corner, this is a welcome change for the non-profits of IG.

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