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9 Brilliant IGTV Content Ideas From Top Brands

Instagram TV, or IGTV, was introduced back in June of 2018. About a year later, it’s still largely in the experimental phase for users. This means two important things for social media managers and marketers:

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2019 Update: How the Instagram Algorithm Works & What This Means for Businesses

The Instagram algorithm is always changing. Find out what we know about the Instagram algorithm and how it works in our 2019 update.

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Buyer Beware: Arii’s Cautionary Tale Shows Influencer Marketing May Not Be All It’s Hyped Up To Be

What does a failed fashion brand launch from an influencer with 2.4 million followers tell us about Instagram influencers?

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How to add Captions to Instagram Videos

How to Add Captions to Instagram Videos

When Instagram first introduced videos, more than 5 million were shared in 24 hours. And with 85% of people watching videos without sound, that’s a lot of silent vids. So, knowing how to add Instagram

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SMM Chats: Creating a Speedy Social Media Workflow, According To Brand Manager Bianka Velevska

For every social media manager, no two days are the same. There’s content creation, managing resources, scheduling content all whilst honing your creativity. In this brand new series, Social Media Manager (SMM) Chats, we interview

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How To Make A GIF (And How To Use Them In Your Social Media Strategy)

On social media, it seems like trends swoop in and then swoop right back out before you can even figure out what’s happening. But, one thing that’s held strong for a while now? Knowing how

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How To Prove Influencer Marketing ROI - Sked Social

How To Prove Your Influencer Marketing ROI

With the rise of influencer marketing and the successful results it can deliver brands, there’s no denying that it can be a worthwhile investment when executed well. However, influencer marketing ROI (return on investment) remains

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Instagram Nametag For Businesses and Brands - Schedugram

Instagram Nametag: What it is and How Brands Can Use it

Another day, another awesome new social media feature you need to know about. That’s right—after hinting at it for months, the Instagram Nametag feature was officially launched for all users in early October 2018. Before

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Instagram Strategy: Best Agency Instagram Accounts

12 Aesthetic Instagram Agency Accounts

Would you visit a hairdresser who had a really awful haircut? Would you hand over your hard-earned money to a mechanic whose own car would never start? Would you trust a dentist with really terrible

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Instagram Fails? 17 Controversial Insta Moments from Brands

What are the most cringe-worthy Instagram fails from brands? How should you not treat customers online? How should you avoid Instagram fails for your business? To answer these questions, we’ve compiled a list of some

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How to Create a Successful Instagram Photo Contest for Business

Instagram has 800 million active users around the world! So it’s no surprise that a lot of businesses use it to attract potential customers. The problem is, attracting followers is a lot harder than it

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Instagram Influencer Marketing

Instagram Influencer Marketing: How to Do it Right

You’ve been marketing your brand on Instagram for a while now, and you’re confident that you have the basics covered, but have you mastered Instagram influencer marketing as best as possible? You’ve mapped out a

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Video Content For Instagram: How To Captivate & Communicate Effectively

How to Utilize Instagram Video Marketing to Grow Your Business Moving image is fast becoming the more eye-catching format for Instagram content. Who would settle for a static image when Instagram marketers can upload videos

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6 Instagram Starter Strategies For New Brands

Calling all social media managers: With the new year here, it’s time to get your thinking caps on to build an Instagram marketing strategy that will help you to your brand, grow a committed following

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Choosing The Right Instagram Post Ideas For Your Strategy

Selfies, staged images, and perspective shots, how does one choose? With a variety of Instagram post ideas for your brand to choose from; creating, sharing and, selecting the right content for your brand can be a

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