Tag Instagram Locations In Sked: One Simple Trick for 29% Increased Engagement

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One of the most common feature requests we’ve heard from customers over 4.5 years of running Sked Social (formerly Schedugram) was to be able to tag locations.

Location tagging has been an important part of many brands’ strategies, particularly in retail and tourism industries. A study of the Interbrand Top 100 brands found that location tagging increased engagement by 29%!

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Tag Locations In Sked: One Simple Trick for 29% Increased Engagement

For a long time, location tagging was in the “too hard” basket.

However, I’m delighted to say that after a lot of hard work from our engineering and product teams, location tagging is now in beta for Sked customers.

As a result, Sked customers can finally schedule posts with location tags attached and see the increased engagement that we often hear about.

Location tagging is one of the latest features we’re excited to launch alongside features like carousel posts, Instagram story scheduling, and soon we hope to launch a new “v2” analytics platform and product tagging (we’re getting a lot of requests for it – we definitely hear you!).

How to Enable Location Tagging in Sked

You can enable location tagging for your account by going to your profile/billing settings page, and turning on location tagging in the ‘beta features’ section at the bottom (see below).

Location Tagging - Sked

Then, when you’re scheduling a post, click on ‘Add Location’ and start typing the name of the location in the location field.

Once the location you want pops up in the search box, click on it to tag it.

Instagram Location Tagging - Sked

Then, either add the post to your queue or schedule it to post on a particular time/date and you’re done!

Feel free to reach out to support if you have any troubles or have any questions about location tagging!

Location tagging is currently only for Instagram image posts and (image-only) carousel posts. We hope to launch location tagging for videos and carousel posts with videos (or a mix of images and videos) soon.

If you’re looking to carve out hours in your social media workflow, sign up for Sked’s 7-day trial. Our all-in-one Instagram scheduler allows you to automatically post images, carousels, Stories, videos and more. Tag locations, users and products and manage all your hashtags in one place to save 5+ hours every week.

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Hugh runs Sked Social, and has strong opinions about the future of the social media space.


  1. Hey how to get access to the beta? I’ve already queued more then 150 posts how to add the location?

    1. Hi Jakob!

      Drop our team an email at [email protected] and we’ll enable it for you – we’re progressively rolling it out so we will enable it on our end and you’ll be able to add them right away.


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