Social Media News: Stop Motion Video, Facebook Cryptocurrency and IGTV Ideas

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From Instagram’s stop motion video testing and a new cryptocurrency for Facebook. To Facebook Business Page tidy ups and Twitter tweaks. Here’s the latest in social media news. Instagram tests stop motion video We can always count on Jane Manchun Wong to

From Instagram’s stop motion video testing and a new cryptocurrency for Facebook. To Facebook Business Page tidy ups and Twitter tweaks. Here’s the latest in social media news.

Instagram tests stop motion video

We can always count on Jane Manchun Wong to share the scoop on Instagram’s latest backend experiments.

This week, it’s stop motion videos. You know, those little clips that make inanimate objects look like they’re moving?

This is an exciting time for those in creative industries, and since storytelling is at the forefront of everyone’s minds on social – we love this extra function.

Instagram Stop Motion Video Stot - Sked Social

While the stop motion videos currently allow for ten frames posted as their own Story, it’s anticipated that these will hopefully be merged into a single story for ease of viewing.

Here are some ideas on how brands can use stop motion to their advantage across industries.

  • Fashion brands – Building outfits one piece at a time
  • Travel brands – Creating sharable adventures of brand mascots
  • Creative brands – Humanising your tools to grow connections between your craft and your audience (i.e. pens and paints)

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Facebook is removing certain Business Page features

Facebook is constantly evolving to enhance the user-experience. But what we don’t often see is the removal of elements.

If you’re frequenting the Facebook Business portal on a regular basis, you would have noticed some warnings popping up.

But which sections, in particular, will be removed? According to Social Media Today, these sections are:

  • Mission
  • Company Overview
  • Biography
  • Affiliation
  • Personal Interests

Why? It’s presumed that these areas aren’t widely read. Though it does cement the fact that conveying a brand’s mission and values in social media captions has never been more important.

Instagram Stop Motion Video - Facebook Business -Sked Social

Removing such high-level overviews of a brand’s overarching themes mean clarity within your messaging is an area to double-check within your social media strategy.

Twitter removes Geotagging

This week Twitter took down their geotagging feature. According to The Verge, no one was using it so Twitter called it a day.

Similarly to Instagram, Twitter initially anticipated that users would discover new connections by browsing locations.

Instead, users organised meeting up and connecting through trending topics and hashtags.

Were you or your clients searching geotags at business events? Perhaps you were building connections at conferences and meetings using this tactic.

Instagram Stop Motion Video - Twitter Geotagging - Sked Social
Image source: Twitter Support

Since Twitter geotagging is no longer available, we recommend using the location tag on other platforms and Twitter hashtags to discover new members of your ideal audience.

Facebook is launching its own cryptocurrency

This Tuesday, Facebook announced the launch of their new cryptocurrency, Libra.

While this new form of currency does have the potential to revolutionise online payments, it won’t be available in China or India. Cryptocurrency is strictly banned in China and it’s a no-go in India too.

So, what does this mean? Upon its launch in 2020 one in three people won’t have access to the feature.

Are your clients or their ideal customers based in these locations?

Facebook’s new cryptocurrency is being faced with much negativity. Some parts of America and the EU are up in arms about this new payment method too.

US Financial Services chair Maxine Waters urged Facebook to stop the development of Libra immediately while France’s finance minister said it could not be allowed to become a sovereign currency, just hours after the official announcement, reports Business Insider.

Stay tuned for advancements and the questionable launch set to kick off in 2020.

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