Video posting now live!

We just upgraded Sked Social (formerly Schedugram) to v2.0, and you can now upload and post videos as well as photos to Instagram 🙂

Also with this update is further increases to our capacity, as well as improved uptime for both photo and video posting alongside a recent update to the Instagram app.

We’ve also changed the menu a bit, to “Upload media” / “Manage accounts” rather than “Accounts” / “Post or Schedule”. Yes, they’re swapped around, this is because people found it easier 🙂

Video posting is in beta, as it’s a bit more complex than photos (uploading takes longer, more formats etc), but it’s well worth giving it a go! We’re keen to see what works and what doesn’t so we can improve the feature.

Some handy services you might find helpful to produce content:


Great little pictures-into-movies producer. Unfortunately downloads are only available on the $5/month or above plans, but it comes with a music library. You can poke around using their free version though.


More like iMovie in the cloud, Stupeflix is a much more full-featured video editor. It also has a pro version, but you probably won’t need it to produce a 15s video.

What else do you use? Let us know (Tweet @GetSkedSocial) if there are any great services out there we should add!

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Hugh runs Sked Social, and has strong opinions about the future of the social media space.

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