Supporting animals affected by the Australian bushfires

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Sked Social is an Australian company at heart, and we're donating to local charities to help the environment and animal species on the ground.

Climate change and other environmental factors have caused Australia to have one of the worst bush fire seasons on record.

These fires have devastated communities across Australia, causing the loss of property, belongings and tragically some lives.

People and animals have been displaced as fires caused entire regions to be evacuated, and smoke has pervaded our capital cities for months.

We’re thankful of the hard work of firefighters, both volunteer and professional – including those who have come from overseas to help provide some relief to those working at the front line.

Thanks to everyone who has donated to fire services and charities supporting these communities.

As an Australian business, with a quokka as our mascot (no, it’s not a groundhog or very fat cat – it’s a native Australian animal), we wanted to provide support specifically to some organisations supporting wildlife recovery from fires.

We’ve made $2,500 donations to each of:

WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service) [NSW] – who rescue and care for various wildlife throughout New South Wales

Wildlife Victoria [VIC] – who provide similar support to WIRES in Victoria

The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital [NSW] – who are specifically providing veterinary support for koalas affected by the fires

And we have donated $2,500 to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal to support communities in our home state.

If you’d like to assist, consider donating to the wildlife charities above, or these other causes:

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